Are waifus (in the way that I'm about to state and as implied by pic related) really that bad?

Is it really that bad to have a waifu? Like a fictional character you use to sate your problems a little bit?

I seem to become infatuated with or start crushing on or whatever almost every woman I get remotely close to and I don't know why besides that maybe even if I feel consciously rational, some part of me still feels like it "needs" something. I mean, it doesn't, but maybe it misleads me into feeling things that confuse my thoughts.

So maybe that's why I become infatuated, despite knowing it's infatuation.
But the infatuations I have tend to oddly exclusive (whoever is a closest chance I guess) and when I feel them, I actually still kind of feel like flirting with other girls and all that. However, it's too much to feel for an actual person I often barely know.
It seems like the infatuation thing isn't so much exclusive to one person as it is something that moves from one person to another depending on what women I'm focusing on. No, not even just that, maybe it's just a desire that needs to be accounted for in excess of what could be provided.

So I'm thinking what if I just find a fictional character to focus this infatuation on? They would never be sick of me, I'd never have to wait for a call or text or worry that she's not there, my desperation would be lessened but would not be lessened enough that Is wouldn't want a real woman.

So... is it really so unhealthy?

How else am I supposed to make good romantic or sexual decisions besides doing this? I don't think there's another way to stop from becoming some creepy dependent guy...

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I don't know. I just feel like I want to tell someone or something that I love it.

If I had something like that, that would be fine.

How fars too far for you? Merc is usually only a sexual outlet for most people. I know thats why I have a daki, oppai mousepad and fumos.

Basically the three options are 1) become attractive and have sex, 2) cope with masturbation and things like you say, or 3) kill sexual desire. Personally I’m going for 3. There’s nothing inherently wrong with any, it’s just a matter of how you take society’s criticism. Only 1 is acceptable in their eyes

Do you really think it's possible to kill sexual desire? It's a chemical induced need. My thought is that you are trying to refrain it, but deep down it's still there and it poisons your life until you embrace it.

I think what you're talking about is clocking out instead of properly looking at what your fears are and orientating your actions properly in a way that they will drive you towards what you really want.

The anxiety and frustration with flirting with real girls is caused by fear or rejection, by lack of experience. These fears SHOULD drive you towards really being honest with yourself and trying to become a better person/partner, and towards gaining experience.

Waifu is just an easy out in my opinion, it's satisfying your desire to flirt synthetically in a padded safe way that removes the fear. But ultimately you will not improve or gain the skills needed to enter into a real relationship. I also think that the waifu will also fall short in forfilling your romantic desires in the long run, and that a real relationship is the better option.

As for not turning into a creep;
I would think of the iconic creepy behaviour as being someone who acts overly emotionally in their own interests WITHOUT understanding or conforming to the established societal rules.

To avoid being creepy it's important to not be overly emtionally reactive. Don't be an emotionless zombie, especially keep up with expressing and creating positive emotions in other. But also be calm, be chilled when shit goes wrong.

The second part of being creepy is being aware of the societal rules around dating. I'd argue it's impossible to do this without talking honestly with mates about your personal dating situations. I've found this one of the best way to get a guage of how to act and think about relationships in particular. It's easy to get turned around and confused by emotion in romantic endeavours and talking to people you can be honest with can set you straight.

I think it’s possible with castration (chemical or physical). It definitely is still there, no doubt about it. I just keep hoping I can stick to nofap one of these times. And I also masturbate a lot with porn so as to desensitize myself. Makes being surrounded by hot young girls in college a little easier.
But I do wish I had the willpower to completely overcome it. I think some great men in history did, although who know

Feeding a delusion is inherintly unhealthy.
is right.
These are your ~healthy~ options.

While it is possible to kill sexual desire with castration, do you think it is possible to kill desire for companionship/human contact. I don't think so.

Yeah, I'd say that sexual desire and human companionship are deep seeded subconcious urges that can be traced back far into our philogeny. I think depriving yourself of these things and repressing them only will manifest itself in pathological expressions of your subconscious, depression, bing eating etc.

Yes. The only reason i want “companionship” is sex. I have my family and but I don’t group those as the same type of relationship. Given enough time without them, though, I am sure I would adjust and be relatively healthy

>3 options one implies I'm ugly another is nofap
>Recommends nofap
...yeah I guess so.

OP again.
I don't think it's possible to kill romantic or sexual desire. Maybe you can cope with it and maybe you can get used to it, but I don't think it just turns off. Your genitals are not a brain.
But I'm no health expert or sexologist.

Either way, what the fuck does that have to do with anything? I'm not exactly planning to cut my dick off, people.

Not did I ever say I wanted to give up entirely on women.

You're either full of shit or are just the rare type of person who does not desire romance. An aromantic, like an asexual but in the other direction.

>Not did I
*Nor did I

Bump actually having the same problem.

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Look at this realistically.
What are your actual options?
How old are you? Do you have any dating experience? Looks? Financial situation? etc.
Especially dating experience. If you don't acquire it before a certain age, it's impossible to do so later.

It's fine so long as it makes you happy. That's the simple fact of it at the end of the day. If you find that cutting out all 3D infatuation makes you more relieved, go for it. The good thing about humans is we're smart enough to be introspective, the bad thing is that few people seem to realise that and keep buckling to societal pressures instead.
Then again I've only had a waifu for two months now, so maybe take me with a grain of salt.

I would also like to know how to cut off all sexual desire and romantic desire.

I'm just worried I may give up on women or be hindering myself this way.
I don't want to indulge in pure escapism, but if there IS a chance I could get rid of desperation or have an outlet of sorts for feelings that also won't hinder me, then maybe I might be interested.

I mean, it's like masturbation. Sometimes it is masturbation. That's not harmful...
But infatuation can be harmful... I can't just be all over women and wanting to do whatever she wants on the first date and feel almost like I want to be used that's not...

No... I want a waifu so I won't be used and listen to her fucking another man through the hotel door...

2d is safe until I can actually really like someone and then all the fake feelings can be directed at the character.

I don't have dating experience so maybe I didn't develop normally so I need something to help me so I don't fuck up as bad until I have more experience...

Liking a "Fictional Character" is not bad, having (sexual) fantasies or fanfiction is also not bad. It is only bad when it hinders your ability.

So technically, if your masturbating to a fictional character or making (fucked up) fantasies. Your thats not bad at all, your just imaginative

It's only, only bad when it hinders or destroy the way you live

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No, 2D > 3DPD
Just remember that your waifu must be pure

>Is it really that bad to have a waifu?

yes, you're a mentally deficient man child
but you shouldn't be breeding anyway so its ok

>destroying part of yourself is better than improving yourself
incel logic at its finest

just kys and get it over with

back in the 70's people did a lot more decrapid shit without the internet

I thought this shit was just a joke. You can have your favorite characters but you cant be married to them and shit.