You gotta keep them separated.

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Just remembered a girl I had a crush on in 6th grade who moved from my shitty midwest town to a big city on the coast. Googled her name an she's beautiful now. She's 21, going to college and looks so happy. I'm nothing but a suicidal neet.

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It's just shitty to think that I had all the best shit and I wasted it. Even without acting like a brat I'm still a brat for not succeeding more and being more badass. I guess it's time to grow up. It's time to take full control and full responsibility. I guess there isn't really anything to hold onto that will steady me, I just have to try my absolute best.

>going to the local community college while all my friends go off to top tier schools
>girlfriend who is a year younger than me is going to go to a canadian university when she graduates
I feel so alone.

Man, I wish I could get into dating right now. I was told I was hot/cute several times in the past but I'll move away in five months, so any serious dating is off limits. And my flat looks absolutely depressing, so even one-night-stands would flee in terror.
Guess it'll get better when I relocate but damn, I really miss the affection.

You could try to go to their place for one night stands ig

I feel like I don't relate to anybody, whether it's something deep like values, philosophy or stuff of that nature, or more surface level stuff like music or movies, it feels like every conversation I have is forced due to me never having anything in common with anyone.

I haven't thought about her in at least 5 years, but I woke up this morning and felt like she was right there next to me.

my possessive, mentally ill best friend from childhood has hurt me continuously.. she is posting about me on social media now. indirectly, but it’s clear. she only suddenly wanted to use me as a roommate again just so she wouldn’t have to worry about money since she doesn’t steadily work. i’m still dealing with lifelong injuries and the trauma from what happened to me a while back.. ever since i left there the house she has continuously jabbed at me and brought up when i was depressed at one point and didn’t clean as much.

then she talks about boundaries, rules as if she hasn’t continuously berated me for my low time in life if i come back/in general. i’ve always said sorry and that i’ve changed but it never ends. in the past and sometimes still she gets jealous and upset i’m better at art than her and it made me feel bad... also talking about my small frame, etc.. i told her i needed to rethink this friendship because of how she was affecting me, then a few days later twists my words into her’s acting as if she was the one that wanted to take a break from the friendship.

recollecting what she has said in the past about other people, i really feel like she may be an opportunist. i was isolated and torn down. i don’t have any real friends other than a guy who has ulterior motives/feelings for me. i don’t even think that counts. probably not. i’m so tired of being put down. i wonder if i can find true friendship on sites like tinder or bumble. i’m going through a lot and don’t have an income so i don’t know how judges other people will be?

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Maybe I'll just let it all go and just float. I can't force shit to work out.

Is that a thing? Most women I dated wanted to go to my place.

I guess any girl I end up dating is going to have to accept me including all the shitty things that I can't change or distance myself from. I guess that means I'm never getting a girlfriend.

What are your interests user?

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We are not even near bump limit in the other thread. Fuck off.

Music, philosophy, Warhammer, movies, video games. Stuff like that.

Brothers I'm feeling a particular type of way tonight

I just haven't had anything to think about, nothing to look forward to our be excited about, I get the sense that I'm feeling that good old seasonal depression kicking in

But in all my years I have never had depression symptoms without anxiety of any kind, it was so strange experiencing that today

I feel like I just don't care about fucking anything, and my body is just on a ride, in fact I've been disassociating this whole time and just now noticed

I also have not been able to think on any one particular topic for long, I have ADHD so this is a problem for me almost naturally, however I just am getting radio silence from my inner voice, which seems fucking crazy to me as I haven't felt that in years

Oh well get money hustlers. Stack paper suck clits

I think that I'm not going to be able to make any new friends again. I must have something wrong with me.

idk wtf happened to my value system, it's like it used to be there and now it's gone and I'm just grasping at straws trying to remember

Sometimes I think I really do suffer from paranoia. I tend to imagine my friends talking bad about me, purposefully excluding me from events/parties, etc. I've been feeling like this for a few years now, and honestly hanging out with them doesn't feel the same.

I wonder if I have amnesia and the majority of the posts in this thread are me.



>flakes several times

Fuck her, got invited last minute to hang out with her where she was actually going but I couldn't do it.

Why do women fucking do this


Every time I try to do anything that isn't 100% guaranteed to work, it goes wrong. Wtf.

I wish I could afford therapy so my bipolar disorder, especially mania episodes, would stop affecting my social life.
People think I'm crazy and I know I act like I am sometimes, but I honestly cannot control it. I only realize I fucked up afterwards when mania calms down.

I am not happy because I am allergic to smoking, but I love smoking and now I am not feeling well

Smoking is nasty, quit, user. It will be much better for you.

No I'm not 'tired'.... and how is reeeing for 3 days straight not good enough for you

I'm experiencing mild paranoia I think. Saw some guy around my age (28) hanging with high school kids giving them beers and what not but constantly checking out everyone else a few days ago. Yesterday as I was getting beers the same guy is standing by the shop eyeing everyone that buys something. I'm suspecting he's either a dealer (kids were approaching him and he'd smile and move away to talk on the phone) and/or running a raquet on the store guy.

2 weeks till you get the nicotine out of your system then it's all a question of dedication. I wouldn't pester you to quit if your weren't allergic.

Fugg got a headache

I no longer care for losing my virginity, my only goal now is to make money and have a stable life

Kid is having a really hard time, and legally, I can't solve his problems. Had to watch him cry as he's forced to visit his mom, that he hates, but I can't do anything.
All I could really do is tell him to jog around the house and outside, try to think of some funny memes or something. Normally, I'd try to comfort him, but he just broke today.
I don't ban crying and encourage sharing how people feel but it kills me since I have't seen him cry in three years

>go on a swiping spree because the college students are back in town and I'm tired of matching with people 50 miles away
>just ran out of the new profiles to swipe on
>three matches, an actual disabled dwarf, a black tranny, and a fat girl
Can I have my perfect anime girl yet? I'm a good boy, work hard, most of my coworkers just live at home instead of taking on a side gig. I'm getting a little bit of a food baby, but it's not even visible without my shirt, and I'm working on getting rid of it.
The fat girl's dtf and I'm a virgin. It's an easy way to lose that v card, but that wasn't really what it was about anyway.

I kinda resent that my value is based on all of these different social, professional, and creative skills that I have to develop, while it seems like the only thing that this actually correlates to in dating is the waistline of the women that want me sexually. My friend is telling me I need a hobby right now. He says I'm going to bore the shit out of her because I can't even talk about fucking tv shows or music properly. Just anime and some power metal bands.
But I don't think I've even dated a tinder girl who actually had something like that they were cultivating? One of them was a cna, so that was cool, but she was in the same boat as me where she's finished a single digit number of books since high school (yeah she has her college reading, but same here). Another was a big bitch that was a little pretentious (one of those, "oh, I'm poly lingual, I speak Creole!" types).

That cna was cute, at least, and now I'm just a kissless virgin instead of a kissless hugless virgin.I did get an indirect kiss from a sorority girl's beer, that was hot. Bitch's backwash tasted like plan B and parental shame.
I don't know if I really want the first person in my first clean, non-ratty, non-tilted mattress to be some rando fuck that I'm mostly thinking about for the skin-on-skin warmth, especially since she's so heavy.

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Ok im not sure if this is the right place for this? But fuck it im trying to pull through and do no fap, I've seen the results of doing so yet I usually break after about a week. Yall got any recommendations to pull through and persevere?

Stay in public places for most of the day like a cafe and only come home to sleep unless you're one of those sickos that fap at work

Have fun with your dirty nigger bitch and the whores who ride the dick carousel on tinder. When they cheat on you (like all your gf's do)
or ignore you, don't come running to me. I'm done with your bullshit.

Jokes on you you curry fuck. I've never even had a gf!
I'll just ride the pussy carousel since life's meaningless and no one will take me seriously.

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Well, you are definitely perpetuating the cycle so that's all you'll ever get.

I'm actually asexual

>perpetuating the cycle
If a woman who was worth a flaming fuck would ever give a shit about me, I'd slave for her, drag my ass to church every Sunday and recite bad English until I went hoarse.
They've got better things to do, though, so I'll just chase these slags and feel smug when one spreads her legs. Better than just sitting here waiting to die for a bitch that hates me.

I'm 100% certain this person is not.
Okay well stop complaining then. Nobody gives a shit.

I just remembered how pathetic I was in high school. I used to follow around these two nerdy guys in high school whenever we did our run/walk and listen to them talk. I don't think they even knew I was there for the most part.

Why can't every weekend be a 3-day weekend?

When you wake up immediatly get out of bed morning is usually when i fap

it's like you fucking want an automata
well FUCK YOU, I prefer to become a literal piece of shit (and homeless) than becoming such a thing
for fucks sake Death>Automata persona

Initial for who it's for?

nah fuck off

C'mon man

dude, i don't give a shit
fuck off

I really feel like dying over what objectively would be seen as small-ish issues

I get that a lot. It's like that bill burr skit.
>Gf breaks up with you
Cry it out and go to the gym for a couple of days, telling yourself that you're getting that six pack back.
>I have to go to the dmv.
I wonder if a fall from this height would kill me.

I'm scared I'll never be able to be have a good romantic relationship, I'm scared that I'm unable to fix what ever it is that keeps making things difficult after sex. I'm scared that I've waited too long and built too many bad habits and I've wasted my chance to learn how to be a good partner and have a good relationship. I'm scared I'm getting old. I'm scared I'm becoming so desperate that I'm walking into toxic relationships.

for me, it is writing a paper for university
i have to do 10-12 pages, but now i only have 2 weeks left (but i am totally free, it is semester break, nothing planned)
but every time i want do to stuff for it i get anxiety and sometimes actual panic attacks about only starting that late, about my writing being shit etc.

Just hammer it out now while it's a little problem, instead of going
At the last minute like every last one of your retarded peers.

10-12 pages in 14 days? You can manage less than a fucking page a day, right son?

I hope so, i have the books here and still need to do research
thing is, i actually have nothing to do for these 2 weeks, so tecnicially i could research and write 24/7
anyways, thanks for the encouragement, user

I feel it's inevitable I'm going to kill myself. Recurring depressions, a year or so apart, each time the suicidal ideation progresses further and further. I've thought about it so much I pretty much have it all sorted out, and when I'm depressed it always seems reasonable. It just seems like its going to happen eventually.

>pursue chick
>"i'm not interested"
>kay then i'll stop
>"no wait i need you!"
Stop wasting my fucking time and decide God damn it.

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Then it wouldn't be as special

I went out with my ex and her friends last night. I'm usually alright with them but this time I had a drunken depressive episode in s bar and just kept staring at her. I couldn't hug her goodbye, did some weird hand gestures and power walked off. Absolute fucking mess. I felt sick and empty the whole journey home. I don't think we're friends. She's probably going to invite me out some other time and I'll have to decide whether it's worth the sickly sadness that I feel after

Just tell her why you can't hang out anymore.
It's not worth torturing yourself like that. Believe me, I remember that sensation. That's such a good way to describe it too. "Sickly sadness."
It sucked, it fucked with my head, my quality of life improved immediately when I removed the stimulus.


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What sort of music do you like?

nickelback, u2, the ost of hotline miami

Nuh uh...

I occasionally make up some story about how some girl hit on me at the gym/a bar/wherever to keep my girlfriend on her feet. Am I a piece of shit?

Really depends on what kind of relationship you have or what kind of person she is
If she's a thot you should break up with her instead of having to keep up the mind games

i fucking hate myself so much. i hate that for another day, i've been sat on my ass from the minute i woke up which was about 11 hours ago. no one to confide in or even talk to, nothing to do and im completely uninterested in the things I used to do. i can feel myself getting angrier and im starting to take it out on people more than i though i would ever do. im not trying to sound like a tough guy, i'm a beta bitch and i usually release anger in passive-aggressive, pathetic ways. but still I can feel rage building up inside, that only drinking alcohol can help with

I just don't know why life has to be so disappointing, all of the time. I only suffer set back after set back and I see no reason to be optimistic

Serious relationship, she is not a thot, she is just very very attractive so I make up the occasional lie because I like seeing her get mad at the "bitches" who hit on me, and it makes me seem like an amazing guy because I always reject them. Which I actually do when other DO hit on me for real

Eh just don't have her a heart attack

find hobby, example try learn c++,

Hit the gym lad anger isn't good for your health


Youre pathetic

I give up. It hurts too much. I’m done. R is better... gg

Yeah, I literally just did this. She is probably going to tell me to stfu and get some fucking therapy but I think it'll be worth it.

If she does, it's a her kind of problem.
A lot of really immature people like to denigrate any sort of emotional attachment, like you're supposed to just be a stoic pillar, an npc in their story that's only worth a shit if it's sacrificing a lot for them.
There's no reason you should go through that for her, if she doesn't love you.

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>they can be your best friend
>but you will never be anyone's best friend.
I've come to learn that you will never truly matter to anyone, whether it be another friend, or your girlfriend, they will always have someone more important than you in their life.

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You could be the best friend and lover at the same time

Never ever speak to them again. Obey or be alone, R.

I don’t miss you at all. Still wish you were my boyfriend though. Even though I don’t really have time for one.


Gonna have to second this in regards to spook.
If someone told me to obey or be alone I’d pick the latter. Sounds threatening (though context matters a lot). Do you have this person’s best interest in mind?

I just want to matter to someone else...

But if the person’s best interest is in mind, and the context surrounding the statement fit accordingly, then it’s a lot different.

I just want a daddy to make me his little slut

Lots of overthought on my part. She took it well. She didn't really know about the feels though but better out than in. Gonna hold off seeing her for a while.

Thanks user.

If I move out my Dad will have nobody and he deserves better than that but I'm suffocating because of a lack of independence

I think she misses me more than I miss her, thats why she reached out and wanted to talk. But why do I have a feeling like she fucked other guys, has a back up guy in case I don't work out, and dated one of my friends? I'm afraid how manipulative she's become and I never saw that side of her, don't know if I still want her after all this, but hearing it all at the same time will hurt me, just don't know how much.

On the upside I managed to fix my relations with my younger brother, he seems to know what he's doing and I know how the parents are, the atmosphere is just too intense and I know what he's talking about, I had the same experience myself. I even told our parents but they told me "We're not holding you in here, you can leave if you want" and that broke my heart a little, I'm just trying to keep us together because the way they're acting, they will split up the family and my brother already said he wants to move away from them and possibly he might cut contact. At least he knows he's got me so we'll be in touch so he won't be gone all together. Just wish my family wasn't like this, its insane how they act, like their self pity is more important than keeping the family intact. Why do I have to be the voice of reason? I'm 24, they're like 40+ and I seem to act more mature than them, that isn't right...

I've been thinking of telling my gf of 6 months that I was a virgin and she was my first. She thinks I've been with a lot of girls before her, but I had only received handjobs and blowjobs from a couple girls before. Should I tell her the truth?

I can't shake this feeling that I did something shitty

Taylor swift on loop

Holy fuck I just realized it, you're both fucked in the head aren't you? I'm so fucking convinced you're both gonna be the death of me, I'm just gonna jump ship fuck you both THOTS

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Text me back please

27 and virgin, probably until the rest of my life
no man wants to date an old virgin
it's game over

I'm crazy about a girl after a couple years of not dating, but my romantic history is such a mess, I assume it's going to be a failure before it even starts, because i don't believe I'm allowed to have any luck in love.

What's your and R's first and last initials?
I got two friends that are frustrating me.

I'm not going to give you my initials but the persons initials are R.D.

I don't know who you're talking about but fuck that guy
You go gurl slay slay