Need some unique/interesting party ideas, activities for a large group of college aged people. You can go wild...

Need some unique/interesting party ideas, activities for a large group of college aged people. You can go wild, no restrictions.

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Hand out firecrackers

rape kids lol

Russian roulette with a nerf gun, loser takes a shot. Pretty fun drinking game

its like theres no Youtube or whatever...

First you get every types of alcohol, make the people very drunk

Then you work on some games: Buy a firearm to make a russian roulette,

buy some ropes and torture stuff to make BDSM,
Tie the people

Make a session of cuckoldry, with the partners tied seeing her boyfriends/girlfriends having sex with other people

Make a session of forced impregnation, where the partners will be forced to stay connected until the guy cums

Then you get out and call the police to see the cops reaction

murder mystery

My frat use to make "tower of power" parties.
Basically every room or floor is a game like beer pong or flip cup, and when you win, you get a bracelet, when you win every game you get access to the open bar room/floor. Its fun but you need people to run the games

is it like one of those boring American Pie type of house parties?
if not do lsd + mdma + electronic music

Organize a boxing match between two guys you think could take each other and would make a decent enough fight, make up arbitrary drinking rules, and start taking bets.

That actually sounds fun

Sounds lame not gonna lie desu senpai. Pretty sure most people don't want to be wooks

The finger cutting song drunk

lol figured, just drink shitty liquor and play mumble rap in your kitchen like a normie american
you clearly have not tried either drug as it is impossible to get bored on any of them. the fuck is a wook?

You sound jaded and a boring druggie

says the user asking for party ideas lmfao

Not the same user.
My parties are great.

tell me about your parties, user

They involve a bunch of friends coming over to drink, smoke and have fun.

It's not a hard concept to grasp.

that's not wild at all
I'll be bored by the second hour

That's also sucks. Mumble rap is for retards
>You can't get bored of those drugs
You can if you're not a druggie and don't want to be mind blasted all the goddamn time. I actually enjoy having conversations with people and not just abusing chemicals in my brain to feel good.

That's because you're a mind dragged faggot with no sense of adventure. Really? Molly, lsd, and electronic music?

My God I can't imagine a more boring crowd than that

nah you'll just have a bad trip, not boredom
i just suggested wild cus OP asked for wild but you can keep the superiority complex senpai

we both know "molly" (way to out yourself as an ignorant american) and lsd are far superior to alcohol and marijuana, it's not even debatable

Bring enough bandanas for like a third of the people at the party

Give people you think are cool like 2-3 each and tell them to invite a person to join the team, say something will happen later

You don't have to even have anything planned but it would be cool if you did or came up with something as you observed the vibe. Even if you don't do anything but step 1 and 2 you just gave a huge chunk of people an icebreaker.

Nobody wants to do hard drugs in a huge group of people.
You are delusional.


?? ?? ??


It is literally impossible for that combination to not yield an interesting result.

lmao tell that to all the people raving all throughout Europe right now

Europoors are not real people

aaand that's how you run out of shitty arguments
feels good to be right

>Its wild to be a degenerate wook
It's really not. I know you types pretty goddamn well and you're complete bored to talk to.

>Ignorant American
Oh of course youre a euro. Explains the degeneracy and superiority complex a lot.

>It's not even debatable
Oh it is. Some of us like to retain our mental faculties.

Normal people don't act the way europoors do.

Iysvthebsme. Fucking. Thing. Every night. Every day. Swear to fucking christ oh let me guess what happened
>Duuuude I was tripping and saw things
>The music felt so good
>I had sex with some random chick too

Over and over and over again. Fuck wooks and fuck druggies

>lmao tell that to all the people raving all throughout Europe right now
A very specific group of people who are internationally laughed at

what?? nerf guns aren't revolvers...

You were saying?

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altering your mind is objectively wild wether you're into it or not
lol at drunk people retaining mental faculties, another ignorant remark
completely irrelevant to the post i replied to, people love to do drugs together

> Theme: Ancient Egypt
> Everyone is handed a 1inch bladed knife
> mainevent.jpg
> Light is dimmed
> Lions, starved days in advance, are released
> Guests have to defend themselves with a weapon that ultimately ends up pissing off the lions even more
> You, knowing how this night would turn out, soaked yourself in cat urine, so the lions leave you alone.
> You let them out when they're done feeding
> angled, dead or dying bodies everywhere, all of whom are scantily clothed.
> Three viagras and you can have your way with everyone

Drunkenness doesn't cause hallucinations , wook

>Completely irrelevant
You're high right now aren't you?

this made me lol, thanks

>88k deaths yearly due to alcohol
>-100 deaths yearly of mdma overdose
>0 deaths ever from lsd
try again
>You're high right now aren't you?
cool ad hominem
why would i be sober lol

i stand corrected, so you can set it up for russian roulette? can you spin the wheel?

>0 deaths ever from LSD
Bullshit, people get high and injure themselves all the goddamned time. I work as an EMT, I've seen it happen. Yes, alcohol can lead to addiction but it doesn't have anywhere near the psychological affects of LSD or Ecstasy / Molly. LSD , especially if you have issues with mentally illness, when abused to the extents that you degenerates use it can worsen a lot of different illnesses

It's not an excuse to exchange one vice for another based on the fact that one kills your liver more, your whataboutism means nothing.

>Ad hominem
If you weren't high you would see that it does , in fact, follow. You're probably too fucking gone right now to understand what I'm saying.

Keep wasting away as a mindless degenerate and getting mad at people who aren't.

>work as EMT
>injuries are the same as deaths
>psychedelics are addictive
ooof i am sorry for the american health system
>justifies his ad hominem with another ad hominem but no concrete argument
you just keep digging that ignorance hole, brother

>Injuries are the same as death
>Psychedelics are addictive
Never said either such thing, nice strawman. I'm making the point that they aren't harmless and you're not any better than an alcoholic

>It's an ad hominem to say they aren't sober, even after you admit not being sober
L m a o, the absolute state of wooks

>bringing injuries when i pull death stats
>I NeVaR sAiD sUcH tHanGzz
>he thinks attacking the character instead of providing an actual argument isn't an ad hominem
ignorance is pure bliss

damn dude, I'm not the guy you're talking to, but jesus fucking christ I hate people like you and I just wanted to tell you that.

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yeah, but you'd usually see where the dart is at the moment, would probably need something to cover it up

> You, knowing how this night would turn out, soaked yourself in cat urine, so the lions leave you alone.

> Needing an excuse to cover yourself in urine
Fucking normies