Why do most guys care about sex so much?

I get that sex-life is important in relationships. I get the whole biology argument (wanting to impregnate as many women because x amount of sperm). I get that sex is a relieving activity. It makes your body and brain feel good. I get that virgins see it as unchartered territory; a unicorn-like experience. But why are guys obsessed with it so much? So many make it the basis of their existence when there's so much more to life. I know this does not account for all guys, but it feels like the majority nowadays are so sex-crazed. It's almost like a do-or-die mentality. Something so strongly out of desperation.

Honest thoughts, opinions, or takes on this? Feel free to share your experiences also. I want to learn more about what goes on in a guys head, so I can better understand them.

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It's 80% the biology thing and 20% that media and the interconnected tech world has a positive feedback thing going. The biological drive keeps getting amplified through every aspect of the male experience in media.

You clearly don't get it then.

Well a lot of it is hormones. The need to fuck. A lot of it is it's the only time we are ever positively touched at all. The only time we are allowed to feel feelings. A lot if it is self worth. A lot if it is being visually stimulated. A lot of it is letting the aggression out. Testosterone in general makes it a need more then a want.

I used to be much more sex-obsessed. Still a virgin but I have come to terms with.
Anyhow, for men, you are expected to carry the weight of society. About the only rewards you can expect are sex, money, fame, and maybe power. If you can get sex easily paying taxes, inventing shit, dying in wars, cleaning toilets, and breaking your back in construction work is a little more tolerable. If you cannot get sex, the other rewards have to be encouraging enough but for some or most men aren’t.

Thank you for the thoughtful responses. Would you say if society didnt have these expectations on men (hiding feelings, being the one in control, being the breadwinner, etc) they would be less stressed and rushed about losing their V-card?

Mostly, yeah. There definitely is a sizable segment of the male population that is driven near exclusively by sex and would still value sex above all else

Maybe, but I can't conceive of a world where those messages are no longer broadcasted at men all the time. Pandora's box isn't going to close. There's too much money in selling ideas to society.

I honestly do, but when some guys make it the bane of their existence, I feel like it becomes very robotic and unnatural. When theres other things like hobbies, careers, family, forming relationships (friendships, romance), and new experiences. But as these other anons said, I feel like society has been very unfair to men when they are expected to be leaders, and be the embodiment of masculinity. Hiding feelings away will make you want to release them in different forms. And sex is probably the biggest one

>expectations on men (hiding feelings, being the one in control, being the breadwinner, etc)
Then we'd stop being men. Think about it closely.

I have a high sex drive even though I'm a couple years shy of 30, I jerk off 2-5 times a day. If I am gonna deal with a woman's bullshit, I better be getting pussy at least every other day.

>when there's so much more to life.
Oh, right, I forgot to cherish my horrid family life and history, my demeaning employment that boils down to doing the work that stoned darkies are too high to do on the skeleton shift, or the fact that the only chicks who act like I'm worth a shit are fat beyond compare and just see me as a port in the storm.
I keep seeing people suggest shit like hobbies. Want me to knit some fucking sweaters? Even my free time must be boiled down into what I produce for someone else?

Sex isn't important. Sex with one of those primpy little ladies, something you fucking people value above all else, is. God, I'd love that. I can just imagine seeing some blue-blood's jowls wobble while I drive off with his sorority daughter.
It doesn't really matter if there's something else. The truth is that I've nailed my goals to the church door. What are you going to tell me? "Ask for something more realistic?"

These make sense.
Do you feel that you, and most men are afraid of not being labeled by any of those qualities? If society didnt stress them on you as much, would you stay the way you are, or show more vulnerability?

I can understand that sentiment, although, I feel like the biggest thing in the way is lack of communication between genders. When we rely on stereotypes of both men and women, we can misunderstand each other easily, and fail to work through problems in a relationship.
Do you feel like having sex with someone attractive will fix everything? Or at least make things better? You seem to have a lot of anger inside. Feel free to share anything else about yourself

If you waved a magic wand and made the majority of society adhere to your absurd post-feminist interpretation of the sexes, what they are, and what they do in the world, then yeah, we'd probably start living like you.

"Vulnerability." You can't even say, "hey, it's kind of messed up that some perfectly fine guys can't see their kids," without someone screaming it down "BUT WOMEN GET CATCALLED." Here's a piece of vulnerability for you, people in general, men included, are scared of fucking dying. Got my draft card when I was 18, sister. How about you? Gotta love how last election's "feminist candidate" was a total fucking warhawk that wanted to drag us into another retarded conflict with the only country on the planet that has a comparable nuclear arsenal to ours that would force costly stalemates. WE NAM NOW.

You're not the same as us, you can't be. You bitches cry because someone said you have a nice ass (you probably do). You don't get how fucking expendable we actually are.

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Women don't care about sex because it's extremely easy to get for them.

It's the equivalent of how we in rich countries don't think about food beyond when we're hungry, but some tribsemen in the amazon do rituals and pray to their gods for a good hunt so they don't starve.

This. Society and civilization is a meat-grinder that turns unattractive men into bricks that attractive men use to build shelter for women in exchange for sex.

It's more that I can't fix anything. No one's going to listen to me or change. You're all too busy masturbating to how great it is that society lacks familial structures that were literally the one constant among every advanced civilization.

I don't have to fix anything though. I just have to get what I want. Other guys live that way. Why shouldn't I? I'll have a family and kids. That's enough for me.

for a man theres nothing more to life than sex, all male performativity is directed towards sex, thats why men work, thats why men fight wars, thats why men have big muscles.
women dont understand because theyre selectors, they dont have 'reproductive work' and hence cant understand it in men. reproductive work is the work necessary to reproduce, and includes bodily metabolism (the male body/metabolism/immune system works hard to sustain a huge amount of muscle and bone mass) as well as performative traits...

Men care about sex cause of biology. Not passing down our genetics is a serious issue. Only recently has the social and economic side been possible to not have a family. Though, I think we'll soon get a reality check and change course soon.

>Do you feel that you, and most men are afraid of not being labeled by any of those qualities? If society didnt stress them on you as much, would you stay the way you are, or show more vulnerability?

What women say they want, and what women actually want are two separate things. A woman asking a man to be vulnerable is a classic shit test to see if he's weak.

Agreed. Dying while working, dying while going to work, or getting sent off to war is a very real possibility for men. It's way more dangerous than women giving birth when you look at the stats.

In the states, the reason why women actually got the right to vote was men under 21 didn't have the right to vote, but were required to go fight and die. Then women piggybacked on the issue. Giving women the right to vote was a bunch of nonsense.

>Women don't care about sex because it's extremely easy to get for them.
If you think women don't care about sex then you're deluded.
Women do care about sex, but are just more selective who they have sex cause the opportunity is more plentiful.
Sex gives them access to top safety, power, and fortune.
They care about what clothes and makeup they wear, obsess over selfies for the most part, and compete among each other for the top men.

>If you think women don't care about sex then you're deluded.
Wrong choice of words on my part there. OP asked 'why do men care about sex so much', I should've said 'women don't care as much as men'.
I know full well that women are just as sexual as men, if not moreso, they just don't think about it as much as we do because of how easy the access to it is for them.

There are both men and women who are sex-centric.

It's just what happens when someone lacks the thick skin to repeal media influences.

sexual selection will always be a thing but society tips the scales quite a bit by presenting itself as a vast accumulation of symbols... the individual leads a highly mediated life, adopts debilitating interests & evolutionarily novel traits (anime, internet addiction, drug abuse etc), social isolation/reclusion leads to a general ineptitude on this front, which is sexual suicide... all in all, it's society's fault, society shackles passions, society thwarts desires, society makes men bitter by being individualist and depriving the adult male of a community, meaning his existence is no longer participatory but self-concerned... this is a tragedy for men, because men are only valued, and hence only rewarded, for performance acts.
No community -> no performance -> no reward for said performance -> no self confidence -> no pussy -> a very sad existence for man

as an addendum id like to say that the ones who do manage to get into a nice lil feedback loop i.e working and finding some semblance of community in the work environment are, fundamentally, dysfunctional as the divide between public and private life will be quite wide... in other words, careerism leads to certain deficiencies in emotive capacity, empathy etc... career autists are often controlling towards women...
so yes society and its capital-centric, individualist labor based structure creates all these wacky symptoms men exhibit theres no doubt in my mind of this

>Women don't care about sex because it's extremely easy to get for them.

>I should've said 'women don't care as much as men'.
>I know full well that women are just as sexual as men, if not moreso,
>they just don't think about it as much as we do
You really are deluded.

because women are great.
with social media it is so much easier to be exposed to them.
A few weeks ago I got into a new video game that didn't have any cuties in it, and I actually went more that a week without jacking off, effortlessly
I wasn't addicted to the game or anything, I just played it when I would have instead went on Jow Forums.
but if I went on Jow Forums it is hard to go 30 second without being exposed to some cute girl like that elf thot in your image there.\
doesn't really matter if they are real, fake, or even in real life, it is hard to be exposed to women without feeling the need to be all over them

Nah, 80% it's media and peer pressure, the other 20% is biology.

Non meme answer
Personally I don't care that much about it myself, I care more about the relationships i'm in first then sex enhances it afterwards, but even then i'm still a man with a dick and it feels like an insatiable lust sometimes user, i think it's just down to our DNA.

Why are you angry? I agreed with you

Not angry.
You didn't agree with me and contradicted yourself.
Stop being delusional about women.

I want a girlfriend so much bros...

That's me though, I always feel like people don't appreciate me and my company, or worse, that I'm inappreciable period.
I can say this on Jow Forums, it's allowed. I wouldn't admit it without anonymization.

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It isn't to me but I'm pretty weird, probably schizoid personality disorder. I'm not quite asexual but my sexual urges are compartmentalized and subordinate to other more conscious factors. I genuinely have no desire to have sex with someone I wouldn't want to marry even if I like dat ass and even though the idea of casual sex is pretty hot.

I like a healthy sex life but isn't the only thing. Honestly it feels really good. You sound repulsed or haven't had good sex (no offense). I dont mind little sex in the relationship if my girl is up front.

wise words

How much more do you need?

I like sex every day. It's kind of important and there's nothing worse than a frigid bitch who likes Instagram more than sex.

A lot of it is pretend. I live in a way that I am mostly around men, so my sex drive is almost 0. Men joke about sex in a way that is meant to shock other men or gross them out.
It is rarely taken seriously and it is not driven by a sexual desire.
Women expect men to be sex crazed maniacs. They want to tame us or something. If men were sex crazed maniacs, why would they go along with that?
Most men just want to sit in a comfortable chair, drink a cold beer and get a blowjob from an enthusiastic and beautiful girl.
Most men realize this is not going to happen and they go for a relationship where they can have sex some times and drink cold beers other times.
Usually men want to overcome some struggle to get something, so actually achieving this fantasy isn't what they want, but they still strive for it.

Better question OP.
Why are men incapable of love? Why can they never stay in relationships long without wanting something new/new sex BECAUSE they're sex crazed?

Women are the ones who can't love.

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