What is the appropriate reaction?

What is the appropriate reaction?

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Block all those numbers and don't give a fuck.

Restraining order or physical restraining
What a piece of work

unblock her, tell her you love her and she'll stop

Tried that.

Tried that too.

Get a new phone no.

then just ignore
get the Truecaller app to block all those numbers

Restraining order.

Context ?

Tell him you had aids


Unblock me.

Reply with
>I am the bone of my sword.

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Respond to all texts with laughing emoji

Send picture of your asshole

How do you know it's a her?

No u

Unblock me.


UNBLOCK ME JOSEPH. Your fucking bike is in the street already. Unblock me and tell me you love me and I’ll bring it inside.

Sounds like context is important in this case. Context?

>context is important in this case
the words of an idiot. that's some crazy right there with no context necessary.



Send them pictures of squirrels

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Send them a dick picture every time they message you.

Start gathering evidence like this in case that person breaks the law at any point to get to you. Get a lawyer. Change your locks. Get restraining order.

I mean you're not wrong.
But just what kind of crazy is this? Homicidal user-call-the-cops crazy or benign obnoxious crazy

Get your bike if it's worth anything to you. Remove the crazy person from your life.