Is moving out from your parents' home really worth it? In a few days I'm going to move out for the first time...

Is moving out from your parents' home really worth it? In a few days I'm going to move out for the first time, to live with 3 other people in a home. I'm leaving my mom and cats, who are basically the only beings who care about me at all, to live with a bunch of strangers. Gonna pay some random guy $500 for the 'privilege' of having a room instead of giving my mom money to help her out.
Feels like I'm doing this cause (I feel) I have to, not because it's really for the best. Tell me it's the right thing to do.

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There are invariably some aspects to independence and self-sufficience that you lack because you've not struck out on your own. For those reasons you'll benefit from moving out.

Otherwise, I think most people just prefer moving out because young adults and old boomers make for poor roommates.

Stupid idea. dumbest shit you’ve probably ever come up with in your life

Moving out is never ever ever ever ever worth it unless it is your own place, alone, or with a significant other

For fucks sake don’t be fucking stupid op

I can't afford my own place, living with roommates is my only option unfortunately.

No the fuck it isn’t, that continues the cycle of not being able to afford it. The answer is you stack your money living at home until you have enough to move out on your own

I regret not moving out when I was young and I had a good job.
Now I ended up a 39 year old virgin.

then that's not real financial independence. there's no point. wait until you're in a better financial position to move out.

you think it’s cause u didn’t move out? lol I got some bad news for you buddy boy

>you think it’s cause u didn’t move out?
Yes, definitely not the only reason but a big part.
You can't have sex in your parents house.
Especially when you never got a room.
>lol I got some bad news for you buddy boy
Give it to me straight.

Moving out is cool, but that situation doesn't sound like a big upgrade. It sounds about equal to living with your mom.

>you can’t have sex in your parents house

No. YOU can’t have sex in YOUR parents house. Don’t speak for the rest of us

Tell me, what’s stopped you from having sex at her house? In the car? At a hotel? Under a park bench?

It's better in my opinion.
He could become more independent, learn to cook, date girls, etc

It’s actually a downgrade cause he won’t be giving money to his mom anymore, instead he’s giving it to random dirty fucks

>Tell me, what’s stopped you from having sex at her house? In the car? At a hotel? Under a park bench?
The fact she never existed because I was putting girls on a pedestal and thought they were all queens and princesses and better than me (also I felt a big shame (conditioned a bit from my family) that spending time with girls or doing anything social at school would disappoint them because I had to be the best student and study so much that I'm better than the teachers (ironic)).

Ok. Well that’s why you haven’t gotten laid. Not cuz you didn’t love out

Being independent means so many different things, and he could definitely learn to cook and date people while still living with his mom. Though age is the biggest factor with the dating aspect, if you're mid-twenties or older then good fucking luck with that OP.
Yeah if you have a good mom that you love then that's a big downside. At some point though that had to end.

>hasn't moved out

either you had a shit roll of the dice or you're a sperg. im betting sperg. listen user, if the end game here is to bring a chick back to your place to fuck her, go for it. move out. if you just want financial independence i'd recoommend waiting until you can afford rent on your own. if you don't see that day ever coming, then yeah, i guess move in with a bunch of house mates

seems like something changed in your mind and you're eager to leave but aren't really financially ready. good luck you beautiful sperg.

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It ends when OP
A. has a career and is financially able to move out of his moms place into his own while still being able to give her money and help her

Or B. She dies

Both kinda.
Lets say I made many mistakes and I'm being punished for my sins.
At least I'm not a neet anymore again, it's a fine paying job (especially judging how bad things are in my country) and theoretically I could rent a small house easily (like I need anything more than a bed and white walls) but shit happened so I have to postpone it.

I’m 22 and live with mom. She gives me “free” rent. I have to help by driving everyone around and watching my young siblings. Also she wanted me back in college so I agreed if she gave me a place to stay.
Anyhow, I won’t move out until she kicks me out or I make/have enough money to *buy* my own home. Fuck renting and fuck mortgages

You have a room?
You bring girls?
You have sex with girls in your room?

Yes a room.
I’m unattractive; girls don’t like me.
Girls won’t have sex with me, BUT if I ever wanted to fuck a hooker there are plenty of times when I’m home alone all day

I just moved out of my moms house to live in a house with one of my friends and a girl.

It sucks desu. I hate having roommates

You should gangbang the girl roommate with your other roommate

Fuck no

She gross or what

Why not?
Chicks love DP.

She’s crazy

Yet you willingly live with her. Interesting

Crazy chicks deserve a gangbang.
Invite the next dorm room too.
She needs at least 3 cocks, 5 ideally.

Rent is a good price and she didn’t make me sign a lease

Well this thread went some interesting places while I was away.
And I know living with roommates isn't the ideal but it feels like I should at least give it a try, see how it goes.

Don’t share food. Buy your own stuff