Why do women only want badboys? Prove me wrong

If you need any proof that we live in hell on earth and the just-world hypothesis is a crock of shit, simply look at who occupies the echelons of power and who succeeds with women.
Women have it hardwired into their sexbrain to be attracted to the dark triad personality type (narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy), more commonly known as "badboys". They will try to rationalize these unhealthy relationships with the delusion that her man is "misunderstood" and that she will be the one to "save him" but more often than not she will end up in an abusive and manipulative relationship. Sometimes after a woman has been burnt by such a badboy, she will seek emotional validation and security from a "niceguy" but her natural attraction will remain towards the dark triad qualities. It is only a matter of time before she leaves the nice guy or outright cucks him. Like a moth to flame, women can't help being drawn to dangerous, superficially charming men.

Prove me wrong.

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How many women have you been with OP?


Why would I believe anything you say if you have zero experience and no qualification to talk about women?

We have already been through this dumbfuck.

Yes a lot of dumb women are slaves to their primitive desires, which you correctly call a “bad boy”. A good % do not.

Go debate this incel shit somewhere else dude this is obvious bait

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Women aren't attracted to badboys because they're bad. it's because these people are outgoing and confident. They don't seclude themselves in their basement wallowing about how women only like assholes. They ask out a lot of women and get rejected a lot. Eventually they end up with someone. "Niceguys" aren't actually nice people. They're "nice" because of ulterior motives. They're not nice just to be nice. Go out, talk to a lot of women, you'll get a date eventually. Complaining about how women only go for badboys while not actively talking to women will get you nowhere.

Ad hominem. Respond to the argument, not to the person making it. This would suggest that you can't fault the logic in the OP.

Yes, a niceguy might be lucky to find a woman on the rebound from a badboy but she's using him. She isn't genuinely attracted to him, he's just a temporary ego boost before she gets back on the badboy wagon.

You didn't read one fucking thing there. Women like confidence, and badboys have confidence. They don't like badboys because they're bad. They like the confidence.

A woman here, I confirm. That's 100% the reason.

Do not reply to autistic troll. OP literally creates this thread every day.

Narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy, you mean.
You're not exactly going to admit you want a sociopath, are you?

>it's ok when people with CONFUHDANCE have ulterior motives but not when a "nice guy" has

OP presents a lie ad a fact.

Narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy you say? You seem to have all three of these traits, so where's your gf?

I said I like confidence. Not being with a sociopath.

get laid lol

If you've been with less than 5 women in your miserable life then you have no right to talk about what they like or not. It's all your incel imagination. The women dont want to be with your "nice guys" because they aren't nice guys, They are just pathetic retards who think that women owe them something therefore they put no effort in hooking up and wait for girls to take the first step. The majority of all those men you call 'bad boys' are just guys with minimal confidence who try to change something in their lifes. They try so many times until they succeed, whereas you just sit in your basement and write shit like this.

I'm incredibly self-aware, self-deprecating and considerate of other people's feelings. This is pussy repellent. They want selfish assholes who use and abuse people.

^^^ Fucking exactly.

I’m nice and can and have gotten laid. I’m not a pushover though. Can’t you be nice and confident? Both of these categories create a false dichotomy.

What do these incels not get? Their current path isn't working and it's like they've just accepted it, even though they can change it in an instant

I have every right to talk about anything I see fit. Human relationships are an observable phenomena. My lack of success with women is as much a barometer than someone else's success. And everything in our culture points to women being attracted to dangerous, narcissistic, selfish men.

BECAUSE he has a bigger dick retard

This must be a troll post. You have zero self awareness. You are a selfish asshole. That is pussy repellent.

You say in our culture in this post but your post says hard wired into their”sex brain.” Is it cultural or innate?

>self aware
you're not self aware, otherwise you'd see you exhibit Narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy.
>self deprecating
see above
>considerate of other people's feelings
You just said that all women are dumb because of their preference for people with confidence and not assholes like you.

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"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser."

Yes you can be nice and confident, but I'm talking about "nice guys" not the ones who are really nice. Those fake nice guys are incels and have nothing in common with being really nice and gentleman.

Incels actually don't want to change themselves and their situation, they want to change the whole world around. Being an incel is like being mentally ill. The one who is mentally ill doesn't know there's something wrong with him, he thinks that everyone but him are retarded. Incels don't want to accept that if you want to get laid or if you want to have a relationship you have to put a minimal effort, they cry in their basements about how women reject all normal guys but they don't even try to ask out some girls and even though they have some crazy theories about women.

I wish you would stop disgusting the dark triad personality as mere "confidence" because it's not the same thing. A confidence nice guy isn't going to mindfuck a woman. She wants to be shit-tested and be the one to "save" her broken man.

Why the fuck are you incels always comparing two extremes? Incels think that every guy who has a girlfriend is like 9/10 extreme pure alpha with 10/10 body. Sorry but reality is different, the majority is neither 1/10 or 9/10, they are just normal looking people. If you think you are ugly then get good haircut, hit the fucking gym, get teeth braces, improve your face skin condition, just fucking do something instead of crying.

"When your lies are pointed out, attack them fictitious quotes"

freudian slip :P

Because incels are fucking dumb that's why.

Women don't want to fix someone mentally ill, you're not gonna be "saved"

How many girls have you been with? I see you you have huge experience with women because you are easily able to guess what they like or not. And tell me what do you mean by saying "nice guy"?. If you think a "nice guy" means a guy who constanly tells a woman that she is pretty, she loves her and basically he butters her up then he isn't a nice guy, he is just a cuck who will do everything for a girl and he doesn't even have his own opinion.

This does describe some women. I doubt they are naturally attracted to those traits because they are bad. I think deep down many want to be told what they want. They are an easily manipulated population

A true nice guy is someone who respects women, a gentleman, is honest about his intentions, doesn't do nice things with the expectation of something in return. Such a guy is boring to a woman, doesn't get her pussy wet. He's only useful as a stopgap between badboys

Give me some proof confirming the validity of your theory. Are there some studies which will confirm this, are you saying this because you have experience with women or it's just a crazy incel theory?


>They note that like a “used-car dealer,” men with dark traits may be effective charmers and manipulators, furthering their success at short-term mating. The authors are also careful to note that though women rated the DT character as comparatively more attractive, it does not necessarily mean that they would have sex with them.
>Carter and his team report the limitations of the study, including that the participants were undergraduates, a population that tends to be oriented towards short-term relationships. In addition, the Dark Triad character embodied all of the descriptors of the “Dirty Dozen” measure, while the control character had none. In the real world, the investigators acknowledge that both Dark Triad traits and their derivatives run along a continuum, which was not captured in this study.
Both of these things undermine your entire argument. Women eventually realize that these people are not the charming people they come off as.

>To explore the attractiveness of the DT personality to the other sex, 128 women rated created (male) characters designed to capture high DT facets of personality or a control personality.

128 women created such a personality so the other 3,7 bilion in the world must think the same, yeah of course.

>Women rated the high DT character as significantly more attractive.
Yeah, significantly doesn't mean every women will choose your psycho bad guy.

researchgate.net/publication/273809664_The_Dark_Triad_personality_Attractiveness_to_women - here's the study

lol cope

We have better arguments than you so now you have nothing to say. Another incel destroyed.

Incels are too dumb to understand when they get btfo.

You asked for proof, I provided it. This study proves that women prefer the dark triad personality. Back to you.

Did you read my post? Only 128 women participated in this study, 128 women is not 3,7 bilion. How can you prove what women think when you ask only 128 women? There are so many personalities in the world that it's impossible to prove your theory without asking all of them. Those 128 women were undergraduates so it's fucking obvious they know shit about life and what men are the best. They could also be thots so your study is shit.

Not prefer. Read the study you posted.

I don't think you understand how studies work, my friend. You can't survey every human being on the planet. The limited data is taken and extrapolated. Sure, there will be exceptions to every rule but the significant population of women want the badboy personality type.

The entire "nice guy" world view and reducing a whole gender to one single sexual preference sounds pretty "bad-boy-ish"/sociopathic to me as well.
Are you sure you're on the right track with your idea, OP?

No, I don’t think you passed high school statistics. A sample size of 128 women is WAYYYY too small to be accurate. There is no way that 128 women could encompass the mindset of the 3.5 billion women on the planet. Retard.

Prove it

Literally just leave your basement, go out on the street and look at all those couples. Most of the men will be neither handsome nor look like a bad boy. Ask your mom if your dad was a fucking bad boy when she met him, ask all women in your family about their husbands. 128 women are not enough to prove your theory.

They want ''badboys'' because they are actullay confident and aren't needy little bitches like ''nice guys'' are. You can still be a good guy with confidence and still get women.

said argument would invariably be tainted by his anger at not having women.

>Ask your mom if your dad was a fucking bad boy when she met him
He was. My dad was a teddy boy who was always getting into fights and run-ins with the law.

No it's not.

>Prove me wrong.

If girls only want assholes, wouldn’t Jow Forums be rolling in pussy?

You got it wrong women like STRONG MEN

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