Should i drop out of college because I have no friends?

should i drop out of college because I have no friends?
Im depressed

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No. It gets better

No, it'll get better. Your education and future come first.

I had the same issue, I just put all my feelings into my studies. Eventually made friends when I got to spend more classes in my major and not just dumb forced shit like Calculus II or whatever
You're gonna make it user,

how long do i have to wait?

There isnt a set amount of time. Just like user said just focus on your studies rather than the fact that you have no friends and the experience will be less daunting.

It will happen sooner than you think. Just don't give up, get that education user

>waah i'm so lonely
>maybe i should fuck up my future
user what the fuck? You go to college to learn and get a better job than you would without a degree. Networking is part of it, but you'll probably have more opportunities to do that when you get deeper into your major, rather than sitting through some communist studies class or babby's first writing class (where you learn that the average college kid can't actually write for fucking shit and may be only semi-literate).
What year are you, and what is your major?

Ill give it one semester, not gonna sit around being miserable for years only a cuck would do that.
I tried so hard to make friends and evrn joined clubs but everyone just ignores me in the end and now im sad and have no energy to socialize.
Also my classes are all boring and easy right now, nothing to focus on
First year, CS.
I don't really care about what job i have anymore though i just want to he happy for once. Why would i stay here if what everyone else calls the best times of their lifes is miserable for me.


I’ve been in college for a year plus this semester, and was in college a few years back for a year as well. I’ve never made friends. Grow up

That’s a really pathetic and stupid reason to throw your education away, think realistically what would happen after you did that, now you’re still alone and depressed with no education working a dead end fucking job

If you drop out of college, you will just have no friends at a different place. Don't wait for them to appear in your life. Join clubs, workgroups, arrange learning sessions after school, talk with the person that sits next to you about school, then change the conversation to to different topics,... If you are depressed, this will make it harder but not impossible. The only person you talk to is yourself in your head and that has to change. Other perspectives are important too and depressive thoughts turn you even more depressive, because that's what they do. It's all about leaving your comfort zone.

what do you think you could possibly be doing that's deterring people from wanting to be friends with you?

Join clubs you’re interested in on campus, at least you will have others to talk to

If i drop out i could move in with an internet friend and at least then i won't be so lonely.
Also i tried clubs and all that and ill keep trying but nothing works out i have no idea why even if i put a lot of effort in and invite people places, its just not possible for me, social settings like this seeing everyone else having fun but me makes me miserable so thats why i think i should leave
No clue

>first year cs

dude are you even 21 yet? you're more of a cuck for thinking about dropping out.

t. gone years without friends. they come and go. I eventually find more

Finish college you fag.
Get a fat job. Buy a new Mercedes. Or BMW if that's your thing.
Then you will be friends with the local mechanic.

If you do drop out don't become a neet and join the military instead

It's a lot lonelier when you aren't in college. Making friends away from school is more difficult.

Just talk to people in your CS classes. If you can't make friends with them, you're not gonna be able to make friends if you drop out and get a job and work full time.
You've joined clubs, but have you attempted to socialize with the other people in them, or did you just sit in the corner and wait for people to talk to you? Because no one's going to do that.