How to take a girls virginity

My gfs pussy is extremely tight, more than 1 finger hurts her. We tried having missionary sex once but it was really difficult for me to push it in and it hurt her a lot so she asked me to stop. Were gonna try again next weekend but I was wondering if you guys had any advice? My cock is pretty thick, like more than a toilet roll but she was also pretty wet so idk

Maybe our hips were wrong? Please help I dont want to be a virgin anymore

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Google "vaginismus."

More foreplay, slow wayyyyy down. Lube. Yes, lube. It makes sex better for literally EVERYONE.

Fuck her right in the pussy and don't stop even if she screams.
Gag her if you must and tell her if she won't shut up you are going to get rough on her and she won't like you when you are angry.

Uhm sex is supposed to hurt and technically not pleasurable for women.
They derive pleasure from pain and the feeling of being dominated and helpless.

These. Do not stop. Listening to what a woman says is literally the biggest turn off.

This, go way slower. Have a fun night out and very very slowly escalate things to where she’s hot and really into it.
She’s probably nervous so let her relax

ask her dad to help

Why do women have a clitoris and ability to orgasm you dumb moron

This. Or get your best friend to loosen her up for you.

Hold on a minute; roasties always tell me that the vagina is like a muscle and the more they use it the tighter it gets. How do you plan on loosening her if she’s just going to get tighter?

You wouldn't run an engine piston without oil. You'd damage the cylinder.
Same with women.
You fuck them to impregnate them but they should lube up naturally so the vagina in not damaged and they can give birth.

You seem like you drunk too much of the feminist cool aid.

ok first off (inb4 white knight), please don't pressure her or make her feel as though if you don't have sex asap she'll be letting you down (even if you feel she is, in which case get over yourself). Only saying this because you don't want to remember your first time being when you rushed things and possibly harmed someone.

Real tips though; lube up. Don't use spit, it makes it worse as it goes on. Just take your time, and most importantly give oral. That's really the best thing to help besides lube, just make her feel as good as possible. Hope this helps, godspeed user.

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>harmed someone
Dude, women can give birth.
A head the size of a watermelon passes through their vagina.
You literally cannot hurt a woman from dick in pussy.
It's impossible.
OP should man up and fuck her rough.

>give oral
Sorry man, you are way too much of a white knight.
Licking a girls pussy, that's disgusting and foul.

Not all women want to give birth.

If a woman doesn't want to give birth she is a trash and useless.

a woman is literally born with the purpose to give birth, men are born to impregnate woman. this is in no way demeaning of woman or men, hell it even makes woman more important since they are the ones giving birth

applying this to OP's question, it should fit easily, and lube/other shit is modern feminist bs, humans survived for 1000s of years without that shit.

Tell her to visit an obgyn first.

Oh shit
There's a good chance that both of you are retarded and you putting your dick in her urethra or asshole
From front to back it's urethra (where she pees), vagina (where you fuck, ovulates, gives birth, period bleeds, etc) and asshole (where she poops).
Aim for the vagina.

You can do it champ.

This is a medical condition called vaginismus. DO NOT force penetration, as this will make the condition worse. Any pain caused by attempts at penetration will also make it worse. She needs to see a specialist, an OBGYN or a sex therapist.

Vaginismus is treatable and it is possible to have penetrative sex despite it, but you can't just make it happen. It takes time and work and a lot of patience. I highly recommend finding alternative methods of sex that you both enjoy (oral, toys, handjobs, etc.) and put penetration off the table until she gets treatment.

In a lot of cases, vaginismus is caused by stress or anxiety. The muscles clamp down and prevent penetration because the brain is on some level freaking out about sex. Maybe it's stress and uncertainty, maybe it's a history of trauma, maybe it's caused by fear of pain (potentially caused by a history of pain, this is why forcing it makes it worse). Whatever it is, the underlying anxiety needs to be treated in order for the muscles to relax. She needs to be calm and comfortable and entirely okay with the sex in order for her body to relax.

A slow and gradual acclimation to very small objects may also be beneficial, but I do not recommend trying this without the guidance of a professional. You could accidentally cause more harm instead of treating it.

I will repeat this again. DO NOT try to force it, even with lube. This is absolutely paramount. She needs to see a specialist.

Just get her drunk
Muscles relax when you get drunk
After you fuck her once drunk she will relax and fuck her sober too
Shell thanks you in the morning

Not true. There's a hormone released during pregnancy called relaxin that allows the body to stretch in ways it normally wouldn't. This hormone causes multiple areas in the body to stretch (feet get larger because the ligaments are looser, breasts sag lower because the connective tissue loosens, hips open wider, the cervix eventually widens to allow passage, etc.). This hormone is only present during pregnancy.

You absolutely can hurt vaginas with dicks in normal circumstances, just like you can hurt an anus with large objects. Both can stretch massive amounts given time and specific circumstances, but these are not the average or daily case.

Even disregarding the possible legal ramifications of this, do you think people haven't tried that? Even medicinal muscle relaxants aren't typically prescribed unless psychotherapy hasn't worked.

Maybe a muscle relaxant would end up being be necessary but you don't approach a medical condition like this with a gung-ho "throw shit at the wall" approach. It only causes further harm. You get professional analysis and controlled treatment.

But women are alwys screaming and crying when giving birth since they have to pump out something so big, alot will pass out from the pain

Op does your girl masturbate ? If so tell her to get close to coming and when she’s about to tell her to stop and try to fuck and don’t forget putting a pillow under her butt
You can eat her out it helps but it’s not necessary
It won’t be the sexiest experience but she will easily be able to take your dick after being so wet and she will stop fearing sex

The female orgasm is useless. They only have the ability because men need it. The clit is also just an ungrown dick from before sex was determined in the womb, just like a guys nips.

Finger her for a while. Get it all wet and puckery. Then rub your cock all over her pussy until it just slides right in.

I have this and going slow makes me feel unadequate. I stay drier than the Sahara even after an orgasm.

What I usually do is after getting an orgasm through clit stimulation I get on top, lube it up and bear the pain. It goes away after a few minutes. It hurts like hell and I can't sleep with men bigger than 5" but that's the only thing that works.

I haven't seen a professional abou it yet

that sounds like a rapist wtf.