At a bar with coworker

>at a bar with coworker
>female coworker says she will be taking salsa courses and is asking me and my friends if we are interested, because she needs a male partner
>say that I don't know but she should ask me later once I'm drunk
>later she doesn't ask again
what the fuck waw this all about? There is no way it is innocent, right?

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>say that I don't know but she should ask me later once I'm drunk
100% creepo answer. You ruined it if there was any potential at all.

well desu I said it more like "let's discuss it later when I've had more to drink"
not sure why it's a creepo move

>"I wouldn't ordinarily say yes, but maybe once I'm drunk I might."
>Gee why didn't she like this?
You absolute dip.

Just imagine for a second if a women asked you if she was pretty. You say let me get drunk first than ask me again.

it was more like "I'm too shy to bluntly say yes given how obviously flirty it was" but I don't know, apparently it came out differently than in my head
fuck me

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you will never make it

Now I can't tell if you have autism or if you have severe alcoholism where you don't make any solid life decisions in a sober mind.

Jesus do all girls get salsa courses nowadays. Been hearing this a lot.

honestly I just wanted to avoid doing the beta attitude "I'll say yes to any proposal ever because I'm so needy"

After the bar/party we texted for a bit and I told her I was probably interested in doing this and that we should talk about it again IRL, she said sure
So I don't know if I totally fucked it up

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you are OP pic

just end my life

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so how do I unfuck my shit?

Jay Baumann is a Chad.

she probably forgot or she wasn't interested in you

Appologise because you are retarded and didn't say the right thing. Acknowledge you were rude/maybe feeling some male peer pressure while drinking with coworkers and say you would genuinely be interested in trying it.

just text her asking when she starts
god fuck all you autists

Well... you don't want to get laid do you?

She wants your friends cock inside of her, stretching and filling her.

>asking me and my friends if we are interested,
she never even wanted you to begin with, just some chad friend in your group who she already set it up with

yeah I'm worried about this but desu the other single guy in the group in really not a chad so I don't know

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women don't want single guys.

>wanna do salsa
>ask me when I'm drunk
>wanna do salsa
>let's talk about it when I'm sober
are you incapable of saying yes?

I know
She also invited me on vacation this summer (with other people) and I had to ask her twice if I was really invited and if it was cool I was coming

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Needy for what? She asked you if you wanna take salsa courses with her.

lowkey qt

How unconfident could you be?
No wonder women don’t want you to
touch them, you act like you have no balls.

Listen to him op

... That's so pathetic. Grow some balls!! Even if she just wants to be friends with you! People like you are so draining.

>OP dun fucked up
>rushes to justify his words continually to people on here
Fucking kek this shit was over before it began.