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This term in just gonna focus on school and not care about other things.

JFC, i need to stop falling for this female friend of mine. the fact she is my next door neighbor and coworker makes it hard to distance myself. this fucking sucks man and i need to get over and on with it.

End of the day, I'm not a techy. I like the environment.

where are we, man? do you want me to love you? do you want to get me out of your life? what?

I wish my white girlfriend wasn't a cheating scumbag and stop dragging out this prolonged break-up process.

Babe I went out with you for five years and only now do I see your true mask. Go ahead and admit you found a better Chad and just tell it to my face. It hurts more that you're pretending nothing is going on. I don't need you to think about our relationship, I want you to fucking leave and stop wasting my damn time! You've broken my heart and shattered it- I hate that I love you and I hate that you never loved me. I wish I never met you! I need you more than ever now in my late-twenties and you pull this shit! You torture me day and night and expect me to stay! I hate this!

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same bruh

hell yes brother, im going to learn boxing and BJJ while keeping up on running and lifting

I kind of want to leave my fiancé because of how insensitive and mean he is, but I lost my virginity to him and got engaged so I'm stuck whole life with him.

I said I like you

Thank you

It's been 3 weeks and no word from you. I really fucked up

Don't do it. If you're not happy with him, either fix it with him or leave. This could turn out to be a very expensive mistake or a very long, unhappy life.

Fuck that, that's the stupidest thing I've read all day. You're number 1 in your own life so treat yourself that way. If you're not happy, you're only dooming yourself to feel that way for the rest of your (or his) life. Talk it out don't be a door mat and stand up for yourself. If there's no way to compromise and work things out you should absolutely leave. The point of a relationship is to work shit out together, if he's mean to you then you're not doing that.

Also, the idea of you losing you're virginity being a factor in the relationship also seems kind of silly. I get that we all want our first time to be meaningful but if we're being real, we hardly nail anything on our first try. Why should sex be the deal breaker?

I want to be happy, but I always seem to undercut myself. I want friends, but I want to be left alone. I want to be the center of attention and yet I'm scared of what the attention will bring. I want to have sex, but I'm scared of being vulnerable and of hurting others. I want to live, but I also hate myself and my life.
I want to clean my room and have it look nice and yet I'm tired and lazy.
>tfw you have nobody to blame but yourself
>even the things that aren't your fault can be traced back to you

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shut up
shut up
SHUT the FUCK up
Shut the fuck?
Shut it.
Up yours.
I need a singer.

You left me in a really bad way.

I wish nothing but the best for you and I want you to be happy, but I also hope something really harsh and negative happens to you relationship wise and makes you cry 10x harder than I have.

I feel that so hard

pretty sure I got misdiagnosed at 11

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don't have money for rent this month, and if I don't sell shit on ebay in time I'll have to ask my mom for rent money but I'm not sure she'll be able to, and I feel like such a worthless leech for even asking. I've spent all day crying and panicking

I really wish I wasn't a coward so I could just kill myself

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Hey listen, E..
If I've been too forward, too shy, too unclear I do apologize. If it's something with your circumstances or your just shy, I understand. I used to avoid eye contact before I asked you out and I may have missed some cues. So, hoping I haven't miscommunicated, I'm going to wait for you to say something or do something now. Hopefully, you won't think I'm unresponsive generally and that's why you've not done much since.

But it's ok. I've worked out a timeframe and then after that, it might not be possible, but still... If you ever want to just talk to me about this okay?

I wish I could tell you how I feel. For now though all I can say is I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so immature and reckless.

I wish you would tell me.

I think my brain has been ruined by fiction and fantasy. I have used escapism as a coping mechanism my entire life and now I can't find meaning in the real world. The fact that I'm a mundane, living, breathing human instead of a fictional uberman living in a world of passion, mystery, and heroism gnaws at me. I lose my grip on reality more and more each day. In a sort of sad, monkey's paw-esque irony, I've almost become Don Quixote

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real world has no meaning, bro, actually you're right

Time is of the essence..

how do you cope with it?

Life's meaning is the one you give it.

You create your own sadness and hapiness

Girl or guy

But what meaning is there to give? What happiness to create? Once you realize that nothing you idolize or yearn for is real, what fulfillment can you make from a banal existence?

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Idk. Just wake up in morning, brush my teeth, wash my face, go to work, then go back, bullshitting until it's time to sleep, sleep, rinse. repeat.

>But what meaning is there to give?
Many really, though it all depends what is it that you want, of course you won't find fulfillment if there is nothing you fully pledge yourself to, think of yourself as an empty doll, what exactly do you wanna fill it with? finding that filling itself can be a meaning, the meaning of life could be to find it, you can choose.

I want to feel you so bad ahhh why is distance a thing
You don’t know the extent that you effect me

>girlfriend loves beach
>I hate it
>I went the whole summer without going
>a last minute trip with her friends has her all excited
>I give in and say we can go

About to weasel my way out of this tbqh just gonna say an uncle is in the hospital or something

Playlists don't reveal anything about me.

why dont you like the beach its fun

yea they do, you're a nerd

I can't help but notice then I'm starting to do a lot of things just to impress people. I'm not exactly a social person and finding someone I can get along with is about as hard as finding a date.

Lately, I try to be more social and outgoing but even when I go to parties, events, and so on that mildly interest me, I can't find anyone I could be friends with or talk to. Especially women, but that's a constant really so whatever.

I guess I'm just doing things I know should improve my life socially and personally, and getting disappointed when nothing works out and I don't end up not being happy or smiling at the end of the day. I'm being outgoing. I'm trying to be social. I still can't find anyone I can get along with though and the more I try to do this the more I just want to stop being here and just running far away to live in the woods somewhere in peace.

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Okay yeah but anything else no heh

I guess I've never had anything to fill the doll with. When I was a kid, I didn't have any dreams for when I grew up. As I've grown, I've been aimless and directionless. I've tried so hard to find something to give my life meaning but it's been impossible. Everything falls apart after the briefest inspection, or feels unnatural at best. The search has left me so tired

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Get what you mean
I don't even know what I want anymore

I just hate the heat. I love sleeping in just shorts with the AC blasting. In the winter I still wear shorts.

You need some encouragement, I'm assuming whenever you give something an honest shot it never gives you quite the pull it should, to completely immerse you into it and let the hours go by without noticing, I went a long time with that as well and i won't lie it's difficult to finally get into that world user, the good news is that it's not a lost cause and you'll be able to do it eventually.
My advice is for you to find a solid and concrete reason for you to do something, not just because you'd like to get lost in it, a reason that won't escape you once you're doing it, maybe it's a present for a person, maybe it's to get a certain item, what's important is that it feels like a need, but still be enjoyable.

"I need to do y, otherwise I won't do x"

Limiting yourself is a good strategy, but don't fall apart, good luck.

Motivational /adv is the worst

Sit on my dick, bitch.

>gf dragging me to this friends party tmrw
>amongst the friends is this guy who I know trying to fugg my girlfriend

I wanna belittle him tmrw. Not sure how though.

How do I feel less sweaty when it's hot and humid?
Also, my feet smell.

Just a quick question. May I grab your butt while not admitting that I love you?

I hate texting.

Sure but I'll need your best fuck me eyes to compensate lady

kindred spirits, then
thanks for the advice, and for listening.

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Cousin married a black guy and I actually hated, also its just weird because neither family interacts with each other outside of pleasantries

Give me a good reason why this detail matters with what little I've given you and maybe I tell you.

Senpai my impulse control is fucking wack rn

Hop on daddy's lap and you won't need it anymore

>cute girl is flirting with me hard
>actually think she's really cool
>but she has a boyfriend
Reason #238 that God hates me

>gross old white roasties avoid Asian men
>roasties sticking with mentally ill methhead vets and Tyrones
>means Asian men more for me
Feels good

Why should I date? Because I don't care to, people treat me like I'm crazy or inferior for some reason. But no one ever tells me what I'm supposedly missing out on or why it's worth it.

Honestly, why is dating something I should be pursuing?

>tfw no qt confident gf with a teacher vibe
Why live?

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Because you'd like a boyfriend or girlfriend. If that's not something you'd like, there's no reason why you should date ayone. Duh.

Okay that I am

What's she saying?

I feel my hyperness is a bad thing.

I bet you'd be a good fuck.

Probably not

I'm 28 and I've never been considered as a sexual partner by any girl. It hits me so fucking hard every time I remember that.

That’s a matter of opinion.
To someone jaded; bothersome and annoying.
To someone spirited; enthusiastic and exciting.
As long as you aren’t too anxious with yourself, I really appreciate anyone with high spirits and energy like it’s a breath of fresh air. It brings out the best in a lot of people.

Just ask if I'm ok, I'll lie and say I'm fine when the truth is I'm overwhelmed and I could use even a little bit of health. But even showing the slightest bit of concern would be more than enough to make me feel better.

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>I've never been considered as a sexual partner by any girl.
I have been, once or twice when I was 18.
Twenty years later I still haven't had a sexual partner.

Don't swear be Rock Lee g

If you have to ask, then there's really no reason to start dating. If you're happy the way you are right now then there's no reason to suddenly start doing something you normally wouldn't do. On the other hand, having a boy/girlfriend is something that brings pleasure, it's just very nice to have someone to talk to and to have someone around you who loves you. And the only way you'll ever get a boy/girlfriend is by dating.

If it's not something you're interested in, don't bother. Those folks are acting weird because they are not empathetic and cannot understand another person's perspective. Consider how insane some people get over the pineapple on pizza thing- the people who like it can't accept that others do not, and the people who don't like it can't accept that others do like it. This says less about the pineapple and more about the rigidity of the individuals.

Some people are absolutely obsessed about relationships. Whether obsessed over the ones they have, or obsessed because they do not have one. Those people look at you, and are confused because they put so much effort into it. I'd bet it also touches on some insecurity on some of these folk: They're so obsessed and focused on relationships, yet here's you, a guy who is totally fine without it. They may question whether they are being over the top, they may feel threatened as if your existence implies that they are trying too hard. They believe there can only be one way to live life, and clearly they must be the one doing it right. They may explain their own existence by relating it to evolutionary things (advancement of the species, reproduction), and if someone isn't living like that, it challenges their theory. They take it personally- whatever it is, it isn't about you. It's about them.

>But no one ever tells me what I'm supposedly missing out on or why it's worth it.
Now that I have my disclaimer out of the way, I'd be happy to ramble on this.

I like relationships because I like my SO. I like having someone to live with, who is my partner. Together we are a team. Together we tackle issues and grow our dreams. I like having someone to hold, someone whose head I can pat. I'm a very physically affectionate person, so I like having someone I can share physical affections with. We have similar humor and goals, so we get to share that too. We raise our dog together, we cook food together, we clean house together, we live life together. A significant other is like having a next level best friend, a family member that I got to choose.

Hi L,

let's chat again soon. I really enjoy spending time with you, and I know you do too. I love you and you know that, so please tell me [spoiler]to fuck right off, because I know you don't love me back[/spoiler]

Why the fuck I only get matches on the first 1-2 days and than it drops to shit after that. If I create a new account I get matched again. All dating apps are made to get your money. It's fucking ridiculous

Probably because you run out of people to swype

this shit never ends, does it.
Every day, nine to five.
no matter what you do it's shit.
so why are my feels rollercosting every day. It's the same shit retard, stop.
the paint on my wall is staring at me, it's no different than life

I know you probably don't want to see me (which you won't) but I want to go by your house and see if you have any prostitutes over.

My long lost family treats me like trash.

Why are we still here, just to suffer?

You feel it, too, don't you?

it's your choice.

Every night i can feel my leg and my arm...

It's not real

even my fingers

The body ive lost...

Dear S,

You left me and now I'm left to wonder. I was given no explanation face to face. I can't even ask you anything.

Did you really love me? Were you cheating on me the past couple months? Why were you so distant? Why did you change?

I'll never know these answers. But I hope you are happy.


Is there any women here who would provide vocals for my music?
I won't pay you but you'll get exposure and maybe if we become famous, you'll be like super popular.
Preferably an alto or a mezzo-soprano


>I won't pay you

I wish I was attractive enough to at least have a girl flirt with me or talk to me. Is not even that I feel lonely, I just wish I was good enough for someone to come up and start flirting with me


I feel you, I'll be selling my stuff to pay medical bills. I wish you luck, it happens to the best of us.