I approached two women from Australia in the street. I asked them about the difference between Australian accent and New Zealand accent. One of them told me "deck" in New Zealand accent sounds like "dick". I was kind of taken aback by the sudden vulgarity I guess but afterwards I wondered if she said this because she was attracted to me? And was she then unattracted because I didn't roll with it and said something like "you can sit on my dick" or whatever, and instead moved on to other topics? Maybe she thought that gave a timid impression? Because a few sentences later she said "nice to meet you, we have to go home".

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>a complete stranger calls you dick to your face
>assume it was because she wanted to fuck you

"g'day cunt" is the traditional aussie greeting, fyi

You're reading too much into it. Maybe she's a vulgar woman, maybe it's the first word that came to her mind.

"You can sit on my dick" isn't going to win you any favors, either. Most women are not going to want to hear that from a stranger. Also if they were attracted then not making a vulgar joke in .5 seconds wouldn't change that.

Regardless, it doesn't matter anymore. You had a conversation with two strangers, and it went fine. They moved on, you should too.

No it didn't go fine dumbass because they rejected me after a minute or something of talking.

Is that you, tourist-fucker? I see you're still as desperate as always

Lmfao should have brought those sandwiches to the park

Based swedebro. Hope you get laid one day.


I got laid at the end of May

>"You can sit on my dick" isn't going to win you any favors, either.
Maybe you don't get it. She said "deck" in Australia/New Zeeland is a patio, so she seemed to be pretty much leading me on to say she could sit on my dick or something similar.

Oh, I get it. You were expecting to pick them up like that? That's not gonna work. Cold approaches basically never do.

>I asked them about the difference between Australian accent and New Zealand accent

spoken like a the woman you are, fuck off

Bro if you got no game and can't handle banter how tf do you expect to pick up Aussie chicks? By randomly approaching and asking questions about accents? lmao just kill me

She wasn't she was literally explaining how a deck is a patio because she assumed your esl self wouldn't know that. She seems like a nice person and at least you didn't darken her day by going for your preschool-tier "sit on my deck" line. Things could be worse.

No, women here are just really vulgar. We don't really mind it because we just grew up with it, but I understand for others it is definitely weird

fuck off

There's a whole fucking comedy skit on new Zealanders pronouncing deck as dick. It's pretty funny.

I don't the she was attracted to you to begin with, you sound like a dumbass user and she probably noticed your desperation

False mindset. Most approaches fail reguardless. There is success in numbers.

If they thought I was a very handsome and charming guy they would not have said "nice to meet you, we have to go home" after 2 minutes of talking. I hope they fucking burn in hell and I hope my parents burn in hell.

Kek, why are your parents at fault that some 2 tourist thots didnt hope on your deck? You need to chill my dude

>it's okay to suck because spam
t. boomhauer

But seriously I feel like OP is suffering from serious inadequacy issues; he has no spiritual center or purpose in his life and is trying to find that in women, but they're only throwing him further off balance. OP needs to step back from women and work on self-perception, examining why he expresses so much anger, where it's coming from etc. Why do you need to be able to command women's attention, why is that so important to you? Chill the fuck out bro. Think

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fuck off

I'll leave, but not because you told me to dickface

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G'day cunt. Welcome to Australia

Australian here. There was nothing suggestive in that womans conversation shes just pointing out a fact.

99% of Aussies are freely vulgar to some extent, those that arent as open about saying cunt or somesuch are traitors.

You need a therapist, m8. Stop making these threads.