Tl;dr Pretty sure wife cheated on me

tl;dr Pretty sure wife cheated on me

>date the woman of my dreams throughout school and university
>propose to her and get married, have two kids a boy and a girl
>love my family to death, overwork myself to ensure they're happy
>6 years of marriage, 10 years dating before that
>switching to a private health insurance
>filling out the forms, writing down everyone's blood type
>both children are are the same blood type as my wife, I'm not
>the blood type I am makes it impossible for me to be their father
>know this because the same happened with my father (not my bio father, we always knew)
>this shows me that she has cheated and that both children are not mine

I'm speaking to a lawyer tomorrow, I'm not in the US so don't have to worry about some silly divorce spiel to please save it. How do I confront my wife about this? Am I monster for suddenly not caring about the kids at all if they're not mine?

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Nope, this is a pretty tragic betrayal if true. The kids are innocent and deserve an explanation. You go ask your lawyer for advice on how to manage things because only he or she knows how to make it so you give your wife absolutely no ammo to fuck you over with.

I'm sorry user.

>Am I monster for suddenly not caring about the kids at all if they're not mine?
No, it's a perfectly understandable reaction.
That said, it's not the kids' fault your wife was a cheating whore. Take it out on her, not them, and make sure you have everything legally in order before you let everyone know she's human garbage.

I would get it double checked, though, since it seems odd that both kids aren't yours unless they're twins.

I can only imagine how horrible you must feel, user. Hang in there.

>since it seems odd that both kids aren't yours unless they're twins
What is odd about this situation? Once a cheater, always a cheater; once a slut, always a slut.

Are you positive about this? Nurse here what’s ur genotype what’s hers and what’s the kids

Just be upfront and unemotional. Make sure you prove this via a paternity test or some other method, not that I doubt you for one second. Succubi have this way of turning everything around, obfuscating, and generally being manipulative. You need to have crystal clear evidence if you plan on explaining it to her.

So are you AB or 0? Please double check if it is impossible.

>What is odd about this situation?
That the evidence is so 'perfect' against her. Even if she's a cheater, OP presumably was still doing things with her, and at least as often as the other guy. It's hardly guaranteed both kids wouldn't be OP's.

You'll get no argument from me that cheaters are scum unworthy of life, but I do want to be sure that someone I accuse is actually guilty of the crime. The accusation alone would be incredibly damaging to a relationship if it later turns out to be false.

I'm AB, my wife and children are all O. I've been donating blood for years so it's definitely my type


Oh, I see. Well, perhaps, but at the same time she probably wasn’t fucking op. But yeah, I agree; he should have proof

well, my condolescence. Next time make shure you wont go für a girl that is like your (cheating) mother...

My mother didn't cheat, my biological father died

then ist strikingly odd that you went for a cheater. my condolescence again

>went for a[ny female]
Yeah. It is strikingly odd, isn’t it?

You can't just blame a man out of nowhere for not inventing artificial wombs like that.

I’m not blaming you for anything. I’m pointing out how ridiculous that guy’s claim is that op “went” for a “cheater,” when all females are cheaters

Before doing anything drastic get another test, you don't want to be wrong about this

get a dna test to make sure; im not sure blood types work like this

It was tongue in cheek user.

I see. Well, artificial wombs and the abolishment of women would be the single greatest step forward humanity could take

I dont know if is a few or most woman, but ist not all. If most woman cheat i pitty you, too.

I think we just need a balance of things. Things are a lot less balanced and unsure these days. Although that's not to say cheating didn't happen back then. Maybe you're right.

It is all

The only way forward is with a single sex, be it male or female. I’m willing to bet a lot more would be done if it was males. That’s all. Hopefully we see a gender war after WW3

Idiot, that's not how blood types work

Children could be false O. Have you had them properly tasted before?


Retard, how is it you can be so wrong in this day and age?

OP, I love my wife but when my first child was born I had one of those home DNA kits done to confirm she was mine just to be sure. Fortunately everything came back correct. Our second kid looks too much like me for there to be doubt. That said, bitches can’t be trusted.

>I’m the only guy in the world that looks like me

Just read that it's possible but rare. Don't say anything yet. Get your things in order. Get a lawyer and talk to your lawyer about getting a paternity test and what you should do.

Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior - i.e. first kid proven to be mine even though she doesn’t look much like me, there is probably a good chance the second is mine since she looks almost exactly like me. Sure I could be wrong, but the likeliness is so low it doesn’t concern me.

The rare case is only possible if OP's blood is ABO.
Before doing anything stupid, go get your blood checked, OP.
If it's ABO, the rare bloodtype, then yes, there's chance.
But if you're not, then go find your lawyer by all means.

You're not a monster, but get an independent paternity test first before making your mind up or bringing anything up. Maybe do it under the guise of doing 23 and me to your kids or some shit, or find some way to get their cheeks swabbed for the test without them tattling. Don't make an accusation so serious that you can't take it back if it turns out to be false. Paternity tests are cheap and easy these days, take advantage of it.

Honestly OP, when was the last time you checked your blood, because you may want to test your blood again if it's been a while.

>blood types change
You got a reply

It's perfectly understandable OP. We are programmed to continue our own genetic line, not somebody else's.
Second, what your woman did is inexcusable. There is nothing you can do that would count as over-reacting, even if you expose her to her entire family and then murder her.

>Am I monster for suddenly not caring about the kids at all if they're not mine?

Absolutely not.

Get a paternity test of both kids and you. Second get a shark lawyer not a cheap lawyer so you don't give her shit or close to nothing.

You’re only a monster if you start showing them that you don’t care without definitive proof.

Your children will more than likely notice your emotional stress towards them. Also, it’s not their fault.

Think of it this way. They go their entire life thinking you are their father, and you all love each other. To suddenly take that love and support away without explanation would not only be devastating to them but this will certainly have severe psychological effects on them in the future

Just on a whim, ask your wife to get tested to see if she is a chimera instead of stomping on the gas to ruin a nice family life for everyone.
It's rare, but would be a viable explanation that didn't involve her cheating. They take graft samples from various body areas and see if the dna matches. If they don't, she is a chimera, especially if her vaginal dna is completely different.

So? Fuck 'em, they're not his children, they should be their real father's responsibility. OP should only care for his own, not a bunch of scum-children made from an affair. Dump her and start again.

I'd get quietly get a DNA paternity sample from both your kids first. The main reason is, you don't want your wife to find out just yet, or if the blood types do match. Second, if she finds out you may be blocked from getting a DNA sample.

Then I'd schedule some blood type testing if you can. Maybe do it under the guise of getting a physical would be a good idea since you're filling out forms. Then watch and gauge her reaction. Her refusing to go in isn't necessarily a problem, but if she doesn't want the kids to go in that'd be a red flag.

If she refused to let the kids go, ask why. Whatever excuse you think she'll throw at you, have a counter excuse and stay calm. For example:

>I don't want to go.
Don't worry, I'll take the kids.
>I don't want the kids to go.
Why not? It's just a simple physical. You can stay home and relax.
>Why do you want them to get a physical so much?
Cause the insurance forms made me think it's a good idea, so we can prevent anything early.

Get all your blood types tested. Then consult with the doctor about your matching. Then proceed from there with DNA samples accordingly.

When you confront her, make sure the kids aren't with you two. Ask her about why she was so evasive about the physicals. Show her the blood types and continue asking her why. Then show her the DNA test. Tell her she needs to be tested (if you need her sample).

>Am I monster for suddenly not caring about the kids at all if they're not mine?
If it turns out they're not biologically your children, then you're not a monster. Your wife is the monster. Not only is it wrong on so many different moral and emotional levels, she's also physically risking those children's lives if they ever need a transplant and she doesn't know who the biological father is.

So, you agree with everything I just told OP. Don't say anything until he's certain about the paternity of his children and talk to a lawyer.

>vaginal DNA
You mean ovarian DNA I presume. That's the part that makes the genetic material for the offspring. That's the part that would need to have different DNA from the cells that create the bone marrow or the cheek skin to have the children test as not being related to the mother via blood test or cheek swab.

Be warned, OP. A man can be a chimera too and you might test as the uncle to your own children until they test DNA in other parts of your body.

The case report of this incident.

It's rare but possible. The DNA test showed a degree of relatedness of an uncle and nephew in the two samples. OP, be sure to use a good DNA service that will estimate degree of relatedness more than just a yes/no.

Never said that.

Biology graduate student here, OP.
These people are all correct. There are mechanisms by which they could have a genome that reflects your parentage, but phenotypically express another blood type. Or it could be the case that something was wrong with the previous tests.
Get an actual paternity test to make sure.

Would you not have noticed that the kids aren't yours already? For example i look a lot like my mom and dad.