How to be a female PUA?

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>go to a guy
>say "want to come back to my place?"
>he says yes because he's a guy
congrats you're now a female PUA

Great shitpost, A+

Don't be fat.

Suck my fucking dick bitch

i just failed with that.
going to try tomorrow again.



Are you fat?

Yes 5'4" 190

Here is your problem

What is the problem? It's 2018+1 you should appreciate my love handles.

1. grab a camera
2. take a picture of your tits with a timestamp
3. failure to do step 2, then you should gtfo

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I think at 5'4 you got more than love handles. Try keto or something.

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are you a tranny?


>wanting to sift through all the trash coming your way through dating websites in person

at least bring a gun with you to keep the spergs at bay


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I'll get a dildo and peg fuck you if you're into that kinky stuff baby ;)

No thanks faggot
Show your tits with a timestamp, first

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oooo blow my asshole out with that BBC dildo bb

I want your fat cock baby

You just don't know when to leave do you?

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I want you to fuck me so good and cum inside me babe