Invisible Guy Syndrome™

Does anyone have this?
Basically you're not even in the game. Women will never consider you a potential sexual partner.
There is no outstanding quality (wit, charm, looks) that makes you stand out from the crowd. You have no sexual value whatsoever to a woman.

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Yeah, but I think I have negative value sometimes as girls get disgusted at my sight and other times laugh at me in passing

I think you're looking for Jow Forums.
This board is for well-adjusted people.


I'm here.

Seething soiboy

Look at your own relatives, how did they get laid? By magic?

The average man is just that, average.

You’re fine

Yeah. Sure. Lmao

Just because we share dna doesn't mean shit. Also, the older generation didn't have to reckon with feminism, social media and the death of the family unit

This. It’s like an inverse genetic fallacy

They had to deal with war, famines and harsh winters, incel

What's your point? Those are external factors. Women weren't entitled whores back then... or at least not openly.

then just stand out
what's your "thing"?

Build up your qualities, as a man you're able to do that
And there is definitely at least one woman out there who considers you a potential sexual partner, geez.

(You) sound like an entitles whore.

I don't have a "thing". I'm not good-looking, I'm not naturally witty or clever. Imagine being a sexless drone. That's what I am. No woman will ever look twice at me or ever think I'm worth her time.

I hate the double-standards. An average-looking women with no exceptional qualities can easily attract dozens of guys but it doesn't work the other way around. But apparently we're led to believe men are more shallow than women?

You know what I really love, when you are with a group of people and they talk over you or outright ignore you contribution to the conversation.

This happens to me no matter who am I am with or where I am.
Happens to me with my family, happened to me in school, happened to me in college and it happens with work colleagues.
Don't know what it is but the same people wonder why I stop talking.

>An average-looking women with no exceptional qualities can easily attract dozens of guys but it doesn't work the other way around.
Evidence that men are more shallow than women.

There are more than 8 billion people in the world. You're somebody's fetish.

Either change who you are, the way you interact with people, or even better just shift your priorities and find something that matters more than getting laid.

I'm a bit overweight and it took me years to meet somebody that was attracted to me. You'll click with somebody. Don't look so hard for it and don't get annoyed that it's not happening exactly when you want it to.

There's a heck of a lot of stuff aside from sex and women to enjoy in the world bud.

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everybody has a "thing"
what was the last thing/activity that made you happy?

>there is definitely at least one woman out there who considers you a potential sexual partner
His mother? Lol I'm sorry I couldn't

>made you happy
Happy? Nothing. Nothing makes me happy for a long time.
Enjoyable? Fapping and one guy's Youtube stream.

then fix that first

Oh wow great. *Just* fix it, yeah?

How is this a bad thing?

standing out in front of women is the least of your worries

What I think user means is you have to find other things that make you happy, the first step to that being expose yourself to as much variety of stuff as you possibly can.

OP here. What does it matter what makes me happy? If you haven't got the good looks or the charisma you aren't going to capture a woman's attention.

>he thinks women don't like happy men
>he thinks he'll get women while depressed and quiet

"Happiness" isn't attractive unless you have the looks or charisma to go with it.

not the OP, but the last thing that really made me happy was spending time with a close friend of mine who was helping me improve myself before a series of bullshit that I still don't understand went down and she told me she doesn't want to be around me anymore.

But having passions and hobbies, being content and relaxed, and comfortable with yourself without needing other peoples' validation is pretty attractive.

nice delusion
do not base your happiness on people. what was the last thing that made you happy ALONE? how's the self improvement going?

There are probably hordes of D&D neckbeards who fit that criteria who have never seen a vagina

Yes, I feel this way as well. "Invisible" perfectly describes how most women react to me. And there's a specific reason to interact with me they don't even acknowledge my existance. I don't think I'm completely unattractive, I'm just average to below average in enough ways that most women will never give me a second look when Chad is available.
> there is definitely at least one woman out there who considers you a potential sexual partner
Source? Because they've certainly never expressed that
> Inb4 you just have to ask them out. They don't even give me enough time of day to build the rapport for that. They don't even look at me or speak to me unless spoken to first.

And if they're content with their situation then good for them.

then just speak to them first... why is this such a hard concept to grasp?

Because they aren't interested in me. Even if I do speak to them, they only care about the conversation at hand. It doesn't make them any more interested in me or any more likely to start a conversation with me in the future.

how do you know all of this if you haven't even talked? lmao

>how's the self improvement going?
I'm where I want as far as my appearance. Physically I've plateaued because I don't have the time I used to to work out beyond maintaining, and I sure as hell don't have the motivation now that I'm by myself- both because she's not here and after that shit because I don't have boredom as a motivator anymore either.

My friends have always been my greatest source of happiness, just that's all been going downhill in a domino effect because what goes wrong with one makes me paranoid about the next, which creates another problem, and so on.

I have, but they never express anything beyond platonic and generally fleeting interest. They never even flirt with me

Not him but
>Advice board.
>Well adjusted people.

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friends come and go, you need to accept this and not get so attached and be happy all alone (yes, you will still need friends)
grats on the physique tho, you should keep it up
keep trying and be more direct with your intentions, i promise a girl will bite

> keep trying and be more direct with your intentions, i promise a girl will bite
I don't believe that. They'll just thing I'm a creep if I try to be more direct. As things stand now I'm inoffensive to them because I don't affect their lives one way or another. If I start explicitly expressing interest the only thing that would happen is opening up the possibility of getting #metoo'd. Not to mention I don't interact with girls on a regular basis in the first place and I don't really know where to meet them

>afraid of getting #metoo'd.
ohhh you're one of those
yeah it's over for you pal

Everything I enjoy doing is solo. Nobody wants to drive or walk around with me for hours on end to take pictures of things only I care about.

photography can be a social hobby
go to galleries and meet people, exhibit your work with fellow enthusiasts
post your work online and network
take nice photos of people, they'll remember you

>photos of people
No interest

>network and socialize
I do this already. Being good at photography is absolutely not enough to make women attracted to you. Women care about how you look and how you act. That's it.

>No interest
what do you mean?
why are you doing hobbies to get women? are you really into photography or nah? how exactly are you networking?

Not them, but that shit actually happened to me, though she just started spreading it as a rumor instead of legally trying to fuck me over.

I honestly have no idea what was going on in her head, and she was unstable as fuck at the time she made it up. It was well after I made any actual moves on her though. Talking months.

I'm doing it 100% for myself. It's been my passion the past 8 years. I have made many friends and colleagues doing it. I have never once done it for women.

I'm saying that it doesn't make me any more attractive, because it's about as attractive as "being a nice guy". It isn't good or bad. It's just nothing.

that's shitty but it's completely on her though
shit never happens unless you're physically groping women
then you're not solo? you haven't meet a single woman? really odd

They also didn't have internet.

Online dating just makes it easier for women to access the best looking guys.