This is not a troll thread. I'm 100% serious

This is not a troll thread. I'm 100% serious.

I'm a 27 year old guy. I've been exclusively attracted to other guys as long as I can remember. I call this "gay" and several people in my life know me as gay. There have been a handful of girls I've found attractive, but for every girl, no lie, I've seen maybe 5000 guys I am attracted to. All my crushes have been guys. Etc.

I hate being gay for a multitude of reasons - my spiritual/religious beliefs, my political beliefs, just that fact that I've seen what the LGBTQIALMAOWTF+ "community" is and has become. It's awful. I reject that identity and lifestyle. I've intentionally never dated or had sex for that reason.

How do I actually stop being gay? "Fake it until I make it?" Therapy? I had a great childhood and never was abused or anything close to it. Prayer? I've prayed a lot about this, and, not to get super religious-y (because that's not what I'm making this thread for) but I feel as though it is something I need to continue to figure out.

So, Jow Forums. How do you stop being gay?

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Stop labeling. Go with the flow, don't deny yourself what would make you happy. Fuck what politics or religion say/

What would make me happy is no longer being attracted to other guys.

bullet to the head or fire on the pyres

I think that if you are more drawn to males than females then it might be hard to change that because that's what you are attracted to. there is nothing wrong with being gay

I don't think there's anything outright wrong with being gay. I just think, for me, it is not something I want to be a part of. So if I can change it, I want to. I'm just trying to figure out how possible that actually is.

OP you're pretty fucking stupid if the biggest reason you want to convert yourself is just because the gay community "Haz a cringey fanbase !!11" I would understand if you were a teenager and feeling embarrassed about itbut you're almost in your thirties. This is just absurd.

Date a trans girl, Male to female.

Ever get checked out by an endocrinologist when it comes to your hormones? Worth a shot to at least eliminate something.

I see an endo regularly, actually. I'm a type one diabetic, so I'm constantly injecting hormones. Insulin, specifically, but technically a hormone. Nothing wrong with my testosterone though, or anything else I've had blood work for. Don't know of any link between homosexuality and type one diabetes though, hah.

Is your father present in your life?

Very. He's a bit rough around the edges, but very supportive, loving, and generous. He and my mom, both. Sometimes we butt heads when I see him, but definitely good, I'd say.

The only, like, psuedo-psychological thing I could think of that might make me drawn to guys is one thing, growing up, I never had a lot of male friends. Lots of girl friends, never managed to get close to any guys. Now, I have some very close male friends, but that hasn't stopped the gay. It is interesting to note, though, that the guys I am close friends with, even if they are objectively good-looking, I'm not attracted to them sexually or romantically. Dunno what that means, but it could be something.

So you don't want to be in the community? Just don't associate yourself with them. I'm Bi and hat the LGBTWTFBBQ community. You like cock. You don't have to be an overly flamboyant faggacorn or associate with them.

Just start to fucking fuck guys, for fuck's sake. Stop overthinking it.

okay, interesting.
What if you find a girl that you find attractive and try to have sex with her to see how it goes?

I actually don't like cock. I'm not repulsed by them, but I like everything else about the male body though. Hair, face, chest, body, arms, legs, ass. The opposite is true for women - I would fuck a vagina. But tits, hair, ass, face, all that? Not really at all. In fact, tits are the one thing I'd probably say come close to repulsing me. I've seen a handful of girls in my entire life that had me look twice, maybe. And they were in media/porn/internet, not in real life.

See reply above. I think there could be a girl out there for me. But the stars would have to align just so perfectly. Maybe that is just the answer - find the right girl.

You can start by not making these shit-tier threads, niggerfaggot

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>trans girl
Those are mentally ill men, faganon
and cutting your cock of doesn't make you a female.

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You can't stop being gay if your attracted to men.
Just don't identify with the lgbt stuff if you don't want to, I've known plenty of gay people who dislike things the community does.

I don't want to associate with the community, but I also just, in and of itself, don't want to be gay at all. I do not want to be attracted to the same sex for it's own reasons. Even if the community was incredible and wonderful, for its own reasons, I do not want to be gay.

So if there's a way to not be, I want to figure that out and try it.

Why are you so against being gay for yourself ?
Trying to repress your sexual orientation never ends well and since you don't live in some sandy shithole, its not like you'll get lynched for being openly homosexual.
Unless your worried about harassment ?
But its not like people can tell if someones gay from looks alone.

you don't, just accept yourself, being gay it's not even that big of deal in the first world anymore

Just be gay privately and don't reproduce. Do not protest for homo rights. Do not 'like' homo posts and do not show anyone but other homos that you're gay.

your beliefs make you repress your desire, that’s dumb as shit
>But the stars would have to align just so perfectly.
what a fucking dumb cunt you are, holy fucking shit, there’s no such a thing as the right one you wushu washy fuck

you're an individual. why do you feel the need to conform to either the gay community or the straight community? do what you do and like who you like and dont overthink what it "means". most people are stupid, but you just gotta be yourself in spite of it

You really can't stop being gay.
Try to be something other than "gay".
What I mean by this is that, the gay identity and struggle has been a way of life for (justifiably) miserable gay people, and it's been that way for decades. However, in the modern age, being gay doesn't have that real, soul crushing guilt and societal ire anymore. A gay person like you is now miserable in the same ways everyone is miserable, lack of purpose and lack of social connection.
Your denial of relationships is actively harming you, please look for someone.

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You cant stop being gay. How tf does your political views get in the way of you being gay? Do you hate gays and hate gay marriage? This is so stupid. Your 27 man whos gay but doesnt want to be gay. Your old enough to know this isnt a choice deal with it. Holy shit man you are retarded.

I'm sure its a burden for a lot of people. It can prevent people from having kids and it is basically true we're not really "designed" for it.

>How do I actually stop being gay? "Fake it until I make it?" Therapy?
Therapy is always a good option. Therapy doesn't have to be about trauma; they can help with whatever psychological thing you want to discuss. Anything bothering you.

>my political beliefs, just that fact that I've seen what the [LGBT] "community" is and has become. [...] I reject that identity and lifestyle.
Lotsa gay people hate LGBT. I thought I was bisexual once and hated the LGBTQ community. Hell, I've even experimented a little bit with cross-dressing both as a kid and as an adult (never since) and thought of myself for a time when I was younger as not having a gender. Yet I always hated the LGBTQ+/SJW community.

I hate that they place so much of their personality identity on their orientation, I hate that they treat it as a "lifestyle", I hate how they're trying to redefine gender, I hate what they're doing to college culture, I hate how they're redefining rape.
But I'm sure most gay people are sick of that shit and just want to live their lives and not be like "YEAH YOU GO. GAY PRIDE" all the time.

>I've intentionally never dated or had sex for that reason.
> my spiritual/religious beliefs

Roughly in order while in therapy:
1) Seek out and speak with gays. Don't tolerate advances. Should be sympathetic to your situation.
2) Date attractive woman or indulge straight porn just to cross it out. DON'T fake it. If it doesn't feel good sexually, you are not straight. Sex != romance. Don't overthink if you like dick or vagoo.
3 and/or 4) Prayer once more. Goal here is to whittle options so I'd set a time frame.
4 and/or 3)Go to one of those get-the-gay-out things. If it works, good. Otherwise move on.
5) Check up on science?
6) Its determined you can't stop being gay. Options:
A. Continue to not indulge it
B. Go out with a guy you like.

Actually, after reading some of your posts, it sounds more like you're insecure and uncomfortable about it than anything else.

You don't have to take it as an identity. Maybe there's some little differences being with a man than being with a woman, but it does not automatically mean you need to go full-on Richard Simmons or ANYTHING close to it.

All it means is you want to be with a man sexually and probably also romantically.
That doesn't mean anything.

I know for me when I think about the idea that I could be vulnerable to someone, it can make me feel insecure and make me worry that I could be controlled or become something I'm not, but if you're careful that's not really the case.

If you feel like you want to fuck or date men, then just do it.
You're not going to be taken away and put on some remote island filled with rollerblading ass faggots in pink shorts.

There's nothing wrong with it. Just be safe and check that they don't have orally transferable diseases if you're doing that, or if you do ass stuff, use a damn condom.

I'm straight and virtually EVERY girl I see is a (bad) option sexually. You're a virgin like me, so I doubt its much different.

I guess it can suck a little to be gay. There are some things that are difficult if you are gay (like having kids or doing certain things sexually).

But you don't fucking get everything you want.
Sometimes, I wish I was fucking gay or asexual. Wouldn't that be nice to just be asexual and not aromantic? Or maybe I could just enjoy the simplicity of being aromantic.
Wouldn't that be nice? If just for a day.

But no. No you don't just get that.
And that's something you have to A C C E P T and not be so ashamed of.
There's no other option. Fundies who pray the gay away are absolutely fooling themselves.
I'm sorry, but you've tried going out with women. You can't just wait and hope that oh maybe this one girl will come along.
No. Its not worth it. You would be giving up the chance to make someone happy who doesn't have very many options so you can make a woman that loves you very unhappy.

You need to love yourself.

>I don't like cock but I'm not repulsed by them.
Okay, so you're NOT repulsed by cock, you've had outright crushes on guys, you very rarely - if at all - are attracted to women, you like every single one of the many other features that constitute a male body, and you said yourself you are gay.
Got it.

So you don't want to be in the community? Just don't associate yourself with them. You don't have to be an overly flamboyant faggacorn or associate with them.