From both (male and female) perspectives, what are the best traits that you found more atractive in a parther...

From both (male and female) perspectives, what are the best traits that you found more atractive in a parther? speaking in physical and personality terms, its all about looks? its about the personality? its a mix between two of them? dick size? breast size? tell me what are you looking in a partner

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I’m attracted to 100 percent androgeny

2D and not shit like your waifu

Straight male here. I'd definitely say looks are more likely to make me approach someone but there are girls who I've ended up finding incredibly sexy for their personality
>steely demeanour but with a caring side
>at least a bit jaded and sarcastic
>good (dark) sense of humour
>has a hobby or passion
>a bit kinky
and in terms of looks I like
>cute face, big eyes, puffy lips
>pale skin, brunette
>smaller tits, big butt
>tall and leggy
>smoker and drinker preferred

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Honestly, a big thing for me is being confident. My previous partner was very self conscious about size and his body. I absolutely understand it and sympathize with it, but after years and years of it and trying to help him with self image, it really started to wear on me and eventually made me feel less attracted to him. My current partner, while he does have things he doesn't like about his body, works on himself and is not ashamed of his body. It's a big turn on when he's confident with himself and not afraid to show it off to me.

It depends. If she's just hot its a nice fuck. If she's just smart and nice its just a friend. If she's both sexually and personality vise attractive it has a chance to be longterm.

Btw I'm a male. The first and most important thing at the start is, if she has a cute face and if she isn't fat. Normal is good enough. The restis about personality, really.
Perfect would be if she also is fit, has her own life together with some interesting goals in life. I want an independent woman. But yeah that would be perfect for me, but not neccessary. I just like women who know what they want and can challenge my own dominance in a conversation etc.

Before going into the autistic list of qualities I like about my boyfriend: I can easily tell you why I like him, but it's impossible to tell you why I love him. I don't love my boyfriend for a specific reason, or at least not for reason I can fully comprehend and put into words.
There's no specific list of qualities that would make me fall in love with a dude.
It's a mix of physical and personality attributes, but we met online and I liked him before I knew how he looked like).

He's extremely intelligent and well spoken. He's really interesting to talk to, full of opinions and interests, outspoken. He's a devil's advocate, and pretty arrogant (but he can afford it). He is also funny as shit and witty.
He's the kind of person who will make you roll your eyes and laugh after he wins yet another argument.
He's probably the kindest person I've ever met. Genuinely pure at heart, I don't think he ever did anything with the intent of hurting others. Once he lets go and gets vulnerable with you, you get to see this side of him which fills my heart with love every time.
I always liked the big contrast between his abrasive outward personality and the endless sweetness he has.
He's really playful and affectionate. He's the kind of guy who will go out of his way to surprise or to make you feel loved. He's cuddly as shit, and makes me feel like I'm worth a million bucks.
He looks at me like I'm the only woman in the room, no matter where we are.
He's introverted, and so am I, so we can just enjoy hanging out in the same room.
He's a good listener, and so understanding with me. He has a great memory and will remember whatever I say.
He's passionate, and romantic, and a gentleman.

He's the guy of my dreams, physically. He's very tall. He's not muscular but has wide shoulders and back, a nice chest. He has a perfect face and full brown hair. He's extremely pale and has nice dark eyes. Wears glasses.
Sex is awesome. Dick's perfect size.

Sounds like my boyfriend. Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I got, he was my first and I hope he'll also be my last. My girl friends always complain about their boyfriends and how shitty their first relationships were, but for me it feels like I hit the jackpot.

I have unrealistic love in first sight syndrome.
I can't explain why, but there's just time that i saw a girl, and i think to myself, "yep, i can totally fall in love with her.".
And i will easily fall out of love as well, if anything she did didn't met my expectations.

Straight male here.
Saying which hair/eye coulour you like on a girl is stupid. Many guys say they are attracted to cute girls..well who the fuuuuck isn't ?? Stupid
When it comes to personality current girlfriend is quite dominant in our relationship. So right now my number one quality in a girl is shyness, agreeableness, non-dominant.
But again thats my current situation speaking

>Saying which hair/eye coulour you like on a girl is stupid.
No it's not, I'm not attracted to blondes but I am attracted to brunettes and redheads. Green eyes make my dick diamonds but brown eyes don't. Why do you talk out your arse user?
>Many guys say they are attracted to cute girls..well who the fuuuuck isn't ??
I think they mean cute features as opposed to sexy or striking features
>my current girlfriend is quite dominant in our relationship. So right now my number one quality in a girl is shyness, agreeableness, non-dominant.
So you're not attracted to your girlfriend?

imagine a pie split into 16 slices.

5 slices would go to the face
another 5 to other physical 'assets'
and 6 slices to personality

yeah not my best analogy

I'm a male.
>a cute laugh
>blonde or redhead
>she's sweet in spite of a twisted sense of humor
>she's sexually open when we're alone. I don't really want to be one of those couples that has its obligatory planned "sex nights" as we get older. I don't want her freaking out and getting twisted up emotionally because her beautiful body gave me multiple children. Couples adopt different roles and responsibilities to one another, and I want a woman that knows she's supposed to spread'em when I start pawing at her. I'm aware that this is entirely unreasonable, especially if I am or become someone she isn't attracted to.

>usually my crushes have had some younger relative of friend's kid that they developed what I can only call a "motherly crush" for. They talk about them with this look on their face like that's the most precious child on the planet. Those bitches are always the ones that hurt the most.

Alternatively give me a 02 gf to fuck until we both die from dino aids.

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Look like mama, not make nag, strong on plow, tight vajin also like mama.

Seriously I think I'm most attracted to women who are thoughtful and considerate. That shows in their personality by being decisive and proactive yet not unduly judgmental. Empathy is huge. As far as their looks are concerned, I'm into women who take care of their appearance--fashion, grooming, fitness, etc. There are some factors which are outside of their control that I prefer, like naturally red hair and small tits.

bi female here.
in a partner, looks don't matter all that much to me. if anything some attractiveness is a bonus to me, really.
as for personality, I prefer the serious types that are kind and understanding. despite being so serious, I'd also like them to have some sense of humor. this describes my boyfriend who I love with all my heart.
and above all else, I'd like someone who can take a relationship seriously and aren't here for something casual. for instance, whenever there is an issue me and my boyfriend actively talk it out asap and do our best to move on and improve as partners in a relationship. I cherish the fact that we can do this so well.

meh everyone knows the good physical traits so i won't bother
my favorite personality traits are funny, easy going/drama free and cooking skills

nice LARP

Kek. What?

I honestly feel like a dumb teenager who just fell in love for the first time, even if we're in our mid to late 20s.
Been together for a little over a year and half and I can't imagine getting over this feels.
You're lucky he's your first, I hope he's your last.

Long-term user couple here. We answered separately then copied and pasted.

She's very attractive. Fit and had curves in all the right places. No tats and nice natural hair. She was smiling and having a good time when I got her number. Later, I discovered her to be funny, smart, caring, honest, dedicated, very emotionally mature, great with children, very feminine, and very supportive of me. She never put herself into situations that made me question her loyalty. In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid.

>breast size
Her tits and ass are superb. I could bounce a quarter off her ass. She's hella submissive in the bedroom.

He's good looking and very confident first time we met. When we first met, he walked up to me and told me I was beautiful and wanted my number to cook me dinner. Who does that? He is so funny. I could listen to him talk for hours. We always chat and laugh every day. I don't remember any time he disappointed me or argued. I always knew where he stands on things and that made me feel safe with him. I never saw anything that made me question he was going to leave me. Before we got serious he let me know some things that would end our relationship if I ever did it. He knows how to cook, takes care of himself, is really great with kids, is kind to animals, and surprises me a lot. I like how he does his own thing and isn't easily swayed by people.

>dick size
I wouldn't know unless its out of a book. I was a virgin when we met. He was totally worth the wait. His body was so damn irresistible when we first met and kept getting better and better. He's taller than me. He's got big arms, nice chest, some great abs, and a cute butt. A couple of my girlfriends were too flirty with him, so I end that shit with them and stopped being friends with them. Now he's all mine and can do whatever he wants to me anytime lol

fake story and youre fake

It's not fake, lol. What would even make you think it's fake?
He has his flaws (both physically and personality wise), but I think he's awesome and I love him to bits.
Nothing fake about it.

its the most generalized description of chad possible

are you german?

No, not german.

And not really. Very little about what my boyfriend's personality is something that "Chad" would have.
He looks great, I'll give you that.

if you say so, why are you even here normie?

Been here since 2007. He was posting here in 2005.
I even met my boyfriend through a friend I made on Jow Forums.

rofl you are completly full of shit, im done

I'm sorry my life doesn't fit your narrative that the only people who post on Jow Forums are ugly inside and outside.

larp more fat cunt

for me it comes down to personality. I dated a really good looking guy once but his personality was trash.
>isn't wishy washy
>has a healthy relationship with his family
>has his own opinions/interests
>dark/dry sense of humor
>hard working
>wants to try doing different things/activities
>takes the lead but also lets me take the lead
>wants to have kids one day
>good listener/solution-oriented
>romantic but not overbearing
>taller than me (5'7+)
>looks clean
>brushes teeth

Obviously physical attraction is somewhat important, but it can be levied if they are intelligent and able to actually look after themselves independently, not needing you like a adult babysitter.
I'd say the split is 60 physical attraction, 40 personality.


>have women parts

>endless checklist

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Firey and more confident than I am.

Attractive female:
>Not much shorter than me
>Aware that money doesn't grow on trees
>Has her opinions
>Curves, preferebly a nice hip to waist ratio

Am male
Don't care about looks inasmuch as I don't find them unappealing. Would be fine with a 4/10 provided they weren't fat and checked off everything personality-wise. Looks are obviously a plus, but they'd fade with time no matter what, so they're secondary when considering a relationship.

As for personality traits, a fellow introvert who likes animals and would be comfortable with a rural, slow-paced lifestyle is great. Shy/mouselike in general but not afraid to speak her mind one-on-one.

The thing that I absolutely will not compromise on is morality, but then again it's not something I bother looking for because I won't find it.

perfect male specimen (which i have yet to encounter)

physical wise:
>over 175cm
>big strong hands
>not fat, not even chubby, works out and takes care of himself
>prefer asian (i also LOVE the monolid look but if his personality is A+ i can overlook it)
>nice sized dick

personality wise:
>dark sense of humour
>slightly mean, likes to tease me
>is a rock, since i'm an emotional mess
>has goals in life
>slightly cynical/schizoid
>loves learning and has many hobbies/interests
>mostly logical with some creative flair
>college educated

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>big dick