Ask a tarot reader for advice

Hey, I'm gonna be in this thread for 2 hours. Ask some questions and I'll try to answer it.

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Is it the same person giving those messages?

Cards say No. The reason is that it's a multiple people. Almost as if there is a force holding trying to hold you back

Am I in a good spot relationship wise?

Yes. There is a feeling that this relationship is like something you had goals towards. However, you need to remember that in order to obtain your dream relationship, you also need to act accordingly as well. For example, you aren't going to get a fit body if you don't exercise and eat a lot. You need to actively do things.

Give me a week spread.
7 in a circle, one in the middle.

Is my life going to harder from here?

How's my romantic life looking this year?

will I get laid soon?

>a force holding trying to hold you back

Is this good or bad?

Will I ever have good social skills?

Can you tell me my future?
My relationship just fell apart and I don't really know what to do.

Sunday: Three of Wands
Monday: Tower reversed
Tuesday: Two of Wands
Wednesday: Strength reversed
Thursday: The Moon
Friday: Nine of Wands
Saturday: Ace of Wands

Middle: Nine of Swords

This is going to be a stressful time in your life. I see a lot of wishy washy periods and ups and downs that will cause you trouble. Most likely it will be around mental strength and relationships.

Yes but that is because your goals that you desire need the effort. Therefore, in order to get what you want, energy must be put in.

I see the fact that you are very blocked and reserved from others and do not like to open yourself. There will be a point where you will have a period where you will be able to open yourself. If you fail, you will be back into a slump.

Hey, not OP, but if you want to build your social skills then you just gotta practice talking to people. it can be with random people. They're not gonna remember that you were awkward probably 10 minutes after you talk to them.

Which victory will I take?

Career outlook for the near future, please.

Hmmm, ok. Thanks. How soon is this period of time gonna be?

And also for far future, thank you

Could you do the same for me as you did for ?

Thanks for the advice. I agree, practice makes perfect. My problem is that my social anxiety is so bad that randomly talking up strangers feels like an impossible task.

No but that is because you are too eager but at the same time you are indecisive and unable to go all the way.

Depends on how you look at it. Would you rather step forward or stay where you are?

This was given as a maybe. it all depends on you and if you're able to remove the blindfold from your eyes. With time and practice, you will be able to do it but you have to have both to have it work.

The cards show you able to obtain your energy and summon up the strength and courage to step out once more and do what you wished to do. Basically it's this idea of going back to the paint. Working on yourself. And then from there working on your environment. From there, your pain will go away.

Yeah, I feel you, I have it too, but it might help if you see a therapist. I know its hard but try to think rationally when you do these things. Start off with a comment or question related to where you are or what the person's doing. Can be a guy or a girl, doesn't matter.

>Would you rather step forward or stay where you are?

not sure if charging in blindly will get me through this

should i do mdma this weekend?

will my psych appointment go well?

Health forecast for recent past, present and recent future?

>Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Fuck, Fuckety, Fuck

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stupid question but, does she like me back?
I'm sure she doesn't lol. I shouldn't even be spending time behind bs.

Coke or Pepsi?

What are my boyfriends actual feelings for me?

He seems to be into me but sometimes it doesn't feel like he thinks much about our relationship in terms of the future. We've been together for about a year and a half now, a ldr.

It seems to be the one where you will win and lose all your burdens and essentially become the leader of the pack. However, your emotions will be dulled by this. Almost as if you become dead inside from the rise in power.

I'll just do the near future since the queries are starting to pile up.

It's be good. Very good. Most likely a promotion soon. However, I feel as if you will be drained almost from the work. But it will be beneficial for you.

Hmmm most likely after the winter solstice. When spring begins to come.

Unfortunately no sorry.

No, the trip won't be good this time around. It won't mesh if you.

No. The reason why is that it will be about relationships with you and another and it will most likely be very unloading for you.

Past: You were unable to

Past: you were unable to leave your current condition and were essentially stuck with this. It's probably caused you problems with having a good life and also messes with travel.

Present: you are currently unable to find to someone who will help. However, this is also due to the fact that you also don't know where to start as well.

Recent Future: You will know what it is but you will doubt yourself. However, it is true and you need a good doctor to listen to you. I suggest looking for other doctors if they do not listen.

I'll take anything op

Ok, thank you again

>relationships with another
i mean that *could* be a good thing imo
i just hope i dont get a specific result

Am I going to get promoted within the next month or so? Am I at a good place in my work/career?

Thats all great to hear, thank you a lot

My parents are getting older and I'm still lost about my future. What can I do for myself, in order to help them?

Honestly, the cards are saying no. She's going with her heart and intuition so she doesn't believe that you two would be a good match

Coke for fizz. Pepsi for sweetness

It seems as though he just wanted you for sexual gratification. You seem to bother him when you stand up for yourself but he almost likes it in a way but more in a bro way. I see barely any actual romance. It's either platonic or sexual but not actual romantic feelings.

You are an interesting person in regards to the fact that you are able to be open about things yet still remain in control when given a random throw. However, I do suggest that you do not dwell on the past. This is something that seems to be your downfall. You should learn from your past mistakes but do not ruminate on them to the point of breaking down.

You will not get promoted but that is because they have other things for you to do in your position. At the most, you will get a raise but no actual promotion. I suggest you show them a list of what you do around the place.

The best thing you can do right now is set a goal and start moving. It will be difficult to break the habits but it will be beneficial in the end. You already have ideas of what you want. Just try to figure out the route from a to b. Start small and work from there.

I want to start a new relationship with a guy who lives out west. Will be this relationship be long lasting?

Thank you.

The cards are saying it depends on how open you are with one another. If you aren't open, it will fail because if you are unable to open up to each other, you will end up butting heads until someone falls off the cliff like a bunch of angry goats.

Will I ever be successful at this thing I've been doing for about a year now or should I just call it quits?

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How's my financial future ? Should I stick or should I switch ?

I'm gonna head out earlier than I planned. Hoped I helped some of you guys with my assistance.

Take care

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Thank you a lot.

That one girl, she must know I like her, why won't she give me a chance


Will I ever find somebody I can build a true emotional connection with?

Bruh just move on

I know, but I wanna know what OP thinks.

When the fuck will I die already

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What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

Will I ever be pass my probationary period at work?

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how do I seduce a little girl? (ages 8-11)

Am I going to have luck getting my ex back?

Does she like me?

You're fucked. Get out you nasty low level swine.

Is all of this bullshit going to be worth it?

Is he ever gonna cheat on me?

Yes, because you will drive him away with your paranoia.

What's going to happen with me and my gf?Is she trying to replace me?

Can I get a girlfriend?