So, I have a problem with people responding to pretty much any quality or content of communication...

So, I have a problem with people responding to pretty much any quality or content of communication. Most people are also pretending I'm mentally Ill or retarded but I'm actually capable of advanced science and mathematics.

People are actually only contacting my mother and not me. Im 32. I actually have no idea how theyre doing this unless theyre plotting against me for no reason.

If you say schizophrenia I'm going to hunt down this website and kill the owner.

Is this because most of the people I'm surrounded by are only capable of repeating sound bytes from the TV and have a 5th grade education?

I can carry a conversation. I don't have a single problem with my looks. I work out.

Please respond.

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For instance, my attorney ignores all my emails and contacts for information. He's somehow figured out who my mom is and is only making contact with her and shes not telling me about it.

When I go to court everyone is pretending im mentally ill.

Its nothing but THIS in every situation. Is everyone fucking retarded? I mean actually so fucking stupid they barely know how to take in air?

I have nuclear weapons and lasers too. I don't why everyones acting like whats happening is a good idea.

They are literally trying to decide what to do with me like im 90 years old and stuck in home.

I literally can solve the hardest math problems known to humanity.

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Buddy. There's a problem with you and not everyone else. Might not be schizophrenia, but like, there are so many other mental problems that can cause it. Go to a therapist.

Math won't help you communicate with people.

Keep in mind that the only reason I'm about to destroy this website is that it recycles the same content over and over and is used primarily for data collection and preying on children.

Its not even sexually its like some weird eugenics thing that needs to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

No, I don't have a problem.

So, what you're saying is that you'd rather see a cartoon with huge tits or someone with a dumb fucking face do a little tap dance?

Is everyone here so selfish they're actually mentally fucking retarded?

Not every problem is caused by your own behavior.

This is a serious question too. People are selfish to the point of mental retardation and their motto is 'you're gonna die anyways so who cares'.

The fuck

200 million posts per hour my ass
Im going to kill this website too

Has anyone actually figured out why phones are addictive? Its on purpose.

Most problems in life where people don't understand why they can't stop a certain behavior are met with the association of drugs. These tech companies are literally genocidal maniacs.

Ok, now I want all the retarded people to march up to their computer and tell me I'm mentally ill for posting this.

Go for it you brain dead zombies

Ok, so I figured out the problem.
Theres a secret government hiding in silicon valley. Its begging for death.

Like an uppity nigger yelling at the cops YOU CANT ARREST ME BRO before they shoot him in the fucking face, we've got a problem with these dumb fuck tech companies.

Can someone explain to me why everyones absolutely fucking retarded?

This website is ran by a shitposting computer and I'm trying to figure out why theres about 100 million people on the internet and I can't fucking contact a single person.


Your A.I. is weak and so is your data collection policy.

You've grown fat an lazy.

Im going to expose your fake popularity gimmicks that are designed to use game theory to isolate and control people's behavior.

In public if you don't start fucking talking.

Posting dozens of bizarre accusatory posts and threats without waiting for a reply in your thread asking for help is not normal and I assume you're even weirder in real life. Your justifying it with the fact you're good at mathematics which only paints more of a picture of a man who is massively detached from reality

You should an hero before you hurt someone, and I actually mean that

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Hey, I'm being treated so poorly the average 5 year old is getting more pussy than I am.

If this doesn't change I'm blinding you for 20 years with a laser weapon

The major problem I have with you fuck tards is you spam each other constantly about the stupidest shit all fucking day long. Then, without a thought or reason cause you're so fucking stupid you can barely keep air in your lungs, you wait for an unreasonable amount of time to respond to anything I'm doing until I fucking pop off and then shit all over yourself when I get fucking pissy.

Im going to blind you for 20 years.

My ex girlfriend literally cannot put her fucking phone down and is shit spamming everyone constantly and takes an entire week to respond to me. Everyones using the fact I'm reacting poorly to everyones reaction as evidence of the problem and Im going to fucking burn your eyes out with a 2 watt laser.

Everyone you know.

user you have to understand these are delusions you have. I know they feel real but they are coming from your subconscious.

I know how hard it is to be labeled "menatally ill" but try to just deal with it for now. If you look for help make sure they really want to help you. Unfortunately many mental health professionals see a case like yours and immediately write you off as hopeless and just try to detain and drug you. Ultimately it is not helpful for you, try to find someone who believes you can get better. And in the mean time fight the delusions and grandiosity.

Ok. watch this: I'll give you 20$ to start talking to me.

Are your ears ringing and do you not want to?

You aren't making much sense. Do you mean Jow Forums? Calling everyone stupid isn't really a response to what I was saying. I thought you could hold conversation?

Delusions of grandeur are a common symptom of schizophrenia, by the way

What delusions? You're not even using the word correctly and I'm supposed to fucking listen to you?

No one is detaining me without spending the next 20 years blind.

You are actually retarded.

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Oh look, it's the you're delusional and mentally ill brigade.

If I'm not making sense has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're fucking stupid?

You don't have nuclear weapons or lasers user. You can't solve the hardest math problems. Those are delusions and grandiosity. John Nash had schizophrenia he was a mathematician and had similar delusions he was eventually able to recognize them as delusions.

>im going to blind everyone
>everyone is an idiot
>Jow Forums is ran by an ai to breed pedophiles
>the world is secretly run by tech giants
Every single one of those ramblings unprovoked
But nah, you're not deluded
Either get help or off yourself.

Did you ever look at a hard math equation and think its stupid? You delusional twat.

>he world is secretly run by tech giants
Okay that one is kind of true.

I can't fucking off myself it doesn't work. I'm not sitting here like a twat forever while everyone figures out how to make themselves comfy

You're not making sense because you're bouncing from topic to topic on things that are literally detached from reality and you've clearly been stewing on for a long time
You are saying the same kind of stuff my schizophrenic brother says, which is why I'm advising you seek help

In reality you are just a tard rambling in the basement.

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What has maths got to do with this, you rambling mong?

Anyone wanna explain what this is?

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OP you're appearing to us random strangers as fucking insane just stop wasting your time here justifying why you're actually sane because you can do math and threatening people with your shitty little laser pointer and McNukes and maybe people will not treat you like an actual invalid desu

No, you couldn't pay me enough to spend a day with a schizo like you. And this whole thread makes me wish I could get a protective order based on IP.
I'd volunteer at a graveyard, but we should have mad camps instead of immigrant camps.

How about this?

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If you were smart you'd blow me

Oh wow! Everyones initial reaction is to be a fucking cunt. Imagine that.

inject it in your balls

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>winding story skipping important steps
>plotting against me for not reason
>people pretend I'm mentally ill
>I'm actually capable of advanced science
>if you say schizophrenia I'm going to hunt down this website and kill the owner.
>attorney ignores me
friend you have schizo and are so far gone that your mom is taking care of you
give her a hug and thank her, tell her you're sorry you're like this.

Hey, you think if you ate this uranium that doctors would figure out what your problem is?

>be openly hostile and call everyone other than yourself a dribbling retard
>why is everyone being a cunt?

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OP sure is a smarty I say

Oh, I'm sorry, I missed out where throwing up twice a day for 2 months was apart of the symptoms of schizophrenic.

So, what happens when a police officer is hostile and demands you get on the floor?

The problem here is you think you're not getting hurt.

OP you need to recognize you are delusional and paranoid. Yes Jow Forums is full of cunts but we are correct you are not sane right now. Just try thinking for a bit that you aren't some math god and that you are just a normal math guy or whatever you do maybe you are a nuclear engineer? But just think for a little bit that maybe those thoughts are wrong.

Except when you have the same results over and over and over again... When anyone you talk to eventually circumvents you and goes to your mom. When everyone calls you mentally ill.
And your posts actually are very difficult to understand, there is something very off about your communication, so I suspect no, the people around you who can't understand you aren't retarded.

Why would it be mad if someone said schizophrenia? Is that because that's what the doctor said? You are showing symptoms my dude.

Ok, lets play the "you're mentally retarded game"
What's hard to understand about the posts?

Being a selfish cuck won't get you a better person op

I'd assume the police after didn't ask for help immediately before demanding I get on the floor

Was that a threat? Are you going to blind me with your laser pointer?

Yeah police are assholes but you have to learn to get them to leave you alone. For one behaving like a lunatic isn't going to help.

Oh? I'm paranoid?

What am I afraid of if I'm threating you?

>tfw op is probably poisoning himself because he is retarded
>or his mom is for insurance money because he has probably allways been this insufferable
This is why you should love your mom and accept your fate.

If everyone is calling you mentally ill maybe you should listen to them.
I know it seems like you're right about your bizarre claims, but that's exactly what delusions are

You're literally a danger to the state if you aren't a selfish cuck

Try harder

Most of the time they're nice before they start yelling at you. So that's inherently wrong and not a real observation.

That makes YOU delusional. Your observations aren't based off reality or supported by facts!

Most people would just call that being stupid but we had to make a career out of being an idiot.

Did you see the comic book where superman goes back in time and murders his family? :D

What are you gonna do bun bun? Am I invading your personal bubble?

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Maybe you are afraid of your own thoughts.

Ok, so now that I'm mentally ill -- whats the fucking cure and what are my job aspects? Do I get to make my own legal decisions?

You mean the thoughts fed to me?
I can tell the difference between my own thoughts that take effort and the ones that are spontaneous and subjectively only about trauma I don't actually care about.

I don't read comics.

You should be able to. I am not that user but I have seen how mentally ill people are treated by our society. I understand not wanting to be labeled that. Howevwr you will have to put up with it for now until you can get through this shit.

This is the best lolcow I've found in ages
I hope you become a regular poster here, OP

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Oh, hold on, my ears are ringing again.
What's that? Oh whats the voice in my head? Kill everyone?

I went 30 fucking years without thinking this shit. I get a rash and all of a sudden I'm a raging idiot? No. I don't think so.

Do you realize the complexity and requirements for making an organ like the brain that's somehow capable of advanced calculation to go from pacifist to thinking completely differently?

Its not a fucking accident

user they are all your thoughts some of them are spontaneous because they come from your subconscious. The subconscious doesn't feel like you because it is not your ego but it is still yours.

>subjectively only about trauma I don't actually care about.
What trauma? That is probably very important user.

The problem is that I'm not mentally ill. I'm being treated like im mentally ill.

Its like everyone prancing around calling you fat and you have like 1% body fat and everyone else is a fat fucking idiot

Its pretty obvious BRUH

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OK this is a bit scary now OP.
You'll probably just insult me for saying this, but I beg you seek professional help. I worry about your health and the health of people around you.

Nobody is mentally ill user. It is a made up construct by psychiatrists to drug people. You will have to put up with the label though so have I, I would be called "mentally ill" too. That being said you are not thinking clearly it is very apparent.

No, they are not my thoughts. They're forced onto me outside of my already established character.

I'm not a simpleton and I'm not submissive.

Dude you literally just admitted to thinking you have murderous thoughts fed to your brain. Can you not see how that's mental illness?


Holy fucking shit everyones retarded. Do you go to your plumber when hes NEVER been able to do his fucking job?


Anyone ever cure schizophrenia? NO SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD I SEE A 'PROFESSIONAL'?

No user that is exactly how the subconscious works. It is not something that feels like you. In a way it isn't really you but it is part of your self conception.

>I'm not a simpleton and I'm not submissive.
What do you mean?

Which is in direct contrast to all the people living in a large house.

>No, I don't have a problem.
How can you be sure?

And if I stabbed you why is that on you?
Do you realize that if I stabbed you and you start screaming that you're mentally ill?

I understand that user. But if you don't want help you have to fight the thoughts yourself. Do not engage in any violent thoughts, do not listen to thoughts that tell you to do something stupid. There could be some help out there but I know what you mean there are many homeless schizophrenic people who the mental health system failed.

Have you tried it or is that just the impression you get from films and books?
My brother is schizophrenic and he was fucking terrifying in his early 20s. now he's being treated at least I can hold a normal conversation with him and I'm not walking on eggshells around him.

Either way you're saying you're going to kill people - either get yourself committed or kill yourself. Just get out of other people's way before you harm them.

Your brain and its physical existence isn't private. It's not 'mine' if someone 'steals' or 'modifies' it.

You sound like me. I'm psychotic as well. Take from that what you will :)

I've read that sentence a few times over now and it still makes no sense.
If you stabbed me because voices in your head told me to, I'd still think I'm sane and you're mental.

Yes you are right it isn't private there is a subconscious there. But you are its master you can control it. You can ignore it too it is not always right.

Its called a double negative.

"engage in violent thoughts". Whats the purpose of "engagement" with a thought?

I didn't have to make that consideration or logical strategy before. I just thought something and did it and I liked it because it was a benefit to me.

>Whats the purpose of "engagement" with a thought?
You're being deliberately obtuse. You know what he means.

>I didn't have to make that consideration or logical strategy before. I just thought something and did it and I liked it because it was a benefit to me.
Well when two halves of your being are split this is what happens. I do not have schizophrenia but I have many disturbing thoughts and I have to learn to not engage them if they are too ridiculous. It is not easy even for my condition.

You're nice to him because of the medication. Not his behavior.

Being angry isn't psychotic.

Screaming out loud is something that you own because you're doing it. Your brain can't control itself so you're psychotic and screaming too loud.

Ok, if your ears start ringing then that's someone changing your emotions or thoughts.

Just blew you the fuck out.

No, I'm not being obtuse.
"engagement" suggests that I have to somehow operate and deal with my own thoughts. They're not my thoughts if its an engagement.

Make some sense please

No, it's definitely the same guy I knew before his delusions took over. There are obvious side effects but at least he's not miserable, confused and violent.

You literally just admitted to being schizophrenic.

You dont have your 'own' self. The self that everyone has is fundamentally forged by everyone around them. Even the most basic cornerstone of human interaction, languague, is completely dictated by the society around you. Every idea, every thought anyone has ever had is grounded in both languague, and rules/conventions that happen to exist around you. Accepting the fact that there is no transcendent and pure, autonomous soul that commands the body what to do something that you need to accept. It doesn't make you a simpleton, it is accepting the reality of the human condition. It also means that accepting that every thought that seems like it is not yours, or feels like it is foreign, is perhaps not so different from your 'own' thoughts. Entertain the idea that thoughts and conciousness are very dynamic and extremely nuanced. It's not like math. Challenge your conceptions of your 'self' if you want to pursue the truth.

>Ok, if your ears start ringing then that's someone changing your emotions or thoughts.
In a way you are right something caused the ringing right? All I am saying is the something that caused your thoughts is not the government or aliens or Jow Forums AI it is your subconscious.

being a baiting schizo faggot doesnt make you right.
You're a schizo, it's very clear. Your mom is better able to decide for you than you are, and everyone in the entire world even in such a place as Jow Forums knows it. Even random strangers know you are a schizo and cannot think Straight. Obviously you'll ignore this, because you're a schizo.
Go let your mom decide your life, because clearly, you can't.

Imagine this:

I start stabbing you and you're screaming out loud. No one wants to deal with the guy stabbing you but now theyre ignoring you because you wont shut the fuck up. Now, as the serial stab-artist, I tell you that if you take a pill I'll stop stabbing you. Now, you start taking the pill and I stop stabbing you and you, by coincidence, stop screaming out loud.


So? Being schizophrenic does not have to be a death sentence. Maybe you should listen to what I have said.

And that right there is why everyones retarded. 80% of the population is completely fucking retarded. Are you saying I should be forged by the dumbest 80% over time?

Because the eventual conclusion to what you're thinking is that everyone gets so fucking stupid they expect their phone to wipe their ass