If I jacked off in yhe morning and then fucked my gf later, can she get pregnant off the morning stuff...

If I jacked off in yhe morning and then fucked my gf later, can she get pregnant off the morning stuff? Like hours later.

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What? I'm not sure you understand how anything sexual works

How many hours? Did you not use protection?

>not using contraceptives
>being surprised if she is pregnant later

You did this to yourself. Git gud

Yes but it’s not likely. Like 1% chance. But one percent is one percent.

Next time wash up, and use protection.

Did you fuck her without condom?
If you did, she might have gotten pregnant (even if you didn't cum in her).

If you peed in-between then nah, if you didn't, then she ought to do pregnancy test


Why didn't you dispose your morning jizz?

I been so stressed out and after my morning fap while she was off at class I blew a load. Afterwards I kinda just laid down to nap and woke up to her riding my pole. I pushed her once I realized what was happening. I'm obviously not happy about this, also as far as I know I didn't jizz in her.

Your tadpoles die after being exposed to air for a few mins.

1. Get her an IUD or an implant for godsake.
2. Pregnancy tests are only accurate 8-14 days after conception, depending on the test
3. Have you guys talked about how unhappy you are that she rode you without protection? Is she an idiot pull-out believer?
4. Have you guys ever talked about sleep sex before? I'd bet she wouldn't be too happy if she woke up to you fucking her. Legally this is rape lmao
5. Have you guys discussed what would happen if she became pregnant? IE abortion, etc

Overall you're probably fine. I personally wouldn't bother with protective measures at this point, but you could drive home your point of how stupid you think she is by making her take a Plan B. Tho if she's a fatass (~165lbs+ or bmi 25+), Plan B doesn't always work. It also doesn't work if she's already ovulated this month.

Pull out works nigger. I've been using it for 4 years without fail. You just need to know a few things 1. If you fap and you are going to have unprotected sex with your girl make sure you have pee and your dick head is clean. 2. Make sure you pull out 3 secs before you are about to cum. The only time pull out method didn't work for me was when I came more than once. I was having sex with my gf and came in her back. I went to the bathroom to get toilet paper to clean, but my gf wanted round 2. We fucked it was good and thought to myself I'm fucked too. A month later she tells me she is prego rip i broke the rules and got a kid. TLDR; if you want to use pull out method make sure to pee and clean your dick every time you cum.

Look into contraceptive efficacy rates and the statistics involving common birth control methods (with both proper and improper use)
It’s surprising to discover and should inform you that pregnancy is always prevalent when you are having sex, and being in a good place in your life in order to deal with the possible outcome of a kid is the best solution imo!

Here's what I'm getting at, dude. Pull out life is a shitty way to live. Why work so hard to have perfect technique and perfect self control every single time you have sex, rather than putting an IUD or implant in your gf (which was free in my state) and be able to spontaneously bury your cock deep into her bare pussy and pump her full of cum? Pulling out is risky because it's so easy and so tempting to do it wrong, like you did, and now you get to pay the price for 18+ years.

Never take birth control advice from a guy with an unplanned kid. I am going to disregard everything you say now and I advise OP does too.

She got prego because i laying on the bed relaxing next thing i know she was riding my dick. Yeah i should of given her plan B, but i tested my luck hoping she wasnt ovulation or close. People that say that pull out game doesn't work is because they are retarded with self control and discipline. Is just like you said people get caught up in the heat of the moment, but if you come with a game plan to pull out 3 or 5 secs before cumming you should be good. I've heard some retards say they don't know when they are cumming they crack me up. The only problem with IUD is that is mainly prescribed to women who have had an abortion or had a kid. The womb is not stretch for a lack of word and it discomfort women uterus which pushes the device out.

I guess you missed the part when i was using the pull out method for years without failure. I was also able to ID the time when it didn't work. Yet you can't even call it pull out method because my dick had sperm in the urethra. You dumb or stupid my guess is both. Dont worry i dont give a fuck about your reply after this comment.

Not if you urinated. That's part of the pull out technique which if done properly is about as effective as condoms (done properly is the key thing here. There's more steps.)
So long as you haven't ejaculated since the last time you pissed, you don't edge or full on come inside her, it comes with a 2% failure rate.
And the failure rate refers to 2 out of 100 women who rely on pull out as a sole source of birth control per year will get pregnant.

Different fag with sex Ed in a country that isn't America.
He's right. Pullout is very effective but you must understand the steps, and urination to flush semen from previous ejaculation and through clean of the penis head are part of it.

Even if you didn’t fap, any unprotected sex involves pre-cum. So you don’t even have to orgasm to get a woman knocked up. I would suggest you get pregnancy tests done, you most likely did impregnate her.

Pulling out is a meme

My advice is rope yourself retard. You will do us all a favor

I have a 22 yr run on not getting girls pregnant on this method.

As far as you know you could have kids your past sex partners don’t want you involved with.

imagine not getting laid for 22 yrs