Need some advice

I need some general advice. I just turned 18 today, so that means I have gained independence (no longer required to stay at home by law). When I was 14, I made a promise that I would kill myself at 25. I don't want to live past that age. My home life is normal, I was never bullied, etc etc. Pretty average life. So now that I'm 18 and have 7 years left to live, what do you guys recommend I do? I'm starting a list and planning on finishing it. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. (Please don't try and talk me out of it, I appreciate the sentiment but your worries are insignificant to me.) Here's a cool Nazi Occult Skeleton picture for payment.

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>When I was 14, I made a promise that I would kill myself at 25.
That will change when you leave home. I've tried killing myself three times when I was at home. None of them worked out. Left home, didn't feel like killing myself again.
>what do you guys recommend I do?
Move out of your house first.
>Here's a cool Nazi Occult Skeleton picture for payment.
I prefer shekels.

What did you do when you left home?

>What did you do when you left home?
Never went back. Or rather went back only for special occasions. I slept on a mattress (no bed) for 2 years working odd jobs. Was way better than going back home and sleeping in my bed.

That sounds cool. Do you think I could make it in todays age (money wise just enough to live) if i get a studio in the slums working odd jobs like you did?

>Do you think I could make it in todays age (money wise just enough to live) if i get a studio in the slums working odd jobs like you did?
In the slums? Sure. But if you get a steady job at a 7-11, it's not that bad. You may have to room with someone, but you'll be fine. But education is key. I went to a community college, and then transferred to OSU. I majored in STEM, so I'm ok now. But it was hard for 6 years during college.

What I'm trying to say is, when you move out of home, don't plan on doing odd jobs forever. Get a trade - or go to school. Odd jobs will not sustain you forever, and also you'll want to be with people your age.

Since you're not willing to live long I suggest you make some easy money. You can sell your organs and make a lot of money. Then use this money to travel around the world. Not the big, overpopulated places like Tokyo, New York or Berlin. Go somewhere where you will see the true beauty of this world, while you still can. No feeling is comparable to seeing the raw, untouched beauty of this planet that will soon be gone.

Btw, where's that nazi skeleton from?

I don't know. I have a few more if you're interested though. Tell you what, for every suggestion, I'll give you a skeleton. :^)

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When you were seven you probably promised you'd be a cowboy when you grew up, but I doubt that you would hold yourself to that promise now.

I think there's a difference. I became truly self-aware around 9, and since then I've always been off-on about suicide, until I truly made the promise. I should have clarified, my bad. I really have no super aspirations like being a cowboy, I just need suggestions. He's a nazi skeleton for your post though.

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I wonder if you would be we willing to die if, as a 25 year old, another random fourteen year old told you that you needed to die. Oh well.

Anyway, my advice: Try the french fries at the McDonald's in the Greyhound bus station in Jacksonville, Florida.
I am completely serious.
They are the best damn French fries in the world. They aren't like other fries. You know how steakcut french fries are good, but just a little potato-y in the center? These are Steakcut French Fries that taste like McDonald's French Fries all the way through. It defies logic, science, and reason. They possibly defy God.

I used to visit family in Florida and hit it twice a year. I stopped getting any other food with it. Just three super-sized french fries that I'd make love to until my bus came. Ketchup was merely an accent that one used to supplement the flavor of these fries. My family has since moved to Georgia. I often think about making a detour just for those damn fries.

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Fry guy here.
I attempted suicide at seven.
I found myself reconsidering after swallowing the pills. Fortunately, I was a dumbass and misunderstood the lethal amount.

Fries are better.

I really like these skeletons so I'll give you more suggestions lol

You should also try joining a cult. Be it a religious cult, pagan cult or an ideology cult. You're gonna go places, both physically and spiritually, you've never been to before.

Create a scam. I suggest you do this right before you die so you don't get arrested. On another note, you can also just go around doing illegal stuff everyday people don't have the luxury to do.

Thanks :) Sorry for the real late reply, I fell asleep. Here's a Nazi skeleton for your replies

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Oh, and to reply to your messages..

A cult? How would I even find one of those? It sounds like you may have experience, can you clarify a bit?

And a scam, or illegal things, any things you recommend? I've never done or really considered things like that before, so if you have some contacts/experience to share, I'd love to hear it.

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Haha you know, if I ever get the chance, I will. Since you've gaven me some food advice, I'll give you some. I seriously recommend the crabs in Maryland, Baltimore. It's a shit place but the crab joints are fucking amazing.

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Those crabs are fucking great.

I'm hungry now bro, damn

It seems like I slept a lot myself too.
For the cult part I can't give you much information since I was involved before 13. Nowadays you can meet cult members/leaders online. At first it will be superficial and tame but as you dive deeper into it and gain their trust you'll get more benefits. You travel for free, get out of trouble easily, get all sorts of favors granted. Just be careful. I suggest you not join black Magick or satanistic cults as they sacrifice most their members.

I once robbed a place and got away with it. Its not really a good example tho. I suggest you do something more extreme. I'll let you decide what it'll be. A good idea, if you're involved in politics, is to commit a big crime related to your beliefs. I'd do that if it was to not be arrested.

One last thing. Don't miss out on love. I can't give you any advice on that but please make sure you experience that feeling once.

holy fuck, you too? i made the same statement like you. i thought i was the only one that did this.

Do you like making music you could spend your time making a song, what I always wanted to do was go on a long adventure and write a book about it.

And happy birthday!

Thanks for the replies. I'm noting this all down.

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Do you have any websites as to where I can meet these cult members?

I know, right?
Making steak cut fries right now.

Never had crab. I've heard really good things about DelMarVa crab legs though.