From where I can hire a hitman to assassinate me?

From where I can hire a hitman to assassinate me?
Since I'm to pussy to do it myself, I figured I should hire someone to do it for me. I don't want to he scammed.

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Youre an idiot

Yeah, I know. I made some spelling errors. Sorry.

you WILL get scammed. also it's not easy to find one.

Dark web

>go to us
>scare some cops
>have knife
>get shot dead


sadly true. Cops in US will turn you into swiss cheese not because you did something wrong, but simply because they can

The hitman is gonna be pissed when he finds out you aren't paying due to you know, death.
What then if you front the full amount to someone who isn't even a hitman?

This. Suicide by cop is criminally underutilized

my ex did that. huge waste of tax payers dollars to investigate what happened. not only that, but the cop who shoots and the family have to live with that for the rest of his life.

Fuck every cop who ever did his job.

>t. nigger

Go oldschool OP and just fall on your sword desu.

Is this Twitter?

Copfag. Why the hate? I don't make the rules, state gubmint does.

What inspired you to go into law enforcement?

Lawyers on maternal side, law enforcement and military on paternal side. Public service is in the blood an I love the job. Making about $60k annual as well not including benefits so it pays the bills.

>cop who shoots
They're used to it. Its part of their job. If they can't then they suck at their job

Only do this if you aren't black, OP
We could do without the inevitable chimpouts and leftist screeching

How about you call a help line op