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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Where can I find guy who will be willing to have a long distance relationship?

On the internet.

I don't know if it's my luck or something else, but when I tried chatrooms...There were only creeps

how do you want to even sustain such thing

doesnt relationsihp involve contact, as in physical one

For the laydees, fellas too if you’ve had a similar situation.

The girl I’m seeing put on some weight the past year and has become very self conscious about it. Constantly saying she’s too ugly for me even though I really don’t be care and still get hard sitting next to her. Now she’s trying to lose weight but has trouble motivating herself to workout and whatnot. Is there anyway I can help motivate her without making it sound like I have a problem with her current physique?

I want to really get to know a person before "physical" part, long distance gives opportunity for that

>There were only creeps
Well, you never said you didn't want a creep! You can't have *everything* your way.

You’re retarded



a good person will lie to you and take time to construct answers, you cant that in person unless you are compl;ete sociopath

Just dont fuck people at first dates and you will be fine

goddamn women annoy me

Just wait until marriage, user

Not wanting loosing virginity with someone I don't have connection is retarded? ok.

you will never pass

Guys, is it true all wealthy guys are occupied? If a guy is grown up (25+) and still single he's either mentally crippled or fucks anything that moves and don't want relationship. By wealthy I mean 5-10 times more than median salary in county.

In your opinion, what are gestures or actions that you would consider romantic towards a long-term partner.

really wealthy ? yeah probably has swarm of bitches that are willing to stick just for economical safety

im grown up 25+ guy and single because im mostly ugly and autistic and evne height doesnt make up for it. And i would like ot have relationship.

But i know guy who is wealthy (as in dont have to work for rest of life) and just content with having 1 girlfriend and their small flat where they play videogames all day long

Is it men you don't trust, or yourself, that you can't be in the same room as one without fucking?

It's not about trust as much as it is that I don't want to be pressured into something I don't want at that point.

How do you tell a female friend that you are getting ''bad vibes'' from her without offending her?

Then I would recomend dating IRL until you find a guy who will respect that.

You can talk about that "bad vibes" like you are talking about someone else and explain what and why is "bad"

You don't, you just distance yourself from her. Trust your gut feeling when people give you seriously bad vibes


My roommate is female. The first year I knew her, she would openly talk about sex and all these guys she was seeing. So, basically she was a slut. Fast forward to now which is 2 years later. She acts all conservative and talks very badly about sluts and girls who show a lot of skin.

Why does she do this?

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And by bad vibes i mean ''she sounds an wafully lot like Eliott Rodger and i wouldn't feel safe if she brought a firearm or a car''

Then, RUN

She moved on from her sluttiness because it didn't feel long-term rewarding. Many girls have to actually go through that phase to get out of it, that's why your low number count future fiance will probably be using an euphemism-number.

But that’s lying though. Since my roommate was previously a slut, how can she talk bad about them?

That's not lying, it's just self-delusion. Like born again virgins and shit like that.

online based on a common interest. i know a girl who i work with who met her soon-to-be husband that way.

For a girl to start dating a guy and to be all conservative when she’s actually a slut, that’s a lie

): I kinda have a crush on her

I think I love my best friend's ex girlfriend (who came onto me first so I know its mutual) but at the same time I know we're not right for each other. I don't even want to think she's fucking other guys, but I don't think we'll be a lasting couple.
I want her, but I know I'll be happier and more stable and more compatible with someone else.

What is this feel and what do I actually want? I can't talk myself out of wanting her, like it won't sink in, but I don't think I'll be happy with her either. I've been like this for months now and I don't know, its the first time I couldn't make up my mind about something

I know a few girls who change how they talk about sex depending on who they're around. It's just typical fake attitudes.
One of them is really bad to where she changes everything about her personality to match whoever she's around. She even went from claiming she's going to school to become a dentist to claiming she's going to school to become an IT tech because most of the people around her were IT techs.
Just never ask her a specific question about her interests or she'll get mad at you and go hide in the bathroom for a half hour.

So you think she acts like this because I don’t have casual sex and I don’t like slutty girls?

It's still a bad idea, like someone else basically said, actions are a far better indication of character than words, and online all you have are words which you can take the time to pick.

You're the one who wanted to start online dating with me in this thread a few weeks ago, aren't you?

Yeah, and it's the dishonest way to go about it.
>So you think she acts like this because I don’t have casual sex and I don’t like slutty girls?
I have a couple of friends who started out acting super slutty towards and around me, and after getting to know me they just toned it down. That's the honest way of going about it.

You realize that online dating isn’t meant to be entirely online right? You’re suppose to meet IRL

But she doesn’t “tone it down”. She says harsh things about sluts. I went to go get dinner with her a few nights ago and randomly said to me “look at that thirsty girl going after that guy. Disgusting”

My gf somewhat likes girls and I want to see her have sex with another girl, and maybe join. Is this a weird request?

Weird and dumb. You’re setting yourself up to get cheated on

i'm not saying it's a good idea. and no, i'm completely against the idea of online dating. i was simply sharing a real life example.

she's either fake as fuck or in hardcore denial of her past, bad either way.

Not them, but i'd be more fine with being cheated on with a girl than with a guy.

But judging by your own post, she isn't anymore.

>Fast forward to now which is 2 years later.

You used "was a slut", so I assume her behavior changed. Don't know what you want dude, some people change over time. Most actually.

>people change over time
That's fine. But one should have enough self-reflection to acknowledge who you used to be.

Not that user, btw.

Men: Do you consider micro-cheating to be real? If you do, what would be some signs a man is doing this?

Tell her constantly that you want to ravish her, that you are constantly ready to pull her clothes off and fuck her anywhere and be specific about the parts of her body that you like (ie: I get enthralled by your delicious thighs)

Girls, would you date someone less successful than yourself?

Planning time for just the two of you, and that time involving an activity or something you both can do together interactively. My boyfriend struggles with that.

Also, girls love the little things. Write her little notes to leave in her car or something. Make breakfast for her one morning.

Men and women definitely live differently, but EVERYONE has a different love language. Google that term and you’ll find out

But that used to be her. How can she be so critical on people being just like her?

What the fuck is "micro-cheating".

Since I don't even know what the fuck that is, I'm assuming it's just some nonsense.

I currently am and honestly I’ve been thinking about ending the relationship. He’s not only less successful but also less attractive and intelligent. I can’t see myself having a future with someone who has less ambition than I do, and who won’t be able to support a family.
>inb4 money grubbing whore
I’m pretty old fashioned in my relationship and familial standards, but I am also going to school and have a career to fall back on.

how old are you?
how long have you be dating?
how come on you even up dating if you had this mindset?

“micro-cheating as any act or behaviour by someone in a relationship which might suggest to a third party that they are emotionally or physically available“

23 going on 24, a year and a half, the past few months. There are also circumstances that lead to this decision outside the realm of him being lesser

Also, I love him and I hope that we can grow together but I’m startling to realize we both might be better off doing that alone

WTF is micro-cheating?

didn't you notice his lack of motivation before dating him? did you make the conscious decision to over look this aspect of him in hopes it would change in the future?


That said: its up to each couple to establish the boundries of their relationship.

Fair point. Resting my case there

We met on tinder and rushed into it, he’s expressed before that this fact has definitely made our relationship strained and I feel that way as well, but we definitely compliment another in a good way and he hasn’t said anything about wanting to break up.

so flirting... you could've said that.
it's usually alpha people who do it

that's called "trying to cheat"

can you maybe be more specific in how he is less successful than you?
you also mention that he is less attractive and intelligent, didn't these things bother you before?

Either gender.
Is it normal - or at least a "thing" for some people - to just naturally develop infatuations and crushes rather quickly?
Cuz it seems like anytime I show interest in a girl and she consequently shows (or I think shows...) interest in me, I seem to always get infatuated. It seems like the only prerequisites are
>Conversation was easy enough
>She appears like she likes me
>I think she's cute
>Theres some kind of initial connection or something

And that's it.
It doesn't seem to matter how well I really know her or anything.

Am I delusional?... But I'm aware of the problem so what the fuck even is this shit

I think it's because I have no friends, have cold relations with my family and never had a gf. so whenever I find someone who doesn't outright ignore me i instantly fall in love with them. I remember one girl from 6 years ago. we exchanged 5 sentences.

And when I say "connection"... Actually no forgot that part.

There doesn't even seem to need to be some kind of vague connection.

That's not the response I was looking for at all user...

Youre saying it's not normal for you because blah blah blah insecurities.

Someone able to give me a real answer please answer. I (basically?) want to know if it's *inherently unhealthy*

literally fell in love with a girl I talked to for 20ish minutes and never talked again a few months ago.

I’ve got a better job that is career oriented, I’m a behavioral therapist. He does landscaping and works at a phone shop. He has no ambition to get better jobs, though I know he can. He’s a smart guy but he’s extremely ignorant and more street smart than book smart. I think he’s handsome but he’s extremely overweight (he’s been working on this for a long long while and has lost weight), I’m also overweight but I’ve got a skinny girl face (fatfish). It’s always been apparent but it doesn’t necessarily bother me.

I think there's behavior unbecoming a person in a relationship which falls short of cheating but still sucks. A sign of it is that your partner is starting to make choices that damage a relationship without taking steps to actually end it.

Like, blowing off plans with your significant other to spend time with others instead is obviously going to damage the relationship. That's especially true if your SO is attracted to those "others." But it's also understandable if your relationship sucks so bad that your SO doesn't like being around you anymore. The issue there is that if the relationship sucks so bad, they should end it. They shouldn't be hurting your relationship and covering for it with a flimsy excuse.

Like if... It's just me rationalizing away desperation and I'm just somehow making it up.

It's really confusing and I have been out of dating for a long, long, LONG time so I need to know...

Why not just break it off with me then?

Yeah. Some shit like that.

Does it stay the same? Can it deepen (besides the general bonding thing like in the first few months to years does this feeling change or evolve if it works)?

I guess the Disney romance bullshit is still leaving a mark on how much I really understand.

>Youre saying it's not normal for you because blah blah blah insecurities.
i told you it happens all the time to me, it's normal in my life. anyone who talks to me when they don't need to i fall for them.
you seem rude

These are both me btw.
Same poster. All the ones that seem implied to be my posts are indeed my posts so far.

The short answer: dicks gonna be dicks yo. They get to keep reaping the benefits of a relationship while not giving a shit about any of their responsibilities to it.

Same question back to you, though. Why not just break it off with someone who's damaging their own relationship?

Okay but
>I think it's because I have no friends, have cold relations with my family and never had a gf.

Like I'm sorry user but I can't like... When you say that it's not really helpful? I mean thanks for letting me know there are others, but maybe I should be clearer because I know that.

I just... don't... get it...

I suppose that is an answer kind of? But it's not enough.

>If a guy is grown up (25+) and still single he's either mentally crippled or fucks anything that moves and don't want relationship
Or he simply doesn't earn in three days quite as much as an average person makes in a whole month.

>Is it normal - or at least a "thing" for some people - to just naturally develop infatuations and crushes rather quickly?
Most definitely. The object of infatuation doesn't even have to be a real person.

Whatever I'm not going to get a great response anyway.

That's just how it goes with this.
Forget it.

I'll just have to deal with it and figure out how to handle everything on my own and try not to come on too strong but then try to do what I feel is right but then not make assumptions but then not think negativity but then not get overly excited but then not feel too dependent but then FUCK THIS SHIT


>I'll just have to deal with it and figure out how to handle everything on my own and try not to come on too strong but then try to do what I feel is right but then not make assumptions but then not think negativity but then not get overly excited but then not feel too dependent but then FUCK THIS SHIT
Everything up to the final five words is a good plan.

I just wanted to let you know that it's normal when you don't have an intimate connection with someone for a long time.
But I also wanted to show that it's not real feelings.
I think you need to establish an intimate relationship with someone else, like a brother or a male friend to kind of relieve all that.

safety net, if they can't find someone else, you're still there

They only do that if you've got potential. I.e. starving artist, college students, etc.

Okay listen cuz I guess I should've specified, by my post is specifically directed at people who have had a(n initially) successful LTR before.
Like, normal people that are not you or me and have normative to successful romantic relationships.

People that are actually fucking people and not empty or bitter and not fighting to keep their humanity because they have not been alone their entire life to the point that that's all or almost all they know at this point.
You are at the same point as me..

Whatever I don't think Jow Forums can really help me with this. I just have to wait until Tuesday to speak with my therapist/coach/shrink/whatever.

Jow Forums at best will provide me almost nothing and at worst and more likely will just confuse me more.

Of course, last time I spoke with her about shit like this, she said I'm trying to figure out things everyone has different ideas about.

I just wish I didn't have to learn all shit I should've learned in fucking highschool at 31... I couldve broke people in highschool and it most likely wouldn't mean shit to me or them eventually, but now...

world of warcraft

>By wealthy I mean 5-10 times more than median salary in county.
Ok so I just barely meet that criteria, I do make a a good deal more than other people, but I live in Paris so it doesn't go super far.

But yeah, I'm 28 and "mentally crippled" lol as you say and I'm more likely to "fuck anything that moves" than get in a relationship. For me, personally, it's because women are awful people. I've never met a good woman in my life; they are all cuttthroat liars. They take pleasure in harming others. I could never imagine surrendering myself to something like that.

I have a real, dear, fantasy in my mind that I've had since I was a little boy that I'd meet a perfect woman one day, get married, have kids, and be happy forever. But I know it will never happen. I mean. I want it to, I suppose I will stay hopeful, but realistically, after almost 3 decades on earth and never even seeing a good woman, it will never happen.

If you want to land a rich guy, it's possible, but you have to behave. Which means pretending. Which means lying.... which is what I hate about women. In order for me to like you, you have to do something I hate. I just can't tango with the status quo.

Anyway hopefully something in my words helped you...

No. Penis in vagina is all i care about. You can fall in love with another man for all I care, just don't sleep with him. It's strictly physical for me. Emotions mean nothing.

I know for women it's the reverse. The care least about the physical, so long as you love them all the same. It makes sense, it's evolution.

just means your desperate

Mostly to girls I guess
I (guy) met a girl (girl) and we started hanging out. I really like her as a friend and want to get closer, mainly because it's so rare I actually like someone enough to even want to be friends. But she has a boyfriend and I don't want to make things weird or cause strain between them. What do?

Fucked a guy bareback two weeks ago. Almost certain I'm pregnant given my symptoms (implantation bleeding, mood swings, sore tits, lower back pain, felt extremely dizzy today). Going to get the stick in a few days when I have time. Assuming the test is positive:

How do I tell the guy?

How do I tell my parents?

For the record, I'm in my late 20s and self-sufficient, I'm only scared to death because my mom assumes fucking without a rubber is a one-way ticket to HIV.

You tell him once you're ready to start making plans on how to handle this. You tell your parents once those plans are settled.

Mom sounds like she was worried that Dad was visiting bathhouses in the 80s.

Yeah sex her like says. It's good exercise that both of you enjoy. Also eat healthy together.
If they can afford to pay for sex as frequently as feigning a relationship, they can also afford several fwb bitches if they aren't socially retarded.
Something in my love languages of being pampered.
As long as they knew their place in submitting to me.
>Is it normal - or at least a "thing" for some people - to just naturally develop infatuations and crushes rather quickly?
Yes, especially if you are depressed and attention starved.

I was actually born before my parents were married. My mom is always paranoid so I'm used to that but I have no clue how she's going to react in this case.

The thing is, the baby daddy isn't someone I plan on spending the rest of my life with. He already has two other kids with two different women (his oldest lives with him though so he's not anything close to a deadbeat). I doubt we're going to stay together but if I'm pregnant I'll try to work things out with him.

You may not plan on spending your life WITH him, but if you keep the kid then you'll be spending the next couple decades AROUND him.

abort it and you won't have to tell anyone.
if you don't want to, tell the guy first to see if he wants the baby (if he doesn't don't make him pay for it, it's retarded) or if he wants to marry you (or whatever the hell you want).
then go to your parents after that.

>Fucked a guy bareback two weeks ago.
>He already has two other kids with two different women
People like you encourage the incel mindset.

That won't be an issue. He's a sweet guy with a very good job.


I was out tonight. There was a girl I met before, I got talking to her a little (only a few minutes) she was nice to me and remembered my name from the last time we spoke. I asked for her Snapchat and she smiled at me and said yes then added me, she was with her friends, you know how it is with girls and their friends. We separated, but I got her SC. What should I do from here to catch her interest, it's far from my first experience, it's just she is somewhat out of my league and a few years younger then me which is giving me both optimism and doubt she will be interested (I'm aware it will likely end in failure) is there any specific advice you can give?. Should I message her tomorrow just saying "hi, how are you today?" And try to start a normal conversation?

>Pic related probably me by the end of this

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