I had sex with this woman. I just planned to pump and dump...

I had sex with this woman. I just planned to pump and dump. She is now basically stalking me wanting me to move in with her and help raise her kids.

The sex was amazing. What should I do???

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keep fucking
don't get emotionally involved

Tell her that you were only interested in sex and if she continues to try to contact you, the police will be called

Raise those kids user. Will be the best decision you ever made


But she is so cute even if she is crazy you know?

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Pimp her and refuse to fuck her ever again. The refusal to fuck is the most important part, it’s how you are able to maintain the pimping

She is cute however if she said "move in with me and raise these kids with me" then she might be looking for a babysitter. Also there is a chance the kids wont like you or the baby daddy. Dont think with your dick and be smart. You dont want a crazy woman with kids.

>fucking single mothers
Big mistake.



They don't want you as a lover, but they want you to be a father for their kids. They put their children before themselves before they would let you lick her ass. She could be sex hungry and wanting dick all the time, but that makes them a bad mother. What I'm trying to say is
>taking care of your girlfriends kids

absolutely this. another thing is that they will use sex as the bait. OP bit hard

You mean she will take away the sex?!

If that's her she's not.

Don't be a retard and think with your dick.

You'll be lucky to share the same bed with her after you're finished washing her kids clothes.

make them your harem

Oh shit. You think she is playing me? She was saying I love you during sex

And did you really believe that?

Any woman who says they love you really mean "I want you to take care of me and my problems". Plus she has a kid?
Be honest with us, was she your first?

>I slept with someone who already stalks me and expects me to be a daddy to her kids
>It was good sex
>wat do
Did she take your virginity or something? The sex can't have been that good because her baby daddies aren't around.
Block her and avoid, it's not your place to be a dad to her kids. If you are stupid enough to have any involvement with her kids the first thing she will do is expect you to watch her kids and then pay for them, before you know it she is hoeing around and then you are no longer receiving any sexual interest from her.

It's not a pump and dump if you kept in contact, stick to the original plan, don't relationship her, don't wife her, don't become her baby daddy, you should pay for school yourself rather than trying to pay for her kids, they have their own dads for that.

lol ur à dipshit. run the other way dipshit.


Dios mio...

Not my first but this was definitely the hottest sex I ever experienced. She seemed so sincere!


>the sex was crazy
>she acts like a fucking crazy person out of the bed
these normally go together unfortunately
>says i love you and stalks me too
lmao you better disappear, this is a deep and unforgiving hole youre heading down. pun kinda intended

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Cheese it dude
You don't want to get cucked
The ex had good reason to dumb her crazy ass
Wah wah wah he wasn't good for me
If he wasn't beating your ass he was good enough
Why do you think they say "in good times and bad times"
Just say no to single moms
Brutal I know
But that's how it is

Crazy eyes and crazy hair
Split dude
>admittedly she cute
>but ain't worth it
>never put dick in crazy
>never date crazy

Is she a midget?

Real talk OP
Run dude, run

Oh god.. this is like that cgi movie beowulf...
You banged the sea demon and now she will give birth to a monster that will wreck yo town..

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Not gonna lie, she's pretty cute but other peoples kids aint worth it man. And if you said shes stalking you and shes crazy? Idk man. Just be happy you got in there and move on with your life.

It's funny because she looks exactly like a girl I knew from school and she's a single mom.
Same hair, same eyes.
Not wort it dude.
She may be nice inside, like this girl I know.
But she's a single mom.
Too damaged and jaded.
She'll drag you down.
Not on purpose, but she can't help it.
Save your self and distance yourself from her, she can't be saved.

>being a cuckold is the best decision you'll ever make

Post moar pics, do not move in or take care of her kids, and if for some reason you decide to ever see her again, you need to tell her that it's strictly about sex. Otherwise stay the fuck away

>raising another man's children
Why are you even asking? It's always a big fucking no.

Quick questions:

-What's her ethnicity? Is she a white girl who gets a perm? Is she a latina? Looking at her kids one of the parents is either black or latino. Just wondering.

-Does she have a job?

-What do you look like?

Then, of course the sex is going to be amazing because she needs to pin someone down. Once she knows she's got you in her pocket, expect sex to be less and less present in the "relationship".

All of this screams sadness.

Single moms may well be the only advantage to being a neet
Once you find a job and you make good money you are literal prey for these succubi

Break it off fast user.
Good chance she's also planning on having a kid with you.
Her willingness to move you into her home to help raise her kids is a potential disaster.
You're not their father. Which means you'll have to discipline, or have a lack of discipline. Either way it's a weird dynamic.
Do something to piss her off, and her mom card will trump your girlfriend card.

just wait until you're my age and the only women without children are either way out of your league or just got out of the mental hospital for the 5th time.

If you are at this age and childless don't bother
If you have children of your own you can be with a woman that has children
>me I'm about your age but a kissless hugless virgin

stop thinking with your dick faggot, she wants your resources to raise that bastard, don't be a biological cuck


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>op is a faggot
shockin news
run away nigger, love yourself more, do you want to raise your children or the children of some unknown man? do you want to leave some legacy in this world?

I want to bang her some more...

Then you are even more of a faggot than I previously thought you are
She wasn't your first and she won't be your last
She's cute, I can give you that, but for fuck sake use your brain to think not your dick

tell her you want it to be strictly sexual. If she doesn't like it then you run

Her daughter is pretty hot, she legal?



There’s a whole world full of pussy out there.

Neither are lol

oh ok. I was gonna ask about the older one next

Dating a single mom is the ultimate cuck

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I guess man. She just really laid that pussy down on me good. I was seeing Stars

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My friend is dating a single mom. its sad the amount of resources hes wasting.

How mucj?

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The youngest one is made of plastic you sick fuck.

Ok, she cute.
Does that obligate you to raise her kids? Does her being cute bind you from seeing other women and getting home whatever time of the day you want?

Think about the consequences of this. Think about the worst-case scenario.

She was conflating sexual stimulation with appreciation of the prospect that you will raise her kids.

Basically noone means the words "I love you" during sex nor before nor after. It is outside sex that those words have any meaning at all.

She got mad at me last night and yelled at me for going out with the guys. Felt bad man.

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No job

I'm a decent looking guy. Fit. Have a job

you sound kinda off yourself, go for it. it'll be a toxic af relationship but i'm sure you know that and kinda want it so have at it

Then it isn't worth spending time with her.

My friend is the same way, always complaining about his single mom gf but always going back for more. Some people just like to complain even though they know they love the drama.

True boo

This thread has made me hate all you fucking normalfags more than i already do

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I wish we could ban all normalfags from Jow Forums you are nothing but a plague just fuck off and die

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Gut yourself

She reminds me of someone, but where?

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Oh God no! Not even close!

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