Relationship with a feminist girl

Should I do it?

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How bad we talking? Like, a Facebook feminist or one of those genuinely batshit gender studies types?


>Indoctrination at a young age is hard to suppress years later.
State run courses introducing people to liberal politics is not the same as genuine brainwashing my dude.

If you fancy being accused of rape after you break up with her because she has been cheating and spreading aids

Most women will conform to have the views of their SO if you are weak dont bother


Absolutely not. That is unless you’re an absolutely top-tier male who can break her mind simply by existing. But you’re not because you’re asking this question.

If she is the good kind of feminist and you like her, then yes, absolutely

rape her

She’s going to leave you anyway once she gets what she wants. Break the mold and dump her ass first.


Most feminists are actually pretty interesting and empathetic people, go right ahead.

Make sure you have her sign a consent form otherwise she'll try to play the rape act. They are bat shit crazy don't risk it. You must get read to ask for consent for everything even if you try to kiss her.

No. Don't reward feminist cunts with any kind of attention.

Make sure she's a feminist and not a tumblr SJW. There is a big difference.

Never stick your dick in crazy user. So rigorously check for that.

You sound like a fat virgin

If you have a hardcore masochist kink, sure

This. My ex did this shit. Don't fucking do it. She was cheating on me and caught the clap from the dude.

Actual advice:
If you want to, I guess? I mean it's impossible to tell when all you give is "she's a feminist", how bad are we talking? does she have radical views? can she be reasoned with? do you share any views on anything at all? Is she cool?
It depends on the chick, don't let the incels get in your head, if she's not crazy about it it's fine, but if she's crazy then there you go.