Should I study computer science/software engineering if it's not my passion at all but I don't hate it?

Should I study computer science/software engineering if it's not my passion at all but I don't hate it?
Inb4 study your passion
I have no passion

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Compsci solid. Find your passions while you work

What do you mean?



It’s solid pay and job security. But jobs are just a job, it’s not fucking life.

While you work develop and express your passions


You dont need passion if you have dedication.
If you suck at forcing yourself to do things then it's a one way ticket to failure later on.

CS graduate, if you don't like programming, and I mean like it, don't do it, I'm basically stuck by doing nothing since I hate programming or I'm too brainless for it, Don't waste your time like I did, find something that you truly enjoy doing.

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So what do you do now?

Pretty much I'm in limbo, I have no idea what to do, I'll probably look for some tester positions or helpdesk ones.

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How are you not ending in the streets did you do anything with your degree?

Did nothing with it , I graduated this summer so basically I still linger at home a bit, but soon I need to find something to do.

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strongly suggests you to go for QA testing positions.
If you're not annoyed by repetitive works, it's actually perfect job to get by and live the rest of you life out

I felt the same and I ended up not choosing it. I wasn't particularly interested in computers, just problem solving.
You have to understand that most CS students are very passionate about it and probably know a lot more about the subjects than you. What follows from this is that the study gets tailored to them, not a beginner such as yourself.
You could try it but then you'd have a lot of catching-up to do and you may not have the motivation to keep up.

Do not study your passion
I studied audio technology, I wanted to be an audio programmer
I work in a factory

There is no entry level qa position here

Can you see yourself tolerating computer science? If yes, then go ahead. If no, then do something else.

Thanks, that's what I'm thinking about doing, as for OP I strongly suggest seeing if you actually like it , because what you do in college is literally 0, you need to study a lot on the side , you need to build projects on git and so on, and that will only happen if you actually enjoy doing it and if you actually understand it fairily quick

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I got a job in tech. It's decent work, I work on my other interests in free time - going to build alternative sources of income and transition in the future.

Are you competent, or do you have the requisite attributes to be competent?

I work with some tech seniors on my project, but I don't find them particularly competent - but they had the experience to get the job.

Try it. If you don't like it, at least you will have a slightly better idea of what you might like. You can always take electives to broaden your horizon.

If you're not passionate about tech then you better have insane work ethic and discipline to study and learn on your own time. You'll be competing with people who work all day, and then go home and work all night for fun. Its doable, but you need to find a specialty you're good at because you will never be able to keep up with all the new shit unless you genuinely like it.

t. Tech worker with 6 figure salary who kind of hates tech work.

This, unless your passion is something with lots of job opportunities or is really high-paying like Engineering. I wanted to be a musician and private music teacher; now I (attempt to) teach music to middle schoolers who mostly don't give a shit about anything. I wish I could go back 8 years and just switch to something else.

Never late friend. You've yet a (certain percentage of a) century to live.

Don't worry user, I'm going to finish this school year out, no matter how fucking awful it is. After that, I've already decided that if I don't have a better job or I can't make ends meet without this shit job by early next August, I'm changing careers.
I'm thinking about going back to school for something programming or coding, and hopefully I'll be able to snag a job as an admissions counselor or administrative assistant or something so they'll give me a deal for taking classes. Honestly, my current pay is very shit for the work I do (barely over $40k pre-taxes), so even if I get payed $30k instead to do an easier job while I transition to something else, it won't be that big of a hit for my wife and I.

I fucking hated anything I studied that was CS related, hope to never need to. I wanted to study for the same reason pretty much. Don't do it OP; find a field you're interested that still makes a decent pay (they're out there, this is the whole fucking world we're talking about).

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Absolutely. Passion is a meme.

If you work with what you "love"... guess what? You'll hate it, because the motivation locus will be external, not internal anymore.

What job you have now?

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