How do stop having breathing problems from heartbreak?

How do stop having breathing problems from heartbreak?
My bf of almost 4 years broke up with me exactly a month ago because of the distance. I dedicated so much to him. All my time, money, love, etc.
I cried for days straight then started to calm down after a week.
He started talking to me again a few days ago and he sent me a video of him fucking another girl. And not only do I feel worse than when he broke up with me but I'm having bad heart palpitations because I cant stop thinking about the video.
I'm panicking. I really regret giving him my virginity. I want to kill myself. What do?

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How far was he?

Why did he send you something that cruel?


Stop thinking about him, he is not yours and there is no coming back. All you can do is move on, and really, force yourself to do so. Don't regret what you had, either, I assume those 4 years must have been fun in some ways. Treat it as nice memories and try your best to convince yourself there really isn't anything you can do about him anymore. The sooner you realize, the better.

Op here, to add, I also feel lightheaded constantly and im always shaking a bit. My gut area also feels shaky and delicate especially in public.
I hate that I cant get rid of my headaches because I cant listen to music which helps. Its affecting me so much physically. :(

Remove everything about him from your life, every photo, every item he gave you, that video, everything. Delete him off of everything. Then burn it all and watch it melt.

Hes a fucking loser for sending you that video. Delete him out of your life, block him, and move on.

Go for long walks, at a fast pace ideally.

Hes in the UK and me on the us. I saved up all my money to see him and buy him stuff.
He always wanted a video of me fucking a guy to use as a visual aid but I couldnt get myself to sleep with someone else. And then after the breakup he started asking how I would feel if I saw him fuck another girl. And I told him to do it so I would be desensitized by it and wouldnt feel anything. I didnt think he would actually do it because of all the promises he made to me.
So it was kinda my fualt I got the video and I feel so sick.

I’m in a LDR with my gf of 2 years. It’s starting to become hard for me. I love her a lot but I’m becoming stressed by the distance. Any advice OP?

Break up with her so you dont waste anymore of her time please. I beleive that if someone truly loves someone they would wait and do anything to be with them. :( don't let her turn out like me

I agree with OP on this. If you don't feel like this is worth it, break up and make both your and her suffering shorter.

I love her though :(

Love =/= caring about someone. If you loved her much, the wait wouldn't make you consider something like this. You can stay friends and care about her without being in LDR.

Why did he do this :,(

I’m not considering cheating if that’s what you’re saying. I’m loyal.

No no, I don't mean that, don't worry. And well, if you really do feel like you love her, just do your best to stay close till you can be together for good. I trust you to do the right thing, but remember, take care of yourself and your comfort first.

we wouldn’t be able to live together for another 3-4 years at the least. We fit together really well. But I just feel down so much.

I’m very sorry for what your bf did to you. I don’t think sex is worth destroying a good relationship. And it’s super fucked he sent you that video

I'm not the OP was the last OP reply I believe.

>And not only do I feel worse than when he broke up with me but I'm having bad heart palpitations because I cant stop thinking about the video.
I'm having palpitations because I'm infatuated too. It's bizarre.

So, the things is. You need to go out and find other people.

There's no other way.

Don't worry girl it's really hard but it'll go away with time. For the mean time focus on bettering yourself and talk to those closest to you even close family.. Get some new outfits practice with makeup or hairstyles. Take cute pictures, exercise and meditate. Just do all the self care stuff and build up your self esteem. He wasn't worth it and it's better that you parted ways. You'll find someone better and next time you will remember that you are number one not them.You should probably talk to a doctor or therapist about the heart palpitations, prolonged stress is really bad for you. Godspeed Anonette, sending you many hugs and I hope you feel better.

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What makes you think this is bait?
That was really sweet to read I try doing those things

Update. I had a bit of food and some pudding. My chest area feels kind of...stiff? Like theres pressure in my ribcage and also my spine. Will this cause me heart problems later in life?

It wouldn't start any problems. It may reveal a problem that had been unnoticed but if your heart is healthy you're not just gonna develop something out of the blue, even from stress.

Are you experiencing panic attacks? They can cause all sorts of very strong physical sensations during them. You can feel like you're going to die, like your heart is going to just run itself into the ground, you can even have your muscles start to lock up and be completely unresponsive (which happened to me, and lemme tell you that did NOT help me calm down).

When you feel yourself having one of these freakouts, try to focus on your breathing. You want to slow it down, and make the exhale longer than the inhale. This is essentially a biological hack that forces your systems to relax. Fast, gasping breaths and strong inhales only cause your body to become more stressed and activate fight/flight/freeze, so by deliberately slowing it down you can reduce stress and anxiety by a lot. You can try breathing along with this gif as a guide.

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>It may reveal a problem that had been unnoticed but if your heart is healthy you're not just gonna develop something out of the blue, even from stress.
I had palpitations because of that too.

It's just stress, I did a lot of exams, echocardiogram, used a holter for a whole day, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, running on a treadmill with a lot of electrodes connected everywhere.

Everything was A-ok. The doctor said my heart is actually pretty strong.

The palpitations are probably low blood pressure. He said you can have a lot of palpitations everyday and it doesn't mean anything.

It's just stress. And this kind of stress is worse than just anxiety, because it stress + adrenaline rush, like 15 times a day.

It's horrible.

But yes, she should check her heart to make 100% sure there's nothing wrong.