I want to marry a white guy

But I'm muslim
What can I do?

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depends on your family, doesn't it?

Do it anyway?

They're typical I guess
It's okay as long as he's muslim, and suitable
But I don't know how to get a white guy interested in me to visit my family and ask for my hand

so you want a white guy to ask a typical Muslim family who'd only be OK if the guy was Muslim, to ask for your hand. bitch you retarded. you want to have your cake and eat it too. you have a choice. you know that choice. make it.

Just stop it. FUCKING STOP IT

Make sure your father never finds you so he can’t honor kill. Fuck your people are horrible.. dads killing their kids over dating non-Muslims.. fuck you..

If the white guy is intelligent, he would not convert to Muslim just to marry you

Stay in your own country and stop trying to racemix

One of the few good things about them, fag

But some youtubers did it

And who do you think you are?

Why the hell would you get advice from a Jow Forums forum, half of the people hate you simply because your Muslim. Doesn't make sense.

A white guy known as Jow Forums, I suppose.

I don't hate Muslims, I hate when Muslims demand access to places they don't belong, like the white gene pool.

Who are you to decide where people belong? Mind your own buisness

Find a white guy and ask him out? What do you want us to say lol

>I don't know how to get a white guy interested
By showing interest in said person usually
Do you go to school? How old are you?

>Who are you to decide where people belong?
It's one of the basic 'rules' of existence, that maintaining one's own existence is a sign of health and vitality. Why do people treat suicide as something negative? We have so much infrastructure and concern based around suicide prevention, yet in the end, it's a personal choice and "nobody's business", right?
Why do people spend so much time, money, and effort in conserving animal species with no real benefit to humans? We even prevent people from earning a livelihood if their chosen means threatened such species. Is that anyone's business?

That I care for my own race's existence should not be any shock, nor should it be a shock that I seek to prevent its de facto suicide by refusing to protect itself. I give existence intrinsic value, and that applies to individuals, species, and races alike.

>Mind your own business
99% chance this is argumentative hot air, devoid of substance. The state will shove its boot up my ass if I try to set up a "whites only" business, and in some places it's enough to be imprisoned for """hate speech""" if I merely express the preference to live in a white, homogeneous neighborhood. It is intent on cramming 'diversity' down everyone's throat, and "minding one's own business" is just a facade they pull out if you decide that you don't want to take part in the destruction of your race.

If you're a lolberg, rather than a follower of the aforementioned hypocritical fiends (which I highly doubt) that still doesn't stop me from having my opinions.

>killing kids
>”that’s a good thing fag”

If you say so retard.

It's not like they do it for no reason. If your kid turned out to be an abject failure and a threat on top of that, it's retarded to let them get off scot free.
While honor killing is hardly the only option available, it does work.

No one wants to destroy the white race buddy. Get over yourself as no one appointed you the gatekeeper to the white gene pool. People of different races will continue to date and get married whether you whined about it or not. Stay out of other people's business and if it makes you feel better, white people aren't going to go extinct. You must be one paranoid, condescending, racist cunt

There are plenty of white Muslims, indeed there are a few European countries which are even majority Muslim to pick from, not to mention you can occasionally find some very white turks and lebonese.

Be free or be a slave. Choice of all humans user

Are you Chinese or something? lol

Move to Bosnia.

>No one wants to destroy the white race buddy.
Saying in the same breath, "mind your own fucking business" and "you can't do anything to preserve a homogeneous community" is logically equivalent to the destruction of a group. These two statements are together fundamentally denying the right of a group to exist as such, which is the literal definition of genocide as coined. It has nothing to do with killings or abuse of individuals for their group affiliation.

It is willful ignorance to see on the one hand, mass immigration and intermarriage, and on the other hand, a complete and unequivocal refusal to allow self-preservation, only to conclude that "no one wants to destroy the white race". At best, you can claim that the destruction of the white race is a by-product of the above, but it is guaranteed in such circumstances.

>Get over yourself as no one appointed you the gatekeeper to the white gene pool.
Great, so when are you going to picket suicide prevention organizations? Nobody appointed them gatekeepers to other people's lives.
Blow it out your ass.

>People of different races will continue to date and get married
Never before has it been anywhere even a fraction of a percent as much as now, and even now I could live with it if there were protections in place for the core group. This doesn't say anything of the abysmal consequences of intermarriage for the marriage or the kids.

>white people aren't going to go extinct
The white race as a group is already dying, since any attempt whites make at protecting their identity is automatically labeled "evil" and targeted for destruction--this is a trend plain as day, and you did it yourself by saying that group identity is "nobody's business". If you're one of the rare few who's intellectually honest, I'll welcome your support for the right of whites to organize in their group interest at the ethnic and racial level.

>you must be racist
No shit, I care about my own.


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Checked and based also a nigger

Arabic women are sexy AF however, i would not become muslim. I dont believe in fairytales much less a guy riding a unicorn with wings flying to the moon and back.

Weak Jow Forums bait. Muslim is not a race.

T. probably won't even perpetuate his own genes

Humans intermixing with each other is natural. Because in the end evolution doesn't care about race, all that matters is that your genes survive in any way they can.

>probably won't even perpetuate his own genes
Yeah, so? In-group preference is beneficial in cases like this, too. It gives individuals a purpose and use even when their own reproduction isn't a given, rather than having them sperg out in a desperate bid for genetic relevance. If you want to breed a generation of selfish monsters, keep pushing the idea that it's every man for himself, that bonds of kinship mean nothing.
I exaggerate a bit to make a point, but it's still a fact that group identity is a tremendously powerful and useful thing.

>Humans intermixing with each other is natural.
So is killing one's genetic competitors and in-group preference.

Caving Ugg's head in with a rock because he might fuck Uggette is incidentally far more natural to humanity than shipping millions of people thousands of miles from their ancestral homelands into another people's ancestral homeland (all in the space of mere decades). The latter is about as 'natural' as nuclear weapons. They clearly exist within the natural universe, but they're both human inventions, and very much subject to human scrutiny.

Lastly, the "interracial" unions of the past were not only rare because of both geographic and social separation, they were also far less drastic than, say, a Han Chinese with a Pictish warrior. The racial cores, so to speak, remained intact unless there were a complete and utter catastrophe, like the Turko-Mongol rampages across Eurasia or the European diseases ravaging the Americas. Mixing, if it occurred at all, would be heavily focused along boundaries, not injected into the heart of societies as modern immigration provides for.

How did you type a wall of text and basically explain nothing?

What is it, that you, a stranger on the internet can stop me from doing? Fuck all mate.

OP, there are a slew of dating websites that will most likely have a Caucasian male on there. Reverts or whatever, inshallah

>How did you type a wall of text and basically explain nothing?
We disagree on the premise, so obviously explanations based off of a foreign premise will look like complete nonsense to the other.

>What is it, that you, a stranger on the internet can stop me from doing?
Why do we bother arguing with anyone at all?

I don't disagree with the premise, I just notice that posting long winded stories which don't even seem to be personal or relevant feel like it's pasta posted from a different board. The information conveyed doesn't feel relevant to OP.

Debates are important, but I never understood the zealously of racial purists, they're fighting a battle you simply cannot win without overthrowing a government or joining a secluded community. The only white South African community called Ocenia or whatever is doing shit apparently, but I haven't personally understood why. On the other hand, you could argue other monotone communities are doing well (but it would be hard to place significance as ethnicity or skintone being the driving force, hence my doubt of it being the reason for the poor development of the South African town aforementioned).
Just let people live I guess.

Such furore over OP

Convert to Christianity

Someone read tarrants manifesto


If you are north african or from the middle eastern we can figure something out
If you are black or asian I'd pass sorry

I bet you live in the UK
If you are - move away, take your family and go home
You're not wanted here

>I sit in an Asian town because I'm too poor to leave to a white town
Get a job lad

>I hate when Muslims demand access to places they don't belong, like the white gene pools

why do you care about the white gene pool? You're not going to be in it. and a brown chad has more of a right in it than a white beta male like yourself. If eugenics were a thing being white wouldn't be the only requirement

Dump your trash religion or find some white muslim in afganistan

you'll be able to date or sleep with a white guy very easily, but it will be extremely hard for any of them to actually marry you. a lot will string you along for sex but they have no plans to settle down with you.

You could always marry a white muslim like in albania, bosnia or turkey

>I watched my white town become Asian
I have a good job thanks

you'll probably eventually attempt to indoctrinate him so ask if he is ok with being Muslim but white, other than that just be yourself... you're ruining his gene pool after all. just ask reddit, I'm sure you came from there

pakis are Caucasian. The british gene pool needs some caucasian genes. you guys are the ugliest of all the people in european for a reason

Get some help

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Marry a/an

There was this muslim girl in my college lectures who wore a headscarf but was still super attractive and really nice.
Would have gladly made a cappuccino family with her.

I really do doubt you saying that considering we're on Jow Forums and your insistence on blaming someone else for your discomfort.

I don't like pickles in my cheeseburger btw

marry a non muslim and get excommunicated and/or beheaded

Well.. how traditional is your family?

No matter what you might here from other kids, Muslims are not *cool* or *hip*

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I had to double take that I was on Jow Forums because this is pretty based and redpilled.
I'm really curious how you ended up on Jow Forums though, because this board is just the rejects pool of Jow Forums.

I don't want to become a Muslim, but if they want to stay Muslims in their own countries, why not let them? They have a lot of problems to me, but an in-group preference isn't one. That's healthy for any group, and unfortunate consequences from it only happen when groups are put into close proximity and competition.

Why, thank you.
>I'm really curious how you ended up on Jow Forums though
Curiosity at first. Then I saw some of the """advice""" being peddled here, and decided to stay to counter it.

Started out on Jow Forums (obviously), but all that really did was break the taboo on white group identity. The way I think hasn't changed much.

The prison i work at has one white muslim, so theyre there, just gotta look for them. Take your escort and check out your local mosque?

White guys eat pussy OP. I'm a white guy and love muslima pussy, I would find a hole in the market, make bank and retire in my late 20's just to spend more time eating my muslima wife's sweet pussy.

Marry a white guy OP you won't regret it;)

>I'm a 'redpilled' American incel
A lot of what you've rambled on about sounds entirely from a website that blogs about this stuff with intense paranoia. The fact is, you're simply clinging onto an identity which you're infatuated with. Unless of course, you're a pedigree Englishman, I'm going to encourage you to seek our the white roots you praise, with the focus not being on purity, but on mounting some kind of defence against the ravenous horde of unclean brown skins (your words, essentially).

Have a family, make sure she's white and at least 90% Caucasian. Of course, if that doesn't work for you, try learning an East European language and sully their gene pool? After all, you came into the thread and went entirely off topic, whether trying to defend the white blood line or insisting she stay to her own, both futile since globalisation has given humans the choice of who they want to marry and have kids with. Accept miscegenation is just going to occur.

You're free to move to a town that shares your belief, but you've contributed nothing to the thread aside from, maybe getting a couple of fans


I'm not an incel, and I'm at a loss as to how you arrived at that conclusion.

>on mounting some kind of defence against the ravenous horde of unclean brown skins (your words, essentially).
Are you actually retarded? Please, point out anything that even suggests that was my position. Protip: if you feel compelled to say a line akin to "so what you're saying is...", odds are whatever follows is 100% unadulterated bullshit you cooked up yourself.

>globalisation has given humans the choice of who they want to marry and have kids with.
Complete and utter nonsense in line with the rest of your post. No, mass immigration is the product of the pyschopathic fixation with cheap labor and economic efficiency, and the "choice of who to marry" is completely unrelated. Racial fetishizers make up a tiny fraction of the population, the real threat comes from proximity, which is itself only ever an issue because it was started, propagated, and enforced by global financial and industrial interests.

>Accept miscegenation is just going to occur
I'd bet a year's income that you don't "accept that racism is just going to occur". Or that, in light of modern dating culture where sex partners are a tap away, "sexual abuse is just going to occur". What kind of nonsensical reasoning is this? If something would never occur, why in the ever-living fuck would I bother trying to mitigate it?

>You're free to move to a town that shares your belief
Except I'm not, since that would be """housing discrimination""" and would be diversified by force.

Also, this thread is bait, almost certainly. Most of this board is too.

Likening people consentually marrying to sexual abuse? Yikes

Yes. The point is that "something you don't like will happen" is not an argument against trying to prevent it from happening. I use examples almost anyone could relate to specifically to show that reasoning, but I can't do anything about you being a brainlet either unwilling or unable to understand the point.

Ah, you're a faggot. Shut the fuck up.

Not an argument

What point? That mingling DNA is le bad? In all other animal species genetic diversity is good.

The benefits of intermarriage are so numerous one might get suspicious of those who speak against t

Your post is littered with 'wanting to keep one's white race' and claiming that interracial unions were nicely put, only done in certain circumstances. Those circumstances have changed, and it would be folly to compare the modern day to a scenario of being a Chinese rice farmer prior to the GLF.

But globalisation HAS given the choice for me to go abroad, whether it is to China or even to fucking NK. I have access to entrances across the world with my Anglo-Saxon passport. I have access to the internet that allows me ebooks, I have access to language learning, I can even give myself exposure by taking a plane to another EU country because of the travel integration. You're casting it aside as if it's no real change, so why the fuck am I not jumping on a battleship to take a trip to America? Planes exist.
Which brings us on to the case of cheap, limitless labour, which isn't made by globalisation, only made worse by globalisation. Migrants still existed, people still ventured for work, empires consolidated labour pools, this was still the non-white people. You rough line towards cheap labour (I.e Race to the Bottom theory) is true, and that's only happening to due massive local inflation rates between neighbouring countries. You could construct a basic model on why immigration occurs using:
- Language barriers
- Difference in currency strength (with strong currency being desirable for host nation)
- Unemployment rate
- Cost of travel to host nation
- Cost of living in host nation
That regression will give you an answer on why people immigrate. You don't even need to bother with the push forces on stressed or crisis environments.

Racism occurs, I've been called a white bastard before, my cousin has been called a nigger before, my friend had acid thrown on her dog because she's slightly brown because shes from Spain. Should I attack the white and black people who threw such insults?

And since you want to move to a white only town, there's a place just up from where I'm born that you'd love to check out:


Feel free to go visit it, fuck it, move on in. Koeksistas are great for breakfast, and you can brag about purist values while eating a bit of bunny chow (of course, you'll have to ignore the fact that the recipe is Indian)

>In all other animal species genetic diversity is good.
You have no clue what you're talking about. Inbreeding is an entirely separate issue from conserving viable populations as such (which leftists see no problem with when it's animal species, or subspecies for that matter). You have to get founding populations down to the low hundreds for inbreeding to actually be an issue to any relevant degree, so this talk of "genetic diversity" is pure nonsense as an argument in favor of miscegenation.
"Benefits of intermarriage" are few and far between, if there are any at all. They collapse at higher rates, the kids are mutts deprived of identity, and public trust is reduced wherever "diversity" rears its head to make such unions possible to begin with.

Wow, one town that isn't even on the home continent of the white race, and is of dubious legal standing with continuous negative attention from all sides. And it's specifically for Afrikaners, not me or whites in general. Good for them, but you know you're completely full of it when a town of 1000 in fucking Africa is the best example of a white 'state'.
If it wasn't abundantly clear already, I'm referring to whites in their home countries.

damn what if there was a solution to this? like a white muslim man. but that's too crazy.

Go bomb yourself sand nigger

>Your post is littered with 'wanting to keep one's white race' and claiming that interracial unions were nicely put, only done in certain circumstances.
So? The first is unrelated to disliking other races as such, while the second is true.

No shit, the circumstances have changed, that's why I focus on race, because it's actually under threat now where it was not in the past, at least nowhere near the degree to which it is now.

I don't know what you're arguing by deconstructing the reasons an individual immigrates, or the means by which they do so. That's not in question here, as we both already know the incentives behind it--the question is why it *must* rightly occur, or why white self-preservation at the group level is inherently bad.

>Racism occurs
Great, now accept it.

>Should I attack the white and black people who threw such insults?
What does that have to do with anything?

Oh, you want those really dodgy KKK towns? Or those racially segregated because of geographical location towns?

Wait no, it's god damn impossible to find what you want since globalisation is a thing. What about a community that uses social exclusion to enforce their agenda? Dover in the UK is a perfect example, with the local media referring to immigrants as 'human sewage'

Now, mind you, I'm not one of those 'remove borders' kind of people, but it's pointless to try to hold onto the ideal that we'll revert back to some kind of homogenous homeland idea. You're not here forever, and unless you indoctrinate your (100% white) offspring into the idea of being defenders of the white race (much so how Jow Forums indoctrinated) you, you're fighting an uphill battle. Best of luck though, I'll be sure to lament about how migrants are ruining everything when I'm using my domestically produced furniture (since the supply chain is too tiresome for anything other than Spain and France to export things here) and my domestically sourced food, while crying on the bus to work (made and designed all by British people), because I cannot get a white gf and must horrendously suffer since all the white girls reject me on dating apps and real life, so I'm forced to get with a chinky. My life is ruined

Again, as I've detailed before, your defence of the white race is going to fail because globalisation is something that has drastically changed how the world functions. If you want to make a change, marry a white girl and have an abundance of kids. Even better, be the invader, hop over to a developing country, take advantage of your income difference and skill difference and put your kids through private school and allow them to grow up facing less challenges than the adults in a developed country does.

>B-B-But I'm not saying I'm trying to defend white people!
You are. You've hinted genocide. You've hinted you want white only countries. You're enthralled (and probably jack off to) the idea of a whites only ethnostate.

You're like what, 30? 25? Keep fighting up the good fight you intellectually bankrupt cretin, I don't give a toss about my children (And from the looks of it, no one else in this thread isn't bothered too) or my wife being slightly brown, it's up to me to make the choices that make me happy, not to be bound to a community that would happily outcast me if I 'wasn't white enough'

t. White South African,

if you hate gays and willing to convert to catholicism i'll marry you

>it's god damn impossible to find what you want since globalisation is a thing.
This is a very different thing from saying I SHOULDN'T want what I do. And your government, along with almost every government out there, does just that, some going so far as to imprison dissenters on charges of 'hate speech'.

Your economic "argument" is misinformed or disingenuous.It is also not hard to enforce a country's borders, foreign trade or not. Japan is the world's third-largest economy and a prolific trader, but is damn-near homogeneous. Its government ministers have in the past few decades alone praised the country for being "one race and one people", meanwhile British government officials went on record bragging over their accomplishment in "rubbing the right's nose in diversity".

So cut the crap, and you can stop taking the piss, because you are either arguing against the right to defend a group as such, or you're arguing for nothing at all just to be cheeky.

You can drop your religion, because it's a disease and threatens our piece. Then find yourself a nice white guy.

I think intra abrahamic religions can marry anyone in that

>your defence of the white race is going to fail because globalisation is something that has drastically changed how the world functions
What, your argument is a fait accompli? That's bullshit. Why bother having any laws at all if whatever happens is just how the world works? Why bother having political debates? Only one thing will happen, and that's what happens, so lmao just don't do anything. The sheer level of unmerited arrogance and infantile "logic" coming from you is nigh-incomprehensible to me.

>B-B-But I'm not saying I'm trying to defend white people!
You absolute drooling retard. I am saying that. That's not synonymous with "le brown unwashed hordes". Don't put words in my mouth.

>intellectually bankrupt
"Intellectually bankrupt" is what I call the person who accuses me of wanting genocide, then argues for hours like a spiteful prick because someone notices demographic trends and wants to prevent the loss of a race. Go ahead, point out where I've done something ideologically inconsistent. I even posted the definition of genocide by the guy who coined it in this thread. Your consistent and dogmatic refusal to even accept as legitimate the concern of group identity is in the literal definition of genocide. Go sit on an ax, you doublefaced, self-righteous parasite.

>You've hinted you want white only countries.
I didn't "hint" that. I do. There is nothing wrong with that, and nonwhites have no right whatsoever to enter such a white state. Nor do whites have a right to invade other's territory, but that's not at issue here.

Salam, white sunni guy here and looking for a muslim qt to read Qur'an to at night before going to sleep.

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>Because they put Tommy Robin in prison because he stood outside a court room, riling up a mob to proclaim his innocence, then admitted to doing such so he could drive up sympathy
>Because they gave the girl who said 'Kill all white males' a far less sentence for such
>We'll casually ignore the fact that TR went around riling up mobs after finding people who disagreed with him on FB
>Britain First, which is famous for doing 'Christian' marches, similar to those by muslim extremists did in East London (and most likely over the UK in Asian & Muslim popular areas), pumps out severe amounts of disinformation, with their most famous post calling for 'wonder what brought those here' when referring to ticks that were native to the UK (I'm not finding the daily mail article, you can fuck off).
>They get fined for ignoring their town bans
There is a serious difference between freedom of speech, the harm principle as well as how terrorism is now being thrown into the mix.
If you think the UK (and the EU) has grown soft on terrorism, tell me, didn't it just remove the citizenship of the Jihadi bride? Hasn't facial recognition just been implemented in London? Fuck me, I even heard the story of the lad who put up his hood and was caught 50 feet later.

I digress,
>Japan is the third largest economy
Luckily, I know my mate who just got into JP
>Is basically an outsider because he only knows a few Kanji or whatever it's called
>Struggles with everything, despite attempting to learn basic Japanese over 4 years
>Feels like an outsider
Woah, imagine my shock that people who aren't connected with the host race, don't feel connected to the host race!
Furthermore, your only basis on that is that you're looking at the nation, noticing that everyone has slanty eyes and rolled with it.

Okay, how do you propose we stop the Race to the Bottom and we urge our leaders to stop globalisation? Do you go to protest, citing the environmental concerns of travel? Do you scream out 'fuck off, we're full' until dinner time?

>I'm not trying to say defend white people, I'm just trying to defend white people
>There is nothing wrong with genocide
As shown when you posted this. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a nice, pure, ethnostate.
Buy some land, use Rachmanism (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Rachman) in order to keep those dirty apes out aye

You're living in a state of denial, but if you put up a gofundme, you might get enough backing from the Russians for your fantasy.

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None of what you said makes any sense. Us being an ugly bunch doesn't justify mass immigration
I'm not blaming them on my economic situation, its fine. I'm not blaming anyone as I understand them moving somewhere where they can earn more. I'm not a poltard pushing for an ethnostate. I'm saying the cultural shift brought about by the 2014 migrant crisis has made most major UK cities bleak, alienating and uncomfortable, and I encourage anyone who came here as a result to pack their bags and go home.

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It's pretty simple,
You just need to do couple things you probably won't or refuse to do, cause you don't really want a guy.

Give location online
Give contact info online.
Give Phone/email online
Describe body online

And boom, you have like 20 or more white guys to choose from.
You not having a white guy is a choice you are making by not giving your info out.
Just choose to have a white guy.
Just make the choice. That's it.

I wouldn't place the emphasis on immigration alone, I would state that the economic policy used by the UK has always been crafted around using London as a core to leech resources. I live in London, one of the poorer parts and did my studies up north. I've travelled to most major cities and I've seen the nice parts and studied the parts I didn't see in the cities.
But, a bit of economic theory is required:
>Real wages in the UK haven't increased since the financial crash. Our wages have increased by about 30p in real terms
>Europe sends a lot of FDI to the UK, but the failing housing sector has been because we've had vast amounts of houses produced post WW2, I think it was a surplus of 70k or something a year
>The houses sat empty, creating economical deadspots. Town planning hadn't been considered so it fell out of geoeconomic planning
>EU now has loads of migrants (both non EU and EU) coming in, with non EU migrants or EEA (Or mostly East EU) falling straight through the cracks of the system, either failing to find long term work (and therefore cannot rent anywhere for a long time) or take on odd jobs
>The entire London systems begins to belt under, with it alright leeching funds from other education and safety budgets from the UK. It's so bad that we slashed the Liverpool health budget to the extent that Londoners live 10 years longer despite worse health
The entire problem is London, to the extent that London independence has grown in momentum.

If Engels is right, hypergentrification will spew everyone up north. Just waiting for HS2 to do that.

what's your body type?
What's your skin color like?
Family OK with non muslim?
Are you OK with anal?
The only good point you have is that you shave your pussy.

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>that shit skin

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Hijab women are one of the lewdest women in the world.

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>I want to marry a white guy
How old are you?

It would help if you didn't post a tranny with your opinion

That's a woman, a virgin """temp wife""" as well since she only do anal.



We don't live in Iran I didn't expect her yo be a virgin

Doesn't look legit.

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bruh, why even ask here

Convert them with your honkers. Make sure it's a white Jewish guy so you can get revenge.