How can I be punished by law if I cripple somebody for his entire life...

How can I be punished by law if I cripple somebody for his entire life?Last month my gf cheated and that guy knew that we're together yet he dared to have a make out with her and even put his litte bitch hands on her private parts.I've been planning to beat him hard enough to give him a brain damage or just put him in wheelchair for his entire life and end up to go through the pain that I went through when she cheated on me and even made plans to be with him.

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How can you be punished?
Authorities arrest you for physically assaulting someone and crippling them. They get evidence like your post here talking about intentionally maiming someone and you spend up to your life in prison.

You know that what they did was mutual. It's not like he forced her or raped her. She by her own free will made the choice to cheat on you. He was there in the right moment and took advantage of it. If not him then someone else would have come sooner or later.
Just forget about her and move on.

But wait your gf is acting like a hoe too so why is the guy getting the brunt of your anger? You are willing to risk getting a record over these dumbasses? It makes you just as dumb as they are.

You cucked yourself, user. Your girl cheated on you, because you were not good enough. Guy with who she cheated is either smarter/better looking/more charismatic than you.

>ruining two lives forever because a whore cheated on you
>thinking the guy is responsible for your cheating gf
>thinking the pain of being cheated on is in any way comparable to the physical and emotional pain of being disabled forever

Get your shit together, idiot.
Being cheated on suck but don't be 12.

That's the only problem for me, I'm worried about the life in prison, some years no problem but whole life is literally suicide material.
Yes mutual, if I hurt him that bad she will get hurt too and if I hurt him bad enough she may leave him after some time so is a win for me.
If I hurt one bad enough, the other one will suffer too and from this situation the toxic people will learn to stay away from me.
Good for him, but that won't help him against me.
To be sincere I don't care about what he is going to feel or his parents about what I could do, maybe I won't go that far away but at least some teeth he is going to lose and everytime when he will look into mirror will realize what a huge mistake made and so that hoe.

OP don't do it, its no worth it pal.

Well first of all obviously you shouldn't beat someone into a coma. Secondly, I will never understand the mindset that some people have when they're cheated on, where they only blame the person their partner cheated on them with, but not the partner themselves. Your girlfriend is just as in the wrong as the guy you wanna beat up OP. It sounds like you need to seriously step back from this whole situation and either break up with your girlfriend or have a serious discussion about her infidelity. Cut this other dude out of your lives and don't ruin the rest of your life over some girl you should probably break up with anyway.

ah young stupidity. your girls a part of it too kid. break up and move on. be a man. not a fucking child.

Men and their overblown ego

Maybe it is to defend my honor
Well not like in coma, but maybe hard enough to remember his whole life, I don't blame only him, but what I'm going to do him is going also to hurt her not only him becuase it seems like she attached a lot emotionally to him.

>Maybe it is to defend my honor
lmao you must be underage no one thinks this is "defending their honor"

Maybe the reason she cheated on you is because you are this dependant on her. No man would risk so much for so little. Accept your losses and move on. A man should never depend on a woman so much or anything for that matter, other than himself.

Don't do anything stupid OP, whatever that guy did with your gf is not your problem. Just leave them alone and live your life clean and free. Don't ruin yourself over something like that. If you late your hate overpower you, then you and you alone will lose.

That's not something for underagers, that's something right which many people had forgot of and just loves to bow down their heads and go on instead to defend it, if this happened in my region (moved when i was a kid to a foreigner country) it would start a war between my family and their families and my family would have the right to even kill him or anybody from his family to defend my honor and of my family.
I will do something but maybe not that rough.

Where are you from?Are you from a sect or muslim family?

Chechnya and yes I'm muslim

well ok that explains a lot, your people seem fond of acid baths so here's what you should do, cripple the guy and then splash acid on the girls face that should do the trick

No, there are huge differences between Chechens and the most of the muslims that are in the west

So you'll punish a man for the evil that a woman did?

Women really are the root of all evil.

If he had some dignity he would tell me about this and no go for it, but he ended up to choose to do this instead of the right thing, she got their punishment, a slap that remained printed on her face for some good weeks, now it's his turn if he had nothing against taking part into something that hurt me.