Broke up with gf and now she is freaking the fuck out

I’ll post screen caps of the text but basically

>fiance calls me to come take her home from work since her car has a flat
>go to pick her up
>about a quarter way there I get a call
>she treats me this way constantly, as if I’m some kind of slave
>proceeds to complain/yell at me
>I blow up on her, yelling into the phone
>pick her up
>yell at her some more
>”you’re such a sociopathic bitch, why can’t you just grow the fuck up, etc.”
>she’s shocked into silence
>I take her to her mom’s house
>tell her to “get the fuck out of my car”
>she starts crying and throwing a tantrum you would expect from a 6 year old
>I literally pull her out of the car
>”I don’t want you to leave!”
>”well you should have thought about that when you were treating me like shit. Go inside”
>she starts crying and borderline screeching, I just get in my car and leave
>she’s yelling something at me from the drive way but I ignore it

Few hours later
>I’m with my dad
>he wants me to come to a family dinner at chili’s
>I’m there, gf is at her moms still having an aneurism
>she spam calls my dad asking where I am
>dad gets pissed, tells me I should leave and that our drama would ruin the dinner

Now I’m sitting at my uni’s computer lab, posting this. I called her when I left Chili’s and told her “don’t spam call my fucking parents.”

We’ve been in a committed relationship for two and a half years. I’ve always taken good care of myself (ie: working out, grooming, etc.) and she’s been the complete opposite. It’s only lately that she’s become very rude and hyper emotional.

Did I do the right thing? I want to say I was sticking up for myself, but I definitely wasn’t being kind whatsoever.

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Also, Bo is a gay friend of my gf who has autism.

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Go no contact, don’t even speak to her again

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Cont 3

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She smokes cigarettes user, she’s definitely not a keeper

Cont. 4. The last one is the most recent. It’s a bit out of order.

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Be a man OP. Tell that crazy bitch to fuck off and cut off all contact with her. You deserve better.

Honestly that’s my fault. Ever since I’ve joined the army (die for Israel I know) I started smoking and she followed.

Cont. 5

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I don't like jumping the gun. Talk to her and try to work this out. However it's highly unlikely that she'll change. In that case I'd break up with her.

Based. How long have you been in? Where you stationed at?

dude just break up. this relationship has gone toxic and its not going back.

The thing about that is, I've tried that so many times and it still hasn't changed. I honestly believe it's ingrained in the way she was raised. It's emasculating at this point.


Ditch her and take care of herself.

Redflag her OP

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I've only been in for a year, I'm currently an engineer (12N) in the OK National Guard; however, I'm hoping to just ditch the reserve components and get a waiver to go active duty. I got a 297 PT score and that is all my unit really cares about so I think they'll allow it.

Cont 6.

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Cont. 7

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it honestly feels like it except she isn't cheating on me.

Don't go active duty. It fucking sucks. Trust me. At least for 11B. I wish I would've went national guard.

I mean if you’re in the army, you never know she may have cheated on you a couple times mate. Never get a girlfriend when in the military. Just fuck whores

>she isn't cheating on me
Boy, aren't you a dumb nigger?

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Infantry is so badass, I wish I went in as 11B. You really get to be part of something infamous and renown.

I'm a POG who hasn't deployed yet, but you're advice seems sound and solid so I'm gonna take it. I'm not into the whole sex with random women thing, it really just feeds the rotten egos of women, and society as a whole.

We're around each other 24/7 pretty much, our sex life is really good she's just fucking crazy.

Okay, than why are you thinking of taking her back? What's the draw?

>tfw girl I adore never texts me at all

wow wat a crazy bitch, just cut all contact with her user is the best you can do at this point

So, why the fuck don't you leave the annoying cunt already?

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It's just hard to hurt a person like that. Where would she go?

I was an 11B deployed to Iraq and several other places. All women will cheat and most women are trash. You wouldn't believe the stories I could tell you. You've been warned.

The asylum?

>hurr durr guise its hawd abloo abloo
Not only are you a cuck, but a pussy too?

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Bro, first of all where's your relationship going? Remember, relationships lead to marriage and kids ideally, how would those dynamics play out given what you see today? Are you gonna want your daughters to turn out like her, or your son to take shit from women like you do?

If you think a future with her will turn out okay, fine give her this new chance. But you gotta think through logically.

She knows how to play the victim and blame you at the same time

I think you're confused, if anyone would be the one to cheat in the relationship it'd easily be me. There's always a more attractive one in a relationship and I'm it. Your posts seem to be projecting a little bit. Or you're a shill idk.

I have thought about exactly this over and over but at the same time how do I just make someone homeless without even giving a fuck?

>I definitely wasn’t being kind whatsoever.

youre in the wrong then

i mean maybe she is too but two wrongs dont make a right. how are you gonna brag about how youre so well put together and so much more stable than she is and then give yourself permission to fly into a rage because you cant communicate with her?

if you want to break up with her than you got what you wanted but you should really hold yourself to a better standard

You need to ditch her. Don't call someone you think has a secondary psychopathy (sociopath, borderline, narcissist, etc). Just go complete no contact with them.

>Ever since I’ve joined the army (die for Israel I know)
You need to cover your ass with this woman when it comes to your enlistment. If you get a bogus domestic violence charge, you're fucked. I've seen so many men in various branches get fucked over for the same thing.

>I'm not into the whole sex with random women thing, it really just feeds the rotten egos of women, and society as a whole.
But your into sex with someone you think is a sociopath.

>We're around each other 24/7 pretty much, our sex life is really good she's just fucking crazy.
She sounds codependent and borderline. Let me guess, you lost a lot of your old friends and family or very limited contact over the past 2.5 years with her?

>it honestly feels like it except she isn't cheating on me.
Happens with borderline women. You're codependent with her. She knows how to get you addicted and then sucks the life out of you in the worst way.

>It's just hard to hurt a person like that. Where would she go?
Not your problem.

>I have thought about exactly this over and over but at the same time how do I just make someone homeless without even giving a fuck?

If she's a borderline, her head is permanently fucked up. Some shit probably happened to her growing up, and she's now hardwired not to be normal. This is called secondary psychopathy. Only way this shit works out is if she wants to change, is medicated, and gets lots of therapy.

These types will suck the life out of you, and fuck you over if you're lucky. They'll be nice one moment, and stab you the next without hesitation. They'll also plan shit out like a trap. They know how to manipulate people and fake emotions.

Be careful. She'll hoover you months, even years later trying to lure you back in.

Dude, thanks a ton

And nothing of value was lost.

She gonna be revenge fucking all kinds of dudes over the next two weeks. Her pussy is going to be so slimy and swollen.

are you bo, user?

This is amazing.

Any anons have any more of this roastie kino?

you acted like a teenager
>things dont go their way
>say nothing
>blow up in rage when its too much

you taught her to behave like this, every time she used you as a "slave" and you said nothing, you reinforced this behaviour

btw shes a golddigging whore

>Die for Israel
Leave Israel, it's a guard-dog state that only exists to safeguard western interests in the Middle East and repress Palestinians, you will never achieve true happiness in a place like that.

With that said, you're acting like a little kid yourself, don't you think it's unfair to call just her a sociopath? Apologize, then try to have a nice, serious talk and make her explain why she is so aggravated, so you can determine if it's because of you or if there are other reasons.

Also, as a general rule, express yourself, she's not your sergeant in the barracks, you don't have to act like she is.
You may have to talk things out along with an expert's help, she does seem to have some issues you can't help her with.

how is her boob game?


Kek, looking at those text messages I can’t help but feel that she is crazy. So many different moods and attempts to get you to talk. Definitely break up, she is crazy and her treating you like a slave is not going to change. My mum and dad have been married for over 25 years and she STILL criticizes him for everything, and that always causes fights which for some reason never end in divorce. I genuinely feel sorry for my dad. So just break it off man, it will never end.

But she has been your gf for 2.5 years and from what I understand fiance, so she deserves 1 good break up talk. Then cut all contact.

She is even worse than crazy, she is – may Allah forgive me for uttering this word – a woman.

Till his father kicks his ass because the bitch won't stop calling him.

dude you were about to marry a whore who has a "gay friend". you are more of a retard than her.

kek, based dad

Why would I care since we’re over? She wasn’t very attractive anyways. Any time I’d make any attempt to get her to improved herself either with me or alone it was just another fight.

Watch yourself OP,the whore will go for the old domestic abuse/rape before you can say "cake",try to get her to say you never touched her via audio(it's easier than you think)

If dubs, text that you slept with her sister

Good for you coming to that realization.

To add to my last She fears being alone, so don't be surprised what I'm about to tell you.

She'll try starting shit to your friends and family. She'll text them, call them, and probably show up to their homes. Make sure your friends and family know this before, and to have no contact with her as well. She'll say some nasty shit about you, probably 99% untrue. Make sure you know what she is saying, but don't say anything about her. Cause if anything gets reported back to her, she'll feed off it. Someone saying, "He didn't say a thing about you when I brought it up" will make her realize she needs to find her next victim.

She may attempt to commit suicide. These types will do it for attention. Immediately let the police know. Don't engage at all in this conversation with her, unless the police tell you to. Don't let her know the cops are coming. At that point, you need to get a restraining order.

If she needs any stuff from your place, let one of your friends coordinate it. Simply get her things, box them, and have your friend drop them off in public.

There's a good chance she'll show up to events she wasn't invited to, and will pretend there was no reason to break up with you. I would not be surprised if she managed to show up to your NG deployment ceremony by pretending to be dumb with whoever is manning the gate, then flash some pics of you two took, and sneak in. I've seen this shit work with idiot civ guards unfortunately.

If you get another girlfriend, expect all the aforementioned and her getting really pissed cause you have a new girlfriend. Don't be surprised if your new girlfriend gets her tires slashed. Even if it's years later. You might want to clue your next girlfriend in to be ready just in case. Have friends, family, and other evidence to back you up.

A relationship involves two people OP. At best you've also got a bunch of red flags for taking this kind of behavior but based on the way you describe dealing with this (dealing with being fed up with treatment by bluntly breaking off an engagement out of the blue, yelling back, going from no contact to something, name-calling) your hands do not seem entirely innocent here either.

Jesus your gf is messed up in the head but you’re a psycho asshole and obviously don’t love her. Do everyone a favor and break it off

Keep posting

This keep posting

Not sure if I’m posting the same pics but here’s some more

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This is kind of late but I meant to say “can’t”

I don't know what's worse, her doing this or you for still humouring this shit

Maybe next time you won't view two whole fucken years as a """long time"''" and try to wife someone you can't even communicate with

As someone whose been there? Get the fuck away from her. Girls like that never change. They just get worse, you get more apathetic to it, and 5 years in you find yourself sitting at your PC, browsing Jow Forums and wishing she'd just cheat on you so you had an absolutely unfuckable way to dump her without guilt. You need to get away, take a couple months to yourself, think about shit you want to do that you never got to, and try and realize those desires.

I caught my ex planning on fucking another guy, screencapped it, booted her ass out, and then dumped $1500 on a trip to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. Spent the whole weekend plastered, taking micro-naps in the bathroom stalls so I didn't have to go back to the hotel with my pals. Maximized the amount of time I wandered around, socialized, etc. Spent hours at parties, fucked two cosplayers, and dumped hundreds on cool shit she would have ridiculed me for buying. (I got a 1st edition collection of Batman vs. Predator, and some neat Aliens art to replace all the shit she took when she left.)

Three years later, I was married and had a kid with a girl I'd known since middle school.

Don't stick around, don't expect her to change - that shit is hardwired into some people, and will never short. It ain't worth more years of your time.

I'm usually quick to say as advice "dump that bitch", but in this case I hesitate. I've pretty much read the entire thread and especially the phone messages, and I say the guys are pretty much totally senseful in saying you should dump her, BUT,

First of all I try to see things for what they are. She seems a little crazy but that's how you loved her first of all. Many girls are pretty much like that once they're comfortable enough with a guy and they love them enough. Maybe that's just the way she is. You say she hasn't cheated on you and that's good. So maybe she has, who knows, but truth is that most girls are true-to-form sluts in the right conditions. /b/, for example? Just female nature. If you dump her and get another, you'd better hope she isn't worse. Besides, are you "perfect" yourself or do you have "your things" too?

Most of the time I'd say get the fuck out, dtb, but this time I'd say, weigh carefully the pros and cons and see if what you've had together so far merits value or if it doesn't. If the negative outweighs the positive, your emotions included, then maybe it's time to stop it. But if the positive weighs more on you, and/or especially if you're not sure, I'd say strongly "give it one more day". You never know. I take no shit from women and I know how to ride them, but I try to see the angles too.

>you left a mark on my wrist
be prepared for abuse allegations my friend

This is true. I saw the threat immediately but it depends on how they've had it before in that sense.

narcissist vibes

I don't know, but Bo needs a ride, Jackson. Come on, don't be THAT guy.

Peeing a lot means high levels of anxiety don't fall for that muh im pregnant crap, run away.

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