Why won't girls ask me out?

I'm the perfect gentleman.

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Follow rules number one and two
1. Be attractive
2. Don't be unnatractive


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They are too nervous around a presence like yours.

I'm not unattractive. I've seen much uglier guys with girlfriends.

I guess the best course of action is to get a gun and shoot up Isla Vista

How did you get out of hell, Elliot? Is Dimensional Merge really happening?

Looking for advice please. Nowadays women will happily hit on men if they're interested. I don't know why girls aren't asking me out.

Women are children, mentally. You have to make the first move, since children don't know what they want or if they want it unless it's right in front of them.

Off the cuff, I'd say that being a perfect anything is a little too intimidating. Perhaps consider being an above-average gentleman? Hell I'm a straight guy and even I would be put off being around a "perfect gentleman" in the course of a normal day.

I went to times square and sat there for as long as I could and no one said anything to me.
after that I knew that no one was ever going to, and that if I wanted to talk to someone I was going to have to go up to them and initiate it.
but I don't have the confidence to.

But I've seen lots of women make the move on guys?

Bump. Pls help

You sound like you never talked to a woman. Ever.

Women nowadays don't go after men unless they had some drinks in them. At bars, I can get women to come up to me but anywhere else i need to take the first step.

You have to chant a magic spell at them. Then they'll want to go out with you. Try the following incantation:
>Hey, you're interesting. Want to go grab a coffee?

Maybe because anywhere else women aren't interested in having that kind of conversations, have you considered that?
Also, bullshit. I come up to guys in plenty of social situations where alcohol is not involved, and I'm not the only one. Y'all just don't seem interesting in the first place, that's why no one hits on you

Why should I make the first move? If she's interested she'll talk to me.

No you have not

Believe what you want but I'm a hard 7/10. I've seen lots of manlets with semi-cute girlfriends. It beggars belief

It's not making the first move, it's a magic spell that will enable her to talk to you. Try it. Magic is real.

You are not taking this seriously, sir.

Look, you managed to find Jow Forums, which means that you're obviously a strong wizard already. You know that women are cursed by dark witchcraft. Put two and two together, sir: you need to employ your dankest magic spells to break the curse on her so that she can awaken from her numb slumber and realize how much she wants to be with you. Until you start casting those spells, though, she'll remain cursed in her waking slumber, seeming to perceive and react when in fact she is asleep to your very existence.

>Why won't girls ask me out?
>I'm the perfect gentleman.
Thanks. Cheers.

Women don't date fags and only a fag won't ask a woman who he likes out.
In short stop being a pussy virgin fag faggot.

Perfect isn’t enough, are you the supreme gentleman?

If a woman likes you she will approach you. I'm not lowering myself to ask someone out if they're going to reject me.

How to become interesting?

Bump. Need advice not shitposts

You people don't even try anymore. Shame.

You are the biggest shitposter in this thread.
Your OP is based on a false premise and I reject your hypothesis that women should ask you out.
Simple, non shitpost, stop being a fag.

There is never such a thing as perfect. No need to lie to yourself and strangers on the internet.

Please post in my thread too

Defend your position: why should women not ask men out first?

Because men are predators and women are prey.
Its deeply embedded in the psyche of both sexes.
There is sexual dimorphism in humans, both physical and mental.
The feminist bullshit are just that, ideological lies and bullcrap.
I'm not saying that one sex is better than the other, I'm saying that men and women are different.
End of story.

If you want a girl to see you as a potential mate you have to ask her out and assert your dominance and manliness.

Also be sure to not confuse what women say and what they want. E.g. they say they want a sensitive guy but that's bollocks, they want a strong man to dominate them, etc.

I agree. I was trying to fill the thread up with some substance. Thank you

It’s not about logic, it’s about most women’s ideas of masculinity. Most not all

Then it’s inductive reasoning. Most girls want the same thing

You probably have a shitty personality, it’s obvious from this post, learn to ask them out yourself pussy

Get a BMW.

Usually when someone declares themselves the perfect gentelman, they aren't.
You don't perceive yourself like others do.
Also attraction is extremely multivariabled. Being nice goes a long way. Theres more to it than that, though.

If I ask them out they will say no. If they were interested in me they would give me a sign. Why should I ask some girl out and flatter her ego just for her to humiliate me?

>Why won't girls ask me out?
Women for the most part don't ask guys out, ever. Why would a woman risk having her ego bruised by being rejected?
Women don't have to approach guys, they have 15+ "random" facebook adds, messages and orbiters at any one time, they can get a relationship at literally any moment.

Elliot Roger thought he was a gentleman, worked on his image, drove a BMW and wore designer brands... he sat in a coffee shop for 8 hours thinking a woman would approach him. It didn't work.

You can be a gentleman all you please, it won't make women come to you, even if you are turbochad women won't approach you.

>Elliot Roger thought he was a gentleman, worked on his image, drove a BMW and wore designer brands... he sat in a coffee shop for 8 hours thinking a woman would approach him. It didn't work.
Lol for real?
That's what he did?
Damn that kid was fucked up!
Who gave him so wrong ideas?

>it won't make women come to you, even if you are turbochad women won't approach you
Except this is bullshit. I've known goodlooking guys who were given girls numbers without even approaching them.

You are delusional and an idiot.
Please kill yourself or change your retarded ideas before you hurt someone.

>Who gave him so wrong ideas?
He was an incel like many others on the internet, he had no idea about basic social skills.
As I always post on here: The problem with giving "incels" advice is that they don't have the foundations to start with, they lack the ability to make small talk with cashiers and can't look anyone in the eye when they do talk to them.
"Incels" are buying brands, going to the gym and taking dance lessons (from youtube of course) but can't get basic social interactions down, then they become shitty people because women aren't approaching them and the 9's they message on pof (with their profile being utter shit) don't respond.

I've known of the most attractive guys I know (one of which had 7 women on the go at once) being approached by women and asked out a grand total of... once.
Women make approach and make small talk but they aren't asking to meet up or giving out numbers or social media names because they don't want to risk being rejected.
Women know they can like a few pictures and let the guy take it from there.

I’m not a chad and women approach me sometimes, just need to be lucky

My friend was a regular at his local Starbucks. One day the barista left him her number on his receipt. He never asked for it, he wasn't even interested in her. They had just made smalltalk when he ordered his coffee.


>Who gave him so wrong ideas?
His mom, at least according to his manifesto.
She openly used men for money and openly disclosed to him growing up.
He didn't get as much time in with his father as he should have, but I don't know if it would have made a difference.
His mom also treated him like a boyfriend in some parts of his life according to his manifesto.
Naturally, he would start thinking this or some of this was true.
Because his dad went bankrupt and couldn't work in Hollywood again, he started thinking not having the newest and latest car, trips, and so on was holding him back.
It was a vicious cycle that turned out pretty bad.