How do i get a black gf?

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Ask out black women? What do you want us to say?

>Ask out black women? What do you want us to say?

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Just talk with them and try your chances. Now the real quest here is finding a quality black gf. Most black women these days are indoctrinated into self-pitying sjw bullshit.

What are you?

Ngl I’m amused when nerdy white boys try to hit on me. Well, I’m amused if anyone does, but especially nerdy white dudes. What kinda black chicks are you into, OP?

I'm a 5/10 short white guy and for some reason black women approach me a lot. I dunno. I have pretty nice forearms and a nice jawline. Maybe black girls like those things. You can at least get the forearms, OP. I'm also a bit hairy if that matters

Don't, they cheat

Can confirm. The first black girl that was into me started talking to me in biology class one day and drew a smiley face and heart into my binder. Was generally very flirty. After talking to her for like a week she fucking asks me this: "user I've been talking to my ex boyfriend recently and my boyfriend is getting mad at me. I still like my ex boyfriend and we started flirting while texting, am I doing something bad?"

I just kind of shook my head in shock, raised my eyebrows and responded "Uhhh...yeah, why would you do that?" I just told her it's fucked up and she stopped talking to me lmao.

Then one I was friends with for years started messaging me on Facebook when she started having problems with her boyfriend. She had never even added me until that day.

And there was also one who was mixed. Just about the prettiest girl in the entire high school. She had a boyfriend as well, of course, and after meeting her, the next day she walked up to me with her friend, pinched my cheek and called me cute. I ignored her (because I'm autistic and didn't know how to respond) and that was the end of it.

Aye, can confirm all of that. They literally have no boundaries and those daddy issues, good fucking God. You bitches need to learn to be loyal, fuck my life.

Amen, brother. It kills me a little inside everytime my bias is confirmed.

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One mixed girl broke my heart so bad man. She was literally on tinder in an almost 2 years relationship banging every dude imaginable. Just... fuck black/mixed girl. Pump them and dump them. Absolutely nothing they say is real.

Sh-shit. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that. It's honestly not even worth having sex with them. They don't deserve the satisfaction of being able to say "yeah, another man who couldn't resist me." But to each his own. I will continue to just harshly deny all their advances.

I'll shag all of them and just treat them like shit.
start rapping

protip: find ones with parents that are still together. that applies to all women but it's much more uncommon with black girls

I'm a rhetorical metaphorical oracle eating caloric euphoric rap food for the mind. However, I'm just a white guy, so maybe I should just stick to my kind? Unwind my true vision, release my true spirit, I rap for true fame, I cap the blue maynes (I pop a cap in crips, for I am a blood)

Go to the welfare office. There's lots of them there.

>this thread

Unironically hate when my racism looks justified. These people need to learn some basic decency, holy shit

I would have fought you when dating her but yeah nah. Her mom's a cheating hoe. Her sister's a cheating hoe and for some reason I thought she's not a cheating hoe. Fuck black girls.

commit a crime and tell them that you did it, chaos and thug culture makes them wet

>my subjective experiences are universal

Frankly, those were 3 separate experiences. There's about 5 reports in this thread and it all resonates with what I've seen too (didn't even elaborate anything yet)

>implying women of other races don't pull the exact same shit

And? A small sample of men had shit experiences with black/mulatto chicks.