How can I date ? if I am short and girls say this type of shit all the time user<

how can I date ? if I am short and girls say this type of shit all the time user

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be alpha enough to cancel it out. easier said than done i know but thats how

OP here yeah how to be more self confidence in myself

you don't date. I know other girls find short men repulsive, so you need to respect their boundaries and stop being a creep. lower your standards and find a 5'0 thicc girl who wants an open relationship so she can also be satisfied by real men.

Yeah because only < 6,3 lanklets with kong dongs can please a woman.

no, only men who aren't as short as op

>alpha meme

Date the other ones.

*Some restrictions apply. Take care of yourself, be a moderately decent person and act on your ambition. No refunds.

It’s a factor but not the only one. Obviously or no short men would find dates

I'm a 5'1" girl so 99% of men and women are much taller than me/tall enough already.
feels pretty nice.

Don't date bootleg Billie Irish looking fake bot bitches from twitter and you'll be safe

the fucking thin skin on this generation

>A female said a mean thing on myspace and now I can't date anyone

>A female said a mean thing on myspace and now I can't date anyone
it's all that it represents. it's the fact that she has "kms" in her name. It's the fact that you couldn't say anything mean to her.

women are simply not worth it in this day and age. too much maintenance, too little return. when my pops wanted to ejaculate he'd have to imagine things or fuck. women were way more submissive and wouldn't publicly make fun of men. now i can buy a realistic sex doll, vr glasses and a huge amount of porn. and every day i could have a different girl. feels good man. Imagine having to listen to that bitch rant just to get 2 minutes of pleasure after probably having to pleasure her for 40 minutes. simply pathetic.

women are obsolete technology

okay have fun with your sex dolls!

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Have a jobs and be in the works for owning your own place. Heck start telling everyone that you are looking for an apartment to live on your own and watch the women flock with "hey what's up" large majority of them get turned on enough by moving out of their mom's house between 18-23 and will suck and fuck and fawn over a ticket out.

thanks, i sure will.
I wish the same to you. I hope that you get a good wife and good kids. I hope they don't drain your energy.

Bro I'm 5'6" and I haven't had trouble finding a date since I was in high school. Like said just take care of yourself in every way you can control.

just be a beta provider bro

Google "short men and beautiful women" and find another excuse.

It has been scientificallu proven the most attractive male height range is 5'6" to 5'10". Anything else is just tallfag virgin fantasy.

why the fuck do they always look like that?!

Don't date girls who say that kinda shit, that's it. Date girls shorter than you and that shouldn't be a problem at all.

Do you want a twitter e-thot as a girlfriend?

Framing your fucking post goddamn. Perfect reply to these stupid threads.

Girls do not say that type of shit all the time. Retards on Twitter might, but not real people in the real world. Much like the retards on Jow Forums spout their shit online but not in the real world.

Don't worry so much. The best you can do is use it as a marker of the under-developed, much like when men use the n-word.

weird thing is, most height queens are super short

Not to mention ugly, fat, and minorities.