Am I the cuck here?

Am I the cuck here?

>Talk with girl from tumblr for a year
>Start video chatting, watching shows and movies together
>We both have issues, we vent to each other a lot
>We are both in relationships
>She marries her bf for financial reasons
>They are LDR due to his work
>She tells me she loves me yada yada (even though it was online, we hit it off super well)

So obviously when the husband comes and see her, he's fucking her. It bothers me, but due to the situation it's not like I can complain about it.

Please advise.

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If you can fuck her user then you are cucking her husband.
If you can't fuck her then either just treat her like a friend and nothing more or dump the relationship if you are not fine with that, none of this ''love'' crap.

We live like 400mi away and I don't want to physically cheat on my gf.

I can't treat her like a friend cause I have strong feelings for her.

You’re less than a cuck. You just let yourself be used like a goddamn doormat.

I like this guys advice better.
Also, maybe you should ask your girlfriend for advice.

So tell me how I can not be a doormat here. I get what I want from the girl, it's just that we can't meet because our relationships.

>how I can not be a doormat here
By not talking to her retard

Break up with your poor girlfriend you piece of shit

You already kind of do, although I see that until something physical happens, you can reverse things. It's not healthy for you in the long run, but I guess it can be a finite time frame thing for you

You cut contact. Stop talking to her.

Look, she is with her husband because she likes him fucking her. She doesn’t respect you and is using you for the emotional support she lacks from her husband. I bet if you cut it off with her she will divorce her husband.

Yeah, you're the cuck and like her cute personal diary that she vents off to. Or gay bestfriend. Have more respect for yourself.
But at least you seem to be at the awakening point.

And how is that any better? I like the girl and she likes me. Running away like a little bitch is your advice?

This girl licks toilets and punches herself for me. I get whatever I want from her. If I wanted to fuck her, I don't think she would protest. She's given me her address before so I could come meet her. I also vent to her more often than she vents to me.

It's not healthy at all, but I feel addicted to her in a way.

Never pay attention to what a woman says, pay attention to what a woman does.


How do you really know she likes you? If she is so obedient and does whatever you want then tell her to divorce her husband and come live with you and dump your gf, it's obvious that you actually don't care about your current gf. Don't listen to what she says, the whole "I love you" is complete bullshit up until she actually takes action and helps make the relationship happen.

this. and only this.

You never fucked her, so what makes you think you’re anything to her but an emotional tampon?

never has there been better advice posted on this board

There's no way to know for sure given the situation.

What makes you think I am? We can't fuck given our circumstances.

And we both don't want to leave our RS's. We have agreed early on that we aren't ending ours to get together.

Why do you cheat on your girlfriend, user?

I'm fucked in the head and she's too normal.


wait wtf. how do you get girls on tumblr? been on it for a decade and haven't talked at all, i just reblog art

Basically, you're her emotional tampon. She can vent to you and spill her emotional spaghetti and you're there to soak it all up.
Her husband probably just reaps the benefits by fucking her and not having to hear her whiny bullshit because you're there to hear her out, you prince charming you.

Just cut it out. She's married so if you do more than hear her bitch you're a home wrecker and it's gonna come back to you.

I ended up messaging her and just talking, idk

There's a weird benefit to having online friends but they often leave you neglecting your real life relationships.. You should discuss weening off your friendship and moving on so you can both be better partners to your significant others. Though in her car she has seriously crossed a line and her husband should probably divorce her for telling another man she loves him

Well I feel the same way about her though

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One of the funniest threads I've read. Good work, Thanks.

Screenshot this. It's gonna be my new wallpaper
Thanks user