I feel really inadequate compared to anime girls...

I feel really inadequate compared to anime girls. My boyfriend and the people in the circles I hang out in are are anime/vidya fans, and they play stuff like FE and FGO, and they all have their waifus and tons of girl characters they like. This makes me feel really bad about myself, knowing that I literally cannot compete with the way these characters look. I'm slim and decently good looking, but I see these girls with perfect skin, bodies, hair, outfits, and it's hard to see my boyfriend with his waifu on his keychain and figures etc. because I feel like I just cannot compete. It is really deeply bothering me. What can I even do? I'm looking for perspective from the guy's side, is there something a girl can do to make herself more appealing like an anime character?

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They're not real so don't worry. A real woman is ten thousand times better. His friends are into them because they can't get girlfriends and your bf is just having fun with his friends.

Are you jealous of drawings? The only thing you can do is tell yourself that no cartoon woman can compete with you

He sounds like a loser. Why are you even with him?

To follow, anime girls can't hold you in bed at night. They can't listen to your problems. They can't make you feel wanted. They can't make you feel loved and they can't care about you. They can't tell you everything will be okay while stroking your hair. They can't joke around with you and they can't make you feel like you have a special relationship with them. Do that with your bf and you're set

>what can a girl do to become an anime girl
Why on God's green earth would you like to be more like a Japanese hentai character

Love anime girls the way your bf does

This can’t be real due to the levels of dissonance and sheer incredulity, but here I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
I swear people who jerk it to a japanese man’s erotic drawings in lieu of interacting with real girls are deeply closeted or severely socially stunted.
You shouldn’t be jealous, you should be pissed and/or glad that he’s so pathetic since there is a 0% chance that you’ll be replaced by drawings.
This thread is so fucking stupid.

Disregarding the potentiality of this being bait, I'll actually answer the question since everyone is either ignoring the question or trying to get you to shake the feeling altogether.

My suggestion would be to either get into it yourself, or alternatively find out which is his favorite waifu and then surprise the fuck out of him by cosplaying as her. Ride him good and tell him next time he can dress up as your husbando.

My boyfriend doesn't really like when I take care of him like that but I understand what you mean, thanks user

Well I like anime and games too, he's a really good guy and he's the only guy who's ever shown interest in me, we seem to be a good match

I swear on God I'm serious, I know it sounds autistic but it's just something I have to keep reminding myself of. I don't think he's a loser, he's nerdy but everyone has their hobbies

How did y'all meet?

>cosplaying as her
I was thinking about that, I didn't know if it would be off-putting though

You're just insecure, girl. It's no different than girls comparing themselves to super models, actresses, and porn stars. Your boyfriend chose to be with you, and continues to choose to stay with you.

Okay shit sorry i was so harsh then. Actually don’t worry about it, you’ll be golden. A lot of the anime aesthetic is cutesy stuff like onesie pyjamas shaped like teddy bears or bows in your hair.

We're at the same university, I was sitting alone at dinner and he just sat down and he was wearing an anime shirt, so we started talking and the rest just kinda happened

Hell no, it'd be fun. Now if you want the true hidden agenda behind it, eventually if you do it enough he'll associate you with his waifu.

I'm gonna keep going with this. Tbh I'm an insecure girl too. There's the temptation to make him prove his love to you, but when you're insecure, it doesn't really help much. What I did find helpful, while seeming a little backwards, is to continually and enthusiastically express my love for my boyfriend. I try to touch on all the love languages: words of appreciation, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, quality time. I find the stronger I make my love for him, the more secure I feel in our relationship. I love to see his gratitude, and now our relationship has this standard, and he often reciprocates in his expressions of love.

He just sat down and started to talk?
People can do that?
What the fuck did he open with? A cheesy pick up line?

Have you talked to him about the two of you doing some couple's cosplay? Could be a fun and exciting thing for both of you?

Don't compete with fantasy, just be someone he wants to live in reality with.
An easier example is porn. You might stumble on something he watches which is nothing like what you provide in the bedroom. It doesn't mean he wants you to do these things, it just means he finds it hot enough to masturbate to.
It is a fantasy, an e
For most guys, this is completely separated. Focus on what you can give each other in a relationship instead.
His friends are all anime fans so he isn't giving this up because you feel insecure. He would probably not consider that it makes you feel this way at all.
Areas where you can compete include touch, conversations and actions that improve your lives.
These shows will not give him these things, but you can.
Copying a character he like's hair is weird and probably not why he liked that character. Mannerisms, wit and values are probably higher on that list of what he likes. It will work a lot more if you adapt the style of humor he likes or show him what you are about instead of limiting yourself to compete with a drawing.

To be honest that's rather common at university. I'm a big shameless extrovert and I chat up randoms all the time. The other day at the university cafeteria, a guy came up to the table me and two friends were at, saying they gave him too much french toast and asking if we wanted any. I took the toast, my friends didn't. I invited the guy to join us, but he declined.
An hour or two later, I was out on a bench and that same guy passed by. I waved at him, thanked him again for the french toast, and asked him what he was up to. We talked about our majors, our classes, our career goals, etc. I've seen him around campus once or twice since then, I smile and wave.

... You've already won anime characters aren't real...

Like I don't know what to say except stop being stupid

Damn, you normies are something else.
There is no way in hell I would eat anything from someone else I didn't know.

Let alone as a girl getting something from a guy.

Understandable. I'm also a glutton, so I never turn down free food.

He just said hey I saw you at (event) yesterday, and I was like yeah hey I like your shirt, then we just started talking and he left me his number on a napkin, it was really unbelievable for me because I've never been approached before, let alone in a movie moment like that.

This is really good advice, thanks so much I'm writing this down so I can try

I think that would be so much fun, I have to ask him about it

You're real, unlike anime girls. At the end of the day, an image won't provide emotional satisfaction, but you can. You literally are better then anime girls. :)

>This is really good advice, thanks so much I'm writing this down so I can try
I'm glad to help. Another aspect to this is to try and approach this with appreciation and celebration, and to avoid desperation and obligation. I do have the temptation to do things for him a desperate attempt to prove to him and to myself that I'm worth it. When I go from that angle, I find that I'm less genuine. Instead I try to spend time ruminating on how great he is, and to stew in that warmth and light.

Is he fat? Or average?

No he's 6 foot 3, ~190lbs, compared to average guys he's got a bit of an unfortunate face and receding hairline but I think he's cute and I could stare at him all day, I wouldn't want him any other way. Sorry to blogpost but I'm really short (5 foot) and small so it's a funny contrast to see us together

This is a great mindset, thank you so much again

This is sweet user. I feel like with games that interact with you directly, like mobile stuff, it kind of can mimic that emotional connection. I feel like people have waifus for more than just being a pretty picture

Thank you for the perspective, I really appreciate it, I feel like I have a wind behind my sails now with all this advice here

Oh that explains it.
When you are a god, you can do anything.

>is there something a girl can do to make herself more appealing like an anime character?
Cosplay. For some reason weabs love this shit.

yo try bitching when you're balding at like 20 but you're also a weeb and all the niggas in that shit have good hair

i was playin astral chain today and i used my IRIS thing on some npc and it said he was like 40 years old but that nigga had the 12 year old hairline

the biggest elements are that they are relatively featureless and thus lack visible flaws. and that they never change.
another thing about them is that they have simple but strong personalities and wear there hearts on their sleeves, even the more reserved ones.
I don't know what kind of girl your boyfriend is into but you try to get his attention.

>6 foot 3, ~190lbs
ya know what? fuck you and fuck your faggot boyfriend.
hope you both get raped and die

lol bro

What you fucking whore? I'm sick of seeing this shit all the time. Of course you think it's cute when he is a 6.3 Chad. I bet every fucking Penny I own if he was 5.5 and balding and average you wouldn't give too fucks about this guy.

Fuck off and die

Probably bait but that wasn't op, I am. I'm so short that every guy is taller than me, so I legitimately do not care about height. We're both shy and we're waiting for sex

Yeah whatever, no one believes you

I'm 6'5" and I'm just as lonely as any "just be tall" incel.
It really isn't just height, that's the thing. In fact if girls in general just had one trait they cared about, it wouldn't be so bad. the problem is that they care about everything. all your traits have to combine in just the right way.

this desu, unironically anyone can get a gf, there is nothing that will instantly make you undateable, i know many truly unattractive guys with normal lives who are happily married, you literally just have to stop overthinking and obsessing over it and just get out there and meet people, there are almost 8 billion fucking people out there and you WILL find someone if you just go

>we're waiting for sex

post a truly unattractive guy

You're not really competing with them, the same way you aren't competing with puppies or whatever else he might find adorable.

lol the thirst is real

>there are almost 8 billion fucking people out there and you WILL find someone if you just go
True, but only if you actually try, and incels are too scared lol.

They're just cute things that we use to fap. I'm sure some people will take it too far when VR becomes more popular and only have sex with the headset on, but until then, it really is just like...a thing that you like. Kind of like sexy pictures on a calendar.

We know it's not real, it's just a nice fantasy to enrich our everyday lives.

I came here just to say this. Godspeed user.

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