Found out girl I liked made out with a black guy at a festival

>found out girl I liked made out with a black guy at a festival

What should I do? Ghost and never interact with her again right?
To make matters worse I live in an eastern european country where there aren't even any blacks at all, that must have been a tourist

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Based solely on the little text that you wrote, you're racist. Go to a psychologist.

>uuuhhhhh fuck I’m so bored what should I do
>I know, I’ll shitpost on Jow Forums! That’ll pass the time
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200 (You)s

saged reported and shared my disdain for (You)

it's the truth sadly

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Tell everyone about it. She will kill herself out of shame

how? in what context should i bring it up? also it happened a few years ago

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ok, you are welcome to return to your discord or reddit, dumb phoneposter

how sad. post disregarded

>Ghost and never interact with her again right?
call her a coal burner and then just ghost her


thing is it happened like 3-4 years ago but recently i started being with her more because we started going to the same uni and i just remembered that that happened

Enjoy your confirmation biases and echo chamber.
reeeeeeee girls amirite?

thanks i will, and i hope you will soon return to your website to enjoy your sjw trannies

It doesn't matter. Call her a coal burner and then move on. Strict no contact.

i will no contact for sure but we don't have that phrase in our language

>we don't have that phrase in our language
just wait a few years

I’ve seen it all, I was here first.
Respect your elders, sonny boy

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you didn't see shit reddit, leave while you still have a shred of self respect left, you make me sick

honor-kill her user
him too just to be safe

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You’re twisted in the head and I promise you I’ve been on this shitty site for far longer than you.
Anyone that obsessed with reddit is a newfag calling the kettle black.
Neck yourself, delusional pleb.

>I-I've been here longer than you!!
Why do they always say that?

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i guess that's just the only way they can cope after they get discovered

ma ja sam soja

is wrong with you

You’re a big attention-whoring divisive unintelligent faggot is what you are.

If she is white shes a degenerate

Yes and more importantly learn to let go of her and move on.