I don't find any girl with common interests, ambition, intelligent and kind...

I don't find any girl with common interests, ambition, intelligent and kind. I'm not even including beauty to make it easier. Why is it so hard?

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you probably not looking deep enough
many people conceal such things until you talk to them/become friends
alternatively your standards might be to high for your social group/location. sometimes the people you want are not where you live

those are pretty high standards for women. just stick to common interests

I often ask key questions of great importance, which already really show me who the girl is, so I don't waste so much time searching.
>alternatively your standards might be to high for your social group/location. sometimes the people you want are not where you live
Oh man, I'm not asking for much, are women like that by nature or was I born in the wrong age? Where are the good women?


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they're just harder to come by and THEIR standards are pretty high too

>I often ask key questions of great importance
This sounds like autism.

>good women
>I'm not asking for much
what makes you a good man worthy of "good women"?

It sounds like you're looking for an above average person. It takes a lot of introspection to be most of those things and a bit of luck to also have common interests with yours. That's why.

>not asking for much
>good women
Asking for "good" is asking for a lot. Most people just get by.

>the whole wording of this post

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What are the interests? Intelligence and kindness go easily together, but intelligence and ambition are a more dangerous mixture. Looking for all three makes it more likely that the kindness will be a front for ambition.

Did you ever watch that movie about moving to the Galapagos?

You gotta understand that having a gf comes at a cost to some of your interests. I love my woman but damn the grass is so much greener when your gf doesn't like the shows you watch. Doesn't enjoy the board/video games you play. Likes to try new hobbies together that were ultimately made to enjoy by loners but insists on doing them in tandem. My advice is don't worry about "OMG we like the same xyz" and find a girl that has her own things she likes that she does not want to drag you into.

So what's the point of having a gf if she doesn't have your interests?

not him but "interests" are superficial bullshit that people get bored of within the span of a few years. I spent all my teens and early 20s only going out with girls who were all into the same music as me or whose politics were all 99.99% compatible with mine and had the same interests and it didn't mean anything unless we had a deeper connection, i.e. our personalities actually matched.

Idk OP but i found a girl who likes my chinese cartoons, shooting wants to become an acturary(i def spelled that wrong) is a good christian girl and is most importantly into me

yeah I don't know how this ''connection'' works

Actuary. Pretty good time to do it, they started passing more people. Though that also makes it a bad time to do it.

Where’s that one meme where it’s like
>”Guys keep saying they want a girl who smokes weed and plays video games and likes sports. Like nigga you want a boyfriend lmfaooooo”

My girlfriend and I are very different. She’s very normie with her Netflix, BTS, Victoria Secret and Starbucks lifestyle. I’m an ESPN, pupper, Taco Bell loving Jow Forums shitposter. We don’t have a special thing we share. We just enjoy each other’s company during dinner or movies or whatever. I’ve dragged her ass to baseball games. She’s dragging me to the beach tomorrow. It is what it is.

Like previously mentioned I am just compatible relationship wise with someone different.

>just stick to common interests

those are pretty high standards for women. just find a faithful woman you can bear to be around after sex

>complains about high standards
>faithful woman
el oh el

because girls don't need to have any of those things. those are things men do to be attractive to girls.