Something bothers me ALOT

>something bothers me ALOT
>do nothing to fix it, wallow in self-pity instead
>convince myself it's unfixable
>do this for so long it's probably unfixable by now
Why am I like this? How do I stop being like this? Therapy hasn't helped.

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What's the thing

Fucking my own ass

It's irrelevant. It's my mindset that's the problem.
I wish, I could probably succeed in that very easily if I tried.

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You probably know that you can take steps towards "improving" yourself. But you don't. Because for one reason or another you don't feel like "improvement" has anything to do with who you truly ARE.

Well it doesn't matter. Your peers or partner, the instruments by which we judge our worth, need an expression or "proof" of who you are. Some token that says: "this person has aspirations and is moving in some direction".

Defeatism is attractive for various reasons so I won't say it's pathetic or wrong. And I don't know the antidote to your particular situation, all I know is that you have to keep trying. You've tried therapy, which is good. Try another Therapist, try medication, try the regular boring shit that probably won't do shit (but might) if you're truly feel like shit like: working out or spending time outside or with family.

That's me projecting a whole bunch but perhaps you can relate.

I can relate, to an extent.
Working out for example could potentially help in one of the major problems that's bothering me alot, but there's no gym right next to my house, so I convinced myself I would get bored of the commute there after a week so it's pointless and a waste of money.
This is just an example of how I sabotage my own life.

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> I convinced myself I would get bored of the commute there after a week so it's pointless and a waste of money.

Yep, I know all the bullshit I tell myself when I'm in that state. You just have to hope, I guess, that you get one of those days when you feel like you're able to do something and ACT.

I've been waiting for that day for years. Suddenly I'm in my mid-20s and full of regrets and even more defeatism than before, and even worse, all the defeatism has an actual basis now.

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Regrets are pointless if you feel like you're suffering from them. You can learn from past experiences but you could not have acted otherwise.

I don't have a choice in the matter. I suffer from them and I don't know how to get over it.
It's so difficult because it's also affecting other aspects of my life. I get envious of people who don't have a reason to have such regrets and it's affecting my ability to socialise.
And I could have acted otherwise.
That's why I can't get over it I guess, because I'm already at the 'it's over' part but I could have done things differently.

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typical self pity fag
>boo ohh i'm so sad i wanna change
>but i dont wanna to put any kind of effort
>boo ooh why im so shitty
literally op

Yes, that's the fucking point.
How do I change this?

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name of this artist?

Fuck if I remember, but saucenao gave a bunch of results, so use that.

Holy shit bro stole my words. Why the fuck do people ask for help and then say, "naaah i can't do that because im sad and different waaah"
Fucking pathetic

Did either of you faggots read the thread?
The whole point is the realisation of endless self-pity and how the fuck to get out of it.

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didn't you read the asnwers you little faggot?
literally just stop with all this selfpitying and do something retard
what's the deal, you're too sad? too bad, so stay like this

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>guys how do I stop pitying myself?
>'just stop pitying yourself nerd, lmao'

there's a bazillion threads like this every single day, and op can't even try and read one?
also this faggot loli shit?
doesn't matters what anyone tells this fag to do, he just won't listen, if he can't read other people saying what to do in the hundred threads like this and do what they say, what will be the differente if we tell him now
fucking faggot

I realise I have a problem with my mindset and past regrets/missing out on life.
I'm asking for advice on how to change my mindset.
I can't believe all the advice I can get is literally 'just change it faggot lmao'.
There must be someone out there who overcame this and turned his life around even at an older age.

>i wanna advice
>ignores every advice
>ignores all other threads about the same subject
>ignores his own thread
great job

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Force yourself, it's that simple.
No, no buts, just force yourself.