I have 4 years of experience managing a restaurant, 6 total years of work experience

i have 4 years of experience managing a restaurant, 6 total years of work experience

every position i apply to never contacts me back, gives me any reason as to why they did not hire me or any feedback at all, i would be lucky to just get an automated "thank you for applying" response. I apply to at least 30 positions every day and I've been doing this for weeks

i almost punched my fucking screen into pieces when I saw a NEW position from fucking taco bell immediately close after i applied saying it was already filled. How in the absolute fuck does that happen if the god damn thing just popped up less than an hour ago? seriously

then I look at people who are looking for jobs and it's just extremely depressing, NOBODY i see looking for jobs ever gets hired, people with fucking MBA's unemployed can't even get accepted at walmart, I talk to people in real life and everyone lives with their parents or family and is lucky to work 10 hours a week part time as a cashier or warehouse laborer somewhere

is this world seriously dead? like genuinely guys this is breaking me mentally, I feel like everyone in the world obtained their position from family contacts, everyone is unemployed or working part time for minimum wage on social security benefits and crime at some corporate chain, i feel like everything is a lie and nothing is real and everyone is a criminal

what do you guys do for a living? how did you get hired? when did you get hired? what job title did you get hired for? how do you even make money and pay your bills?

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All my company’s work comes from either pestering family for contacts or having a personal and deep relationship that led to the contract.

The world is overpopulated with people willing to do common work. Immigration is common. There is always a warm body ready to bear a job title.

When people want to select somebody that will truly get s job done they pick somebody they trust. College used to sort people when it was a social club, now everyone is “educated.”

To add:

If you aren’t spending at least 20 hours a week on personal relationships, like truly buddy-buddy socializing with people with connections; you’re going to be fighting on the same level as those trying to barely enter a lower middle class lifestyle.

American society is not homogeneous so you got suck up to go up.

this is what i think, just 60 years ago, around the time most boomers were born the world population was only 3.5 billion, in 1955 the u.s population was around 172 million, now the world population is nearly 8 billion, and the u.s population is 329, nearly 330 million, the u.s alone has over a quarter billion fucking people

it just does not make logical sense to say that absolutely ANYTHING is in demand right now, it seriously just does not mentally register when you think about the sheer amount of people who exist, the older population meaning all the boomers have already filled everything and took everything there is in existence and their family members take anything new

i can't think of any fucking career now that does not involve having contacts in your family to get hired in, i can't think of anything that's genuinely in demand, i look at what the bureau of labor statistics SAYS is in demand, what news organizations SAYS is in demand, then when i look at people who are actually in that occupation, and people who are trying to find employment in that occupation on job seeker site forums and even talk to these people myself IT'S NOT EVEN IN FUCKING DEMAND LOL

all i can see is everything is on the brink of total global collapse, i absolutely do not see how any of this is supposed to be sustained at all

i am seriously considering becoming a criminal because i don't see how anyone is capable of anything

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I know that feel man.

You need to research jobs and industries that are in demand of bodies. The medical field is gonna explode with demand as these baby boomers are finally dying off. The tech field is another. Don't even get me started on the trade field.

It's only been a year, but I currently work in tech and I have recruiters calling me weekly in trying to get me into a job they're tryna fill, so that they can get paid commission. I negotiate my hourly wage more easily as my skills go and time in the industry goes up. Fuck the service industry to the highest degree, there's no future in that. I don't have a degree, but certifications help you get your foot in the door.

You can live off industrial demand all you want but when shit hits the fan, close fri nds and contacts are what keep you breathing. Raw materials, utilities and services are there until they ain’t.

You can’t build a life without people unless you just enjoy drudgery. Working only to work can only lead to so much.

>Did tech work in a highschool class
>Volunteered doing IT stuff at a hospital
>Took a couple months to get but did my time at fast food for 6 months
>Go to Uni
>Meet other students who tell me about job opportunities
>First got a job with the university in my second semester after asking about and getting my friends to recommend me.
>Hear about lots of students interning at major financial institution nearby.
>Start applying for multiple relevant positions
>Eventually get called for interview
>Interview goes great, get call three hours later that I'm hired

Came from low income family as well, so I'm living on those financial aid neetbux for free dorm living and tuition. Only gotta pay for food and car stuff.

>implying an internship is a real job

Have you ever considered joining the military and making a career of that? They have desperate need for individuals who can be trained for high skilled jobs.

On a side note, you hear alot of negativity in those forums cause sad stories get more attention than happy stories. My best friend whose a recruiter has severe trouble filling in jobs for certain positions. The absolute best people he wants are not in conventions, forums, or networking in random social events. They're constantly keeping themselves super sharp and partly networking in their internships or projects. But location also plays a factor too. What state are you in?

I'm making more than fastfood wagies. Plus they almost always fully hire interns once they graduate. There are definitely some cucked internships but this one is actually good.

dude where did you even hear that? i used to fucking say that but it's NOT true

dude actually look at people in the medical field, i was seriously considering becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer because the statistics and everyone said the job demand was nearly 4x the national average, then i started looking at and researching real sonographers, i read the stories of actual people in this career, i asked these people questions myself and the answers are FUCKING terrifying, and it's even more terrifying when you look at job boards of people trying to find a job in sonography and sonographer forums, NOBODY WILL HIRE YOU. EVER. for a full time position, everything is a LIE, i binge watched an entire sonograper youtuber's channel and it took them over a YEAR just to get hired and she herself said she got lucky and almost ALL her classmates are still unemployed

this is supposed to be a fucking skill that is in demand dude. Everything is just a lie, and then i look at the tech field, everything is fucking outsourced to indians pakistanis and shit overseas for pennies on the dollar any other position is filled with family members and childhood friend contacts, i look at the trades and everyone is saying apprenticeships never hire and require years of experience, are only given out to family members, i follow real life truckers on youtube and binge watch all their videos, they say the propaganda on trucking is a fucking lie and specially the demand part, no company will ever hire you for anything full time and they will pay you close to nothing if you get a part time position and make you pay out of pocket for all your expenses

i wish your occupation was decided for you and you were automatically placed in positions, this system we have does not work at all

recruiters posting job ads for 10 years of experience in a programming language and the language HASN'T EVEN BEEN AROUND FOR THAT LONG

it's all a fucking lie man, just look into it yourself

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It puts bread on the table for now, at least.

Better than having McDonalds on your resume. I've seen lives turned around from internships. Some people get hired at their high power firms from internships. Others riding from the name and exp to get hired at the next decent firm.

It is not a lie if you’re cheap and agreeable and willing to work overtime off-the-clock and for free, like a foreigner. Some people call this “willing to pay your dues” or “being dependable and hardworking.”

Bro you need to stop listening to all these people. Yes, there are sad stories, but you cannot let that get to you.

Have you ever tried it yourself? Don't give up until you try. How old are you?

Come to France. My friends that works in the restauration industry never go unemployed for more than two weeks or something

yes i have, this is the only option i have left, the only thing that gives me hope for the future, and guess what every military branch except for the army doesn't give a shit

the only option i have is to risk my life and get blown up in shithole warzones for $2,000 a month

the problem with this is i can't ever be or talk with my girlfriend, the only person who genuinely cares about me on a deep emotional level, and doesn't like me for money status or looks since i have none of those, just who i am. Meaning i will be subject to a life of isolation because i have to live on base and nobody can live with me, meaning i'll have nobody to warm my heart and keep me sane, proving my efforts to literally just pay bills fruitless

i have a friend who's a recruiter too, but he's young and therefore isn't retarded and understands the CURRENT present day real world, and has no problem filling in people, you know why they can't find anyone? because they don't know how to do their god damn job

someone DOES NOT need 5 years of experience, a masters degree and a certification in every programming language on the planet to fucking restart routers, resintall windows, click "scan" and "clean" on antivirus programs, and give tech support to boomers on the phone dude. Like seriously come the fuck on man

people should be SHOWN a job, and whoever can PERFORM the job the best should receive it

there is no such thing as "networking" without family, sorry to tell you, you don't randomly approach people in real life and tell them to put a good word in at a job unless you literally suck their dick because you look like a pretty girl or they're gay and you look cute and feminine

i live overseas, but i'm going to NYC ~3 weeks, to guess what, stay with the son of a friend of an extended stepfamily member, who guess what? is going to get me a full time job because he has family contacts, wanna know how he got HIS job? family contacts

anyways why do you want to know or even care

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All this time working I found out one thing, it's not about what you know, but who you know. All the jobs I got were through recommendations, it's always about one friend going "hey user, I heard x company is looking to hire, I could recommend you if you want". Sounds harsh and unfair, but it is as it is.

Don't be a grunt in the military. I said specialized jobs that you take tests to qualify for. Just study and do what you can, stop listening and reading other peoples experiences. But I understand, it's hard to do military and be in an ideal relationship.

I just care enough to tell you to get the hell out of that mindset. You're gonna stress yourself bald and to an early grave. I was out of a job for 3 years looking for low end jobs, having to file in line for a shitty barback position. So, I can relate in the frustration.

Ive also read stories before starting in tech how theres no jobs, but I still tried. I still talked to recruiters. I built myself up in tech all by myself and now refer friends over to beginner tech gigs that will eventually get them jobs. Thats good you got a job lined up at least.

Now quit being a whiny cunt to us, to your friends, and family

if it pays $2,500-3,000 a month i don't care how long i have to work

it's still a lie, nobody will even give you an interview dude i dare you to prove me wrong

please tell me what your current employment and living situation is because i can guarantee you you are just like me or everyone else who has attained their position via cronyism and nepotism
try what myself man? you're questioning me, accusing me of being lazy and giving up before i tried even though you have no idea how much i've been applying to jobs and you can't even see people in front of you that are applying to jobs? alright let me question you

how were you hired

when did you get hired

how much do you make a month

hmm? because i can guarantee you you're exactly like me or you had a family or childhood close friend get you the job

i'm giving up on employment, and joining the military to get blown up and die, because thAt is the only true "self-made" opportunity any of us will ever fucking have without childhood friends, gay butt-budies in positions of power, or family contacts

haven't you seen the studies carried out by recruiting agencies that show 85% (EIGHT-FIVE percent) of ALL jobs in existence in the U.S are filled in via "networking", meaning family and friends? like come on, "networking" literally means cronyism, it is THE literal definition of cronyism, attaining a position because you have a butt buddy you knew in high school

and what do you think the other 15% are, yeah, mcdonalds, wendy's, burger king, the army, and warehouses

give me a break, i'm looking for opportunities and there are none, there is nothing

do you mean the restoration industry or the restaurant industry?

i don't speak your language and i'm not french, i'm american i speak english, don't even have permission to work in your country
there you fucking go

brutal reality, real truth

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If you can do commission sales, I got a job for you but it isn’t typical... there is money on a table and it isn’t Mary Kay BS.

first of all i'm not a cunt to my family or my gf, i am a respectful honest and obedient person to everyone around me in real life, but if some guy on the internet i don't know is trying to tell me something which is such a childish lie all you have to be to know it isn't true is live in the real god damn world as a working adult, because i'm honest, i'm not going to let you tell me that shit as if it were somehow true

i am stressing myself very bad, i think i have unironically had mini-strokes, it's gotten to the point where people are asking me whats that sound when i open my mouth and start talking because there's so much fucking pressure built up in my jaws and forehead shit just starts crinkling and cracking, my head feels like it's going to explode and everyone is telling me it's somehow my fucking fault and i look at them and they achieved EVERYTHING they had because of either:

1. family connections
2. rich childhood friends
3. having a romantic / sexual relationship with someone
4. luck beyond comprehension, when following up with the person they got fired and replaced a week later with someone's nephew because they were getting ready to fly over and take the position

i have absolutely never seen anyone in REAL life who does not fit one of those 4 things

it doesn't matter what you know, at all dude, seriously, because in reality nobody needs to know anything when you have someone there to just show you what you do you learn everything in a week max for 99% of every job in existence, the other 1% is outsourced to the 3rd world with the elite population of the 3rd world spending 20 years of their life so they can do this 1 exact specific thing and even they get lucky to get outsourced with all their skills

here you go, you were out of a job for 3 years

what is your job title in tech? how did you attain the real work experience for a real company being employed by them with a real job title necessary to get your current job title in tech?

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You’re fat and you have no passion.

>gives me any reason as to why they did not hire me or any feedback at all,

No company will ever do that again, because one mistake/ misphrasing and you could sue them.

if you are seriously serious, my discord is harrynotpotter#6864, calling it now it's not real but ok if you are serious there you go
correct, however passions don't pay bills, i can guarantee you don't pay yours with your passion for anonymous mongolian basket weaving forums or jacking off to internet porn
of course dude, they have become masters of the art of corporate jargon and legal crime, they know they are in the wrong and therefore shroud themselves in bureaucracy, you should have no reason to choose your buddy over someone who is willing to work hard, fly across the country to wherever you are and train, damn right you'll be sued because if they allow telling you the real reason why it will be "lol my friends buddy's nephew got laid off for raping one of the interns XD" 99% of the time

the loophole is they put up 10+ years of experience for programming languages that haven't even existed for more than a few years and masters degrees, 4.0 GPA's honors and awards insane qualifications for a $15-20/hr even slightly above minimum wage part time position, and tell their nephews to apply, then they find and choose them out the pile and use the anti-discrimination act to play the lottery for diversity hires for tax breaks

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