>asked if she could get lunch with a classmate
>normally cool with guy friends before but I had a funny feeling
>fast forward to today
>she gets in an argument with a family member
>I tell her she’s actually in the wrong
>hangs up on me and goes off on me in text
>just generally acting really childish
>not even five minutes later she sends this

Too many red flags in one week for me. I can justify a breakup after this correct?

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yea pretty much

Why are you asking the board on if you need to justify your breakup? Why do you take the suggestions of a website which has become the home for incels after 8chn?

Do what you think is the least painful action

This is my first relationship. My judgement gets clouded by emotion. I’d like other anons to weigh in on this

Break up and be an incek

Don't listen to these /v/ermin. They are literally all half asian half white losers who call people incels all day on Jow Forums to mask their insecurity. I'd break up with this girl if I was you. It sounds like you want to break up, so just do what you feel is correct.

>he thinks this board isn't a warzone between incels and roasties

With how popular Jow Forums has gotten, I’m sure more normal people come here now

honestly I've been told they're 'roasties' and 'Chinese propagandists', and sometimes I'm told they're normies, but generally they go off on hating on incels. I honestly wonder who'd patrol such a place just to call people asking for advice incels..

Jow Forums has seen massive amounts of chinks spamming anything praising China as the new superpower. Honestly state actors, especially from countries with way too many people like India and China, will be very influential on anonymous fora, because they can just keep posting more and more fake information drowning out real information.

Because incels got kicked off every site they were on except this one.

Home is Jow Forums fren

It’s hard to kick something off that doesn’t exist

Wait, people actually come to Jow Forums for information?

Wildest thing I’ve heard of in my life

God I hate when women do this.
You have a perfectly justifiable reason to be mad at them but then they start saying how terrible a person they are and that they shouldn't exist, making you feel guilty about getting mad in the first place.

They make you think you're attacking them as person instead of the one thing they did, which pushes you into a false dichotomy of "I love you and agree with you and dont think you did anything wrong" and "I dont care about you at all and wish you would disappear."

Just one of the many things we have to put up with for some pussy

It's the only site that Chinamen can go on to without the communist truth
although it's obviously a honeypot and any real chink going on this site not spamming praise to the motherland will be put to death
nobody is going to miss them anyways, not with 1.5Bn lookalikes

Dude there isn't a Court of law for breakups like a job, you don't need to "justify" it.
If it doesn't feel right, run.

I'd honestly drop her. This shit becomes mad childish.

Why are you so worried about 5’4 chinks on the other side of the planet when you have children killing children with assault riffles in your neighborhood.

Just by her text in the picture OP, I think that this will be her reaction to any feedback she perceives as negative. Bitch and insult, then beat herself up so you console her and go back on what you said. Not worth the effort imo, you'll just be emotionally manipulated and drained till you can't no more and them guess what, you'll be the (ultimate) bad guy.
Try meeting her in person to explain that doing something wrong is not the end of the world and that things and human relationships can be fixed. If she's still in the mindset you described and I saw on the picture, break up, it will be hard but it will save you a lot of emotional turmoil in the future.

>she gets in an argument with a family member
>I tell her she’s actually in the wrong
This entire situation was your fault

It's up to you if it's worth continuing this, OP. If you really want to stay with her then do so, otherwise use this and the previous events as a reason to break up.

Gradually I began to hate them

Get rid of her. The red flags and behavior is childish, and possibly indicative of some personality disorder. You don't have to deal with this, and definitely don't want to continue dealing with this later in life.

she probably has ptsd or something and had a triggered episode. the situation is very similar to ones ive been in with people with ptsd. especially if she becomes rational soon afterwards. If shes ever talked about past trauma then its probably that.

Just dump her right now. She cheated 100000%. Those messages are proof enough. Tell her to pick up her shit in a box on the front lawn and block her. It’ll be the biggest hit to her ego ever.

You realise pretty much any upset in personality is a disorder? You have to be a perfect subject in order to be normal?

Kill the rich

Ask her if she wants to tell you anything. They love to have a big out where they can spill it. Been there bro. Once she admits cut the cord. Do not try to make it work as it’s impossible, you may think you can move past it but it lingers in the back of your mind and decays you from the inside. Make a clean break. Trust me on this one bro

This, it'll be such an alpha move too

I don't think she's cheating, I think she is just insanely insecure.

She feels bad because of how she talked to you earlier. Unless your gut is really alarming you and there's other details to imply she has cheated, I would not assume the worst.

OP break up with her. The biggest red flag is the whole, "You deserve better" and "I'm not good enough" bullshit after every single little argument or incident. I've known of too many of these weirdos that would say stuff exactly like this and all of them ended up being insufferable emotionally manipulative people.