I've been ejaculating frequently when i poop and sometimes even when i pee. It's both cloudy pee...

I've been ejaculating frequently when i poop and sometimes even when i pee. It's both cloudy pee, and sometimes actual cum (thick, white, substantive) Anyone have an idea of what this is indicative of? Enlarged or swollen prostate from UTI is what I've found online but it doesn't butn when I pee and my stomach/ass doesn't ache or hurt.

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Butn = burn

Posting memes for bump. This has been concerning me but I don't really want to go to the doctor as I recently lost my health insurance

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Also, I take 45mg of dextroamphetamine a day. There are reported cases of ADHD medications linked to spontaneous ejaculation

This is a fascinating issue, OP! You have my attention! Does it feel good, like an orgasm, when it happens? I don't think UTIs always have to have pain/burning, so in the meantime you can drink some cranberry juice while you figure this out. Couldn't hurt.
When I googled enlarged prostate, I got more things about urination than defecation. Do you have to pee a lot? Do you have to wake up at night to go pee?

When did the ejaculation start and when did you start taking this?

It started probably three months ago, but only started with this frequency about 3 weeks ago. I've been taking the meds since about September of last year

I do urinate a lot, but I also drink a lot of water (like 1 liter at least a day. I'm an athlete) I also drink coffee, and this medication is a diuretic so I'm unsure how much it affects it vs. possible prostate enlargement. There aren't other symptoms like feeling unfinished peeing, weakness of stream, dribbling, issues starting up (unless someone is at a urinal next to me, lol) or incontinence issues.
I mentioned defecation because a poo can press against the prostate if either are big enough and cause ejaculation, but this happens with small turds too, especially if they're difficult and I have to push hard.

Also, here's another meme bump

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Forgot to mention it does not feel like an orgasm. Though once or twice the head of my penis briefly felt a little sensitive

>I drink a lot of water.
>Drinks 1 litre per day.
I have news for you. You don't drink enough water.

I mean I agree that 1 liter is not a huge amount, I said at least 1 liter. Often I drink closer to 2 or 3, and if I'm training for an upcoming match it's ckoser to a gallon. But 1 liter is way more than the average person I think you'd agree. My piss is usually clear, or slightly yellow

I correct myself: 1.5L a day. I was imagining the big water bottles from the store and was mistaken about their volume. I usually 1-2 of those a day, so between 1.5-3 liters a day.

You drink enough water.
Thank you for explaining your post in more detail.
Sincere regards.

Stay hydrated, friend

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i get the same shit but am not particularly worried about it
i just chalk it up to being horny and sexless

I thought that at first, but it still happens even if I masturbate. I'm not particularly alarmed but it's definitely a minor concern with how regular it's become

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Well an enlarged prostate could be pressed on by your shit passing through and be triggered when you urinate also.. pressing on your prostate is the only thing I can think of happening to produce this kind of affect.

If it's not annoying too much and theres no blood maybe just give yourself a prostate exam.. or try having more fibre or something to soften your stool so it won't agitate the prostate on the way out as much

Another one

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Yeah, maybe more fiber will help. Dunno what I'd be looking for if I gave myself a prostate exam since I have no standard to compare it to

Hoping some doctors browse Jow Forums late night

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Early morning bump

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