Is it safe to say that if I cut all ties with anyone who claims to care for me, and give them enough time to move on...

Is it safe to say that if I cut all ties with anyone who claims to care for me, and give them enough time to move on, I can kill myself without causing any real damage?

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Unfortunately no, there is no easy way out of life.
Death is extremely painful and your final moments will be filled with terror and the desire to live.
Even if you are a complete cunt to everyone in your life they will still mourn your death and you will cause them emotional pain.

If you try to explain why you are suicidal to people they will feel empathy and try to help even though nothing can be done.

If you spit and try to keep them away that act alone will hurt them and they will still be upset when you die.

Listen man, if you are considering suicide i get you, I've been there many times. I've had the gun in my mouth before. It's not worth it. Despite life being shit there are experiences that are worth having and killing yourself is just a guaranteed way to die miserable.

You need to change your environment. You will express yourself in different ways when put into different environments. Find an environment that better suits you.

What exactly is your reason to want to die, because I can assure you it’s not as bad as you think it is.

>if you try to explain why

If I try to explain why, this is what I get in response:

"I'm not helping you"
"You're the only one who cares about yourself"
"*radio silence*"
"How selfish"
"If you wanted to you would have done it already"
"You're a cunt"
"Stop feeling sorry for yourself"

People don't love me man. They don't even LIKE me. They keep me around when it suits them and that is it. Everyones fucking full of shit.

>death is extremely painful
So is life my guy. Especially when nobody gives a fuck that you exist at all.

See: Basically I burden everyone by being an empty, boring, needy, emotional, entitled asshole. Nobody actually likes me. They just tolerate me.

How can that actually burden anyone besides your family? No one else is entitled to keep you around so they would just drop you if you really are the way you say you are.

Get a fresh start. Life sucks ass, it’s true. But fuck man, you only get one. Go find a way to enjoy it, I assure you it’s out there.

My own mother doesn't love me. Nobody in my family cares about me at all. Everyone I've ever thought was a friend completely turned on me. I'm a horrible person and I shouldn't be here.

You don’t know real pain yet, you’re just realizing you should change and the idea of becoming a better person is so exhausting to you that death seems easier to pull off. You’re not going to gain anything from giving up, so if that’s what your life is worth to you then nobody here is going to change your mind.

No, because then they'll blame themselves for not working harder to keep in contact.

I fight chronic pain everyday, not a day goes by where I don’t have to feel like I’m in a living hell. I don’t have the luxury of giving up because people rely on me. Maybe you just don’t have anything to be responsible for and you let selfish and evil actions control you.
I could be a massive jerk and want to spread my pain to people who ruined my life, but I’m happier moving on and making life work somehow to enjoy what time I have left to live.

So you agree that I'm a shitty awful person? Good that you see things my way.

Read the thread. Nobody will care whether I live or die. My life is meaningless.

I don't do anything of value. Can't say I've actually hurt anyone. I'm a shitty person because I've never been good enough for anyone to care about me. That's all it is.

No, because even if people “move on”, the news of your death would remind them of how much they cared about you. It won’t make it any easier.

>they cared about you
They didn't, they don't, and they won't. They might miss something I did for them or how I made them feel but my actual existence, my unique thoughts and feelings, have never mattered to anyone but myself.

You don’t need your family to make your own family, if you’re one of these blackpill faggots then you’re too far gone anyway. No matter what people care if you live or die, 1-800- 273- 8255 get help.

Thanks for just reminding me that I lived my entire life thinking I had a family and friends who supported me until I found out the hard way that they all didn't.

>black pill
Who said anything about the black pill? I'm not calling a fucking suicide hotline so a bunch of people who give zero fucks can get paid to pretend that they do.

But you can’t read minds. Just like I can’t fly. I’ve thought about ending it all too but I stayed here because I know things get better and if I left it would make people sad. Unfortunately your thoughts will always matter more to you than anyone else.

Things don't always get better. I had a friend/coworker who was very miserable for years on end and a couple months ago he finally took his own life. That alone makes me struggle with this because I know for some people there is no getting better. In my case maybe depression is an evolutionary way of weeding me out. Who knows.

Sounds like you made this thread to convince yourself of that, user

Have you sought medication?

>person I knew committed suicide
How did it effect people in their life?

If you really think there’s no looking up for you user: I feel for you. I really do. I don’t know you, sure, but people know what it feels like to be that low.

I hope you don’t go through with it.
Some people probably volunteer at the hotline though, if they knew someone that committed suicide. You should at least call and be able to say you tried.


How old are you op? Why kys

Apparently I'm irritating and an asshole. This per other people.

Because I've already fucked up enough. Seriously

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PREACH
Listen OP, i'm just a random guy on the internet who saw this, it'll get better, you just need to change yourself. As gay and cheesy as that sounds, that's literally all there is to it.
Sure isolating yourself from people sounds like a good idea, but you can't kill memories man, you'll still end up hurting people you love. Don't do that, don't take the pussy way out OP.
Find a purpose in life, form a routine. Suicide isn't the answer, stop being a faggot

The simplest way would be killing yourself in an accident while having grown distant from the people around you. If you hang yourself with a rope in your shitty apartment it will suck for everyone involved but if you were in an unfortunate accident (don't drive into trucks or something stupid like that) people won't question what they could have done different.
Say do you love fishing/boating?

You sound extremely isolated. People don't think right when they isolate themselves. Look for help OP it doesn't have to be family, it doesn't have to be medication, just try and make new friends try to be around people. It took me like 19 years to find friends who actually care about me and support me.