Convince Me Not To Order A Pizza Right Now

Redpill me pls

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Don’t. Fucking. Do. It. >:(

It's unhealthy crap processed food that is overpriced.

It's fine to order a pizza from time to time.
It's not fine to order takeout all the time, learn to cook you lazy bum it's easy.


Stop it’re gonna make me do it

it's literally in your mouth for 5 seconds per bite, food is the biggest scam

Look at what people do in the kitchen.
I have heard horror stories of people picking their nose and mixing the boogers in with the dough.

Damn it I said no! >:0

Around where I live I can a large pizza and either wings or a hoagie for $20 delivery included. That will feed me for a day and a half usually. Yeah, not super healthy but fuck it. I can’t afford to eat healthy and actually meet my calorie range and few full

>20 dollars for two days top
Holy shit you must be rich. I spend 30 to feed myself for the entire week.

>implying I eat everyday
Also; where do you live? I could eat cans of beans all day but even then I feel like I’d go through more than 30 in a week to maintain my weight

Order the pizza. You wont regret it

This, that’s usually what I do. Plus I almost have enough Dominos points for a free pizza

After delivery fees it's like $20 and they probably skimp on everything.

Not my favorite but whatever works. If you’ve got free pizza, that’s free food. Can’t go wrong there

I can get two medium sized pizzas delivered for twenty bucks. Is that a good deal anons?

It's overpriced processed crap.
We make all our pizzas from scratch. Aside from time, making our pizza doesn't cost us anything. We use veggies we grown in our garden, trade whatever we have for dairy, make our own cheese, and sell some veggies for money for flour.

If I spent $20 at the store, it'd feed me for a week or two depending what I bought from the grocery store. I'm from the states btw.

If its not a fucking chain pizza place, do it, but put most of the pizza in the fridge. You'll have some meals for the next week, and hopefully you'll think twice about another pizza

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Pretty good. If delivery wasn’t included I’d say no though

Well, I’d like to learn your secrets. I unfortunately live in a city and can’t grow more than a few tomato plants at once, and grocery prices are naturally higher because of muh infrastructure and shit.

>can’t afford to eat healthy
>can spend $90 on food a week

You’re a lazy piece of shit is what you are

>performing slave labor
Lmao. You think kings were in the kitchen making their meals?

You could cheaply, easily and efficiently grow a lot of microgreens, herbs, fruits, and veggies indoors if you live in an apartment. Hydroponic or aeroponic garden wall, stacked aeroponic rows, stacked trays for the microgreens and herbs. If you have a small backyard, you can do the same with a small greenhouse. Since you're in the city, you could sell directly to restaurants. Look up the aforementioned and you'll find a lot of free info online.

In my first year of uni I went through a period of time of ultra-depression, in which I would skip all my lectures and stay up til 5 in the morning, ordering a late night large dominos (for fucking £20) and scoffing the entire thing. Usually ate just over half in the night, then the other half while laying in bed at 2pm the next day just after waking up.

I wasted literally hundreds of pounds on pizza, and also got really fucking fat and ill. I also was super lazy and never threw away the boxes, so my entire floor was covered by a dozen or more empty dominos boxes at any one time, strewn carelessly everywhere. Additionally there were empty packets of crisps, coca cola bottles, beer cans, and other fast food packaging eg mcdonalds, KFC.

Anyway yeah don't do that OP. It's the worst habit.

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Consider the unnecessary emissions of the car that delivers the pizza.

OP could always walk to the pizza place to get it himself.

If youre gonna waste heatlh on pizza, just get frozen.
Tombstone makes pretty ok frozen pizzas for 4 bucks each.
I eat em like 2 or 3 times a week and im still like 174
Not great for you, but cheap.
Just balance it with good fruits and veggies and excercise and ur good.

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Tombstone and Jack's are at least as good as Pizza Hut. Wish I was lying but it's true. Pizza Hut is legit shit.

Have you ever actually had a good fucking pizza? Like made in a real pizza open? You can tell because the crust should be a bit charred (black stuff coming off on your hands etc.). Having had good pizza, I find the delivery chains quite unappetizing.

I don't think there are any US national chains with good pizza but there are some good regional ones. If you give approximate location, maybe someone could suggest a place which would cure you of the desire to eat shit pizza.

You could have bought one from a store for 1/4 the price if you really wanted pizza today.
You probably aren't even hungry nor do you really want a pizza.
You could spend the money on anything else that would better your life.

I-I finally gave in bros :(

Kings would have better cooks than a pack of high school stoners and way higher quality ingredients than sysco fare, but as they say in the normiesphere, go off