I'm tired of living. No one cares about me. I'm sick of the perpetual cycle of failure and defeat...

I'm tired of living. No one cares about me. I'm sick of the perpetual cycle of failure and defeat. I have no one to tell so, I'm posting on here. As sad as it is, you all were the only thing I had efen remotely resembling a friend. Goodbye.

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we are all Sisyphus

Please don’t go

It's only a temporary state of mind, try going outside to a park. Going to the gym works as well for clearing the mind.

Dude just become happy like wtf haha

It’s not that easy for people with depression

I know how you feel user. I've sat in the bathtub for hours with a razorblade against my wrist ready to go. Life was not good to me. I'm not quite sure what's dragged me out of the pit those times, it was always just a sense that i hadn't truly tried everything. One of my worst fears is getting caught and saved in the middle of it and realizing i could have fixed everything with a solution i hadnt thought of. I'm not telling you to stay or to go. I'm just asking you, have you tried everything? Really think about it.

Dude just become undepressed lmao like depression isn’t even real bro wtf haha

its not easy for anybody with any issue to face it honestly and to change for the better. doesnt mean it cant be done or that you shouldnt try.

youre my friend too user. dont go. im not having an easy time either but i know a time will come when life will be good and it will have been worth not giving up. i believe in you, will you believe in me?

Wtf dude are you serious? Depression is very much real. It’s a mental illness and it must be taken seriously. People with depression don’t “just become undepressed”. They need to be treated with antidepressants or psychotherapy or a combination of both. How can you even say that it’s not real? Smh

Haha man you need to like grow up lmao that stuff is all in your head and you think it’s real? Like wtf

are you the op

It’s in DSM-5 ffs. I guess it’s such an honor for the American Psychiatric Association to include something that’s just all in my head in their manual.

Psychiatry and psychology are both giant shams. Sorry you bought into their lies

I’m sorry that you have to believe that they’re shams because they’re not. Sure there may have been controversies about them but if so, why is Psychology still being offered as a course in universities? Why is Psychiatry still being practiced and taught in medical schools? Because both these fields have still contributed a lot to our society and will continue to do so. I guess I should just drop my Psychiatry course and get a refund from my school then if it were a sham. But I won’t because I know it’s not. Both of them are not.


He's baiting you

Damn troll then. Can’t believe I’ve been arguing with someone here when OP is already feeling down and tired. Smh thanks for pointing that out. Sorry for the whole mess here. Hang in there OP. Please don’t hesitate to seek professional help as well.

Don't go user. You will find something to be passionate about. Maybe go adopt a cat.

There is no victory or defeat user. It’s just about minimizing pain and experiencing joy.

You don’t need much, here’s a hug from me to you.

>choosing to die instead of sticking around for the violence and chaos to come in this age
Weak, read Evola's "Ride the Tiger"

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Don't worry, you have to be a real sick person
Don't worry about it