The more I interact and live with women, the more I lose affection and sexual interest with women in general...

The more I interact and live with women, the more I lose affection and sexual interest with women in general. What is going on?

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meet better women

you're gay user

I don't find

It sounds like you're gay

okay maybe you're asexual or something or watching too much anime and touhou fried your brain and nuts

you seem like a wizard. just continue, you'll gain great wisdom at the end of your journey

I study a lot of psychology, philosophy and biology maybe that's it?

>I study a lot of psychology, philosophy and biology maybe that's it?
No that seems completely unrelated to your "I don't like women anymore" issue.

so what can be

You're learning more about the evils of women and you're losing interest as a way of self preservation.

Is this good or needs to be undone?

it depends, you could take the blue pill and live your life happy as before or you could take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What have been your experiences with women

>unironically talking about red pill shit

that's a yikes from me dawg

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they are all boring to me, they don't cheer me up

It's because they're awful dude, but you're born loving them; male love blinds us to the evils of women for the sake of survival. Really.

so in the end they only serve to give babies?

>unironically talking about having sex with 3d women
why not use carriages to get around since you advocate obsolete things.

wow man I wish I was as Jow Forums-cool as you, poopoo peepee reee females praise kek

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Everyone raises them as if they are special or unique but to any mature man a pussy is a pussy and the best bet for keeping one/starting a family is one that compliments your lifestyle with their responsibilities and favors for you

I din't post any meme pictures and didn't try to make fun of you.
you're the typical four-fag.
i used the red pill reference because it was very similar to the movie scene so it seemed like a good joke that also pointed out the possibilities realistically.
because you could continue to hate or you could stop to do it.
really mamks you thimk, doesn't it.

You had expectations about what you could get from them that weren't in line with reality. Now you're disappointed

So no matter what expectations I set, they will never be met right?

You’re figuring out how evil and selfish women really are. It’s only natural as women aren’t as inherently virtuous as you thought and were conditioned to believe since birth.

You have two choices OP, forget about chasing women and become a wizard or get cold and start playing the game. Once you play the game though and you really see shit for how it is though you can’t go back. Just try your best not to come off as a misogynistic jaded prick.

Ok, I choose to play the game, but I need you to explain to me better how it works and what it is

Not necessarily, as long as your expectations are normal, although thinking about people in terms of what they can give you is setting you up for disappointment.
It's not a bad thing to be dispassionate, it's only bad for people to be bitter

Women work on a few principles and it’s hard ingrained into their being, and you need to understand these principles to be not only successful with women but also to protect yourself from getting fucked over. There’s a few things you need to know.

1. Women do not understand nor do they appeal to reason. Ever. They appeal to what yields the most utility for them and emotion. If something makes them FEEL they will always trend towards that. This is the reason women go to intentionally see sad or heartbreaking movies to cry for example. Men appeal to REASON, we would not understand why anyone would want to intentionally make ourselves feel sad, it does not make sense. This is by far the most important truth to understand because it explains why women do insane, crazy, and errational things on a daily basis. You do not need to try to understand why, you just have to be aware of it. Stop trying to appeal to women with reason, appeal with emotion.

2. On the note of self-interest. Women are inherently selfish and inherently sociopathic. They lie without a single shred of remorse on a daily basis. This is because they have been conditioned since birth to be “girly” so therefore being direct and telling truths that hurt feelings are a masculine thing to do. Women tend to avoid confrontation if possible. This unfortunately means women are very very convincing liars, and very cutting with their words if provoked, and are also very good at getting even through alternative means. The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a very true one. Take the things they say with a grain of thought, and trust your gut. It’s probably best to not really trust them entirely in general as they tend to like to ‘test’ precieved trust.

3. Women love what they can’t have. If you are easily attainable you are undesirable. Period. “Nice guys finish last” applies here. They don’t want the dude who will always pick up the phone, bends over backwards.


4. Women are always looking for something better at all times. Even in a relationship. Always. You are the one who has the most control in a relationship at all times, how much attention you give a women, what you can provide unique to you, and how good of a sexual lover are all important to keeping a girl happy. The secret to keeping a girl happy is to always be in a state of high self worth. You care more about yourself than her. Always, but you are glad to have her in your life as a partner as long as she is useful to you. Be clear that if she behaves erratically and isn’t equally invested in the relationship she will be dumped and you will find a better girl.

5. Women are jealous of other women always. In fact: the hotter the woman, the more insecurities she has. In current day in age social media has dripfed women insecurity. Plastic models, Big butts, and beautiful youthfulness that is oh so fleeting are always lurking in any young girl’s peripheral.

I have a few more things to add if you’d like but i’m not gonna type out a bible if nobody is listening.

>appeal with emotion.
That's the problem, I as a man naturally appeal to reason, I don't know how to appeal to emotion
>It’s probably best to not really trust
Good thing I never trusted them
>Women love what they can’t have
Yeah, I just attract worse girls than me.
>You care more about yourself than her.
I do this all the time, I'm not afraid of losing
>Women are jealous of other women

I agree with everything you said. I don't suspect you, but I would like to know how you learned all this, was it from experience or did you read anything? Also reading what you said, in addition to losing affection and sexual interest, I am now getting hate for them. How do you do not to get angry?

>I have a few more things to add if you’d like
Yes I would like

How I gained this knowledge? I’m a fairly attractive man who’s in his mid twenties and makes a decent salary. I learned a lot about women and how they really work in college, as I was in frat. I’m pretty good at socializing and like interacting with others in general so when you hang out with enough people, men and women, you pick up certain cues that seem to translate.

I learned the hard way, through lots of hook ups, relationships that went nowhere, good relationships, you name it. But i’ve also read the odd book or two on attraction here and there in highschool, as I was just kind of coming into my own personality wise. My father died around that time and I pretty much became a different person, I consumed everything I could consume in the ways of self improvement and tried to emotionally connect with others to deal with my loneliness and depression. Luckily I’m doing well in the realm of mental health nowadays, but I credit most of that to my eating routine, gym schedule, creative outlets such as music, skateboarding, and photography. Most of which I got into through Jow Forums in my youth, so I’m just paying it forward.

Women are creatures of habit and genetics. You can’t be mad at them for being how they are, it’s just the way society makes them and their genetic coding works. They mellow out as they get older, If I had to reccommend, you need to get out and talk to some older women as young ones in their 18 - mid/late 20s are a huge handful. Do not get mad when women do ugly things, just chalk it up to their insecruities and think about it logistically. Women are high strung because they unlike us have a genetic shelf life. They are the prettiest and most fertile they will ever be in their lives right now. They also love the idea of a happy ending with a family and kids, not all will achieve that happy ending. We on the other hand as men have been dealt an amazing hand, we can make ourselves infinitely more useful over a lifetime.

As for sexual interest, it’s all in your mind. The right women will fix that, you just have to look. In the meantime be very proactive in keeping your connections in arms reach, everyone is useful to a degree. You have to deal with that disgust that comes with knowing women’s true nature that goes against what you were taught and expected to respect. Time heals that particular wonder, but focus on yourself and dealing with all the negative things around yourself, if you fix those and take control of your life you will notice you will be more inclined to seek women. Do not shrug off them entirely even if you do not want them sexually women are very very useful in the realm of professional buisness, emotional relief (shoulder to cry on or vent to), and you’d be surprised how nice a human touch is every once in a while, women can make you feel right when everything is wrong, it’s their gift. Just be aware they’re just as capable of dishing out pain as well. Protect your energy, and keep your emotions under wraps when treading around dangerous women and never be afraid to walk away. Ever.

What I suspected then was true, I confess that I'm disappointing with the nature of women, my expectations were different, I thought it was as the media showed, I will try to absorb and deal with what you said, I will have to learn to understand and have patience with women, thank you so much user for the advice you gave me, it was of great help, God bless you.

You are a man, keep your chin up and protect yourself, your ego, and your energy like your life depends on it. Never let a woman walk over yourself and always stand firm in your beliefs. There is a time for tenderness, but it is not a frequent time. Never apologize for anything ever. Stand tall because when shit hits the fan your significant other, your girlfriend, your fuckbuddy, your female friend will look to you for answers and you have to be ready.

As an epilogue id mention: if you want a good laugh, ask one of the girls you fuck on the regular what she thinks about nice guys, chumps, tryhards and the like. and then ask them about what they think about other females, it’s always amusing.

Don't listen to him, that faggot literally admitted he's only attracted to men.

Women are gross