Basically got talking with gf about how women make a guy 'wait' for sex if they want to date him...

Basically got talking with gf about how women make a guy 'wait' for sex if they want to date him, but if they just want a fling they'll fuck him right away. She admitted it twisted logic but thats how she and most women do it.

Then she also said a guy needs to be very attractive for a fling, not so much for dating. And of course, when we met, we fucked on the third date, but I know full well she's fucked guys she just met before.

Basically I always knew this, but this realization hit me, and on the one hand it makes me sick, I want end things with her because I know I'm not 'good enough' to be her bad boy fling, but on the other hand I'm not an attractive guy so I know I'll be the same second rate 'provider' to any woman I meet.
What should I do? I have living like this but there's not much I can do.

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The absolute state of fornicators

Dominate her completely in bed and fuck her like a man ought to. At a certain point our looks fade and all that's left of us are the results of our ambition and character.

Don't tear yourself up over something so temporary as youth.

>we fucked on the third date, but I know full well she's fucked guys she just met before.
This is absolutely pathetic, it really hammers home that you're the "nice guy" she wants to settle down with and not actually a handsome dude that makes her horny. Idk if a woman admitted this to me I'd probably break up, but I understand it's not so easy for you.

I'm not into one night stands and flings myself, but I definitely don't want to do lewd things with someone I'm into right away, and that's because they are someone who is important to me - more important that some dude for a ons would be - and I would rather build some kind of deeper emotion connection first, get to know that person on non-sexual level and then eventually start escalating romantic stuff. I think it's also because having sex with someone I really care about is a big deal. I'm much more vulnerable than in a ons or fling scenario, because I care more. I want it to be really good and to mean something.

I would assume some other women have this kind of approach too.

She pretty much told you she’s a slut, it’s up to you if you want to keep dating her

you've basically said this but in a more nuanced way.

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Yeah that's why it kills me, but I am average looking and it womt get any better for me so I'm weighing my options.

This is pretty much exactly it.

It's a question of whether or not keeping your dignity is worth the lonliness that comes after a breakup

>What should I do?

Method 1
If you want to get laid on first dates you just have to lower your standards until the women think you are very hot. You can then keep fucking them and marry them if you want. Then you get to be the bad boy they married. But remember that you lowered your standards to get there so you could have had a hotter wife, hypothetical

Method 2
Become an obviously fucked up, fun, possibly dangerous person. Focus on hanging out with dangerous people, doing drugs, and putting yourself in shady situations. Make really crazy decisions and wear black clothing that you let get tattered. Don't groom or shave often but definitely do not have manicured facial hair either. Focus on lifting weights but having very low body fat either from starving or abusing simulants. Okay, now when you are actually losing your mind and so miserable you will thoughtlessly hatefuck pretty much any girl who wants you to, you are ready to be the dirtbag mistake sex guy she has no intention of staying with. If you do a really good job though and find a needy girl she might try to fix you, which is super romantic but you will be permanently damaged if you do this right so enjoy having brain damage and screaming matches and therapy in middle age

>that pic
We need another Deluge

Method 2 sounds much better desu.

Hmm well imagine that guy in a suburban home, dead behind the eyes, and craving drugs in misery for forty years

I cant imagine the first guy would he much happier.

Look at this dm and realize the guy is just a miserable Method #2 mentioned here He is not some guy pretending to be miserable, he meant that last line. You can get to the point where you are having casual sex with strangers and thinking about killing yourself the next day.. That's the guy who obviously is a mess but girls will fuck. But understand you will actually be miserable. It's hard to comprehend I know, imagine a birthday cake that tastes like sand and it might help

I can't imagine OP is any happier either, waking up every morning knowing his gf fucked other guys within hours of meeting them just because they were more handsome than him.

Neither is good. The real path is being a decent person and staying with a girl who waits at least three dates. Work out and do all that healthy crap to improve yourself, be normal, etc

I think you got the genders mixed up

The fuck are you on. Women can fuck guys for absolutely no reason other than wanting to cum on the first date whether he’s hot or not. Look at all the fugly losers these days getting accused of rape.

You act so cynical but comments like these reveal extremely naive romantic feelings about finding a pure soul mate who will love you forever. Killing that belief is actually the first in a series of soul corrupting steps that lead you to getting laid a lot.

I say be more cynical: all wives will be annoying eventually and you will fall out of romantic love. If she fucked hotter guys, know that you got a woman almost out of your league. That's good for your offspring. It's a business transaction.. Get a hot, smart woman with rich parents. Be the guy she settled for, get her pregnant. Just don't be a doormat or allow her to disrespect you of course

Oh do Australian guys call girls "dude"? I assumed it was a guy having the three-way because the person called them dude

>reveal extremely naive romantic feelings about finding a pure soul mate who will love you forever.
I have no belief that that will ever happen lmao. Why the fuck would I ever marry a girl like OP's gf though? I'm not that stupid.

>It's a business transaction.
I can hear the hands rubbing through my screen

>Oh do Australian guys call girls "dude"?
I don't know if it's unique to them but yeah.

>Why the fuck would I ever marry a girl like OP's gf though?
If you're ugly and shes hot you would

>american dating game
lol, what a retarded system, like the entire country
>we like sex so what should we do
>make strict rules about it so everybody can be as confused as possible while being entirely dishonest
>fantastic, that will do


I believe this, but people can be so weird.

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what do you do if youve only been the instant fuck and never had a long term thing?

Perfectly logical

that's how some women are and if you aren't comfortable or compatible you have the right to end it. there are other women out there

well you got me, but I would only do it because I have a cuck fetish

How the fuck do I get from guy with fling to guys to date.
I had this 10/10 girl obviously drooling over me but I didnt fuck her qucik enough so she just ghosted me.
I had this other one I fucked right away (because i was still pissed I got nothing with girl one) and she very clearly wanted to see me again but we had no time and she went up and found a bf.
I m fairly certain she didnt even consider me as dating potential and her friends all thought i was just a fuckboi
She litteraly worshipped me while we were having sex
Then I has this other girl who came hardcore onto me and since Iyou had to hang out 24/7 with her we started to do couple thing then as soon as I leave she do something with this beta boi and she clearly develops feeling with hil. Yet when I come back she is all over my dick.
She ended up getting with him even though she kinda cheated on me with him. Then cheated on him with me two times.

I dont want to fuck whores or be the quiet girl slutty fling
I want a cute homely gf yet they all think I m a fuck boi
I m not even obsessed by sex I spend most of my time with them discussing about deep shit and they are the one escalating to sex

Men have the biological urge to spread their seed; to impregnate as many women as is possible. Their sex drive is a function of availability and frequency; if you haven't had sex in a week, you'll fuck the fat ugly chick, but only if someone prettier isn't available.

Women have the biological urge to mate with the best genetic material they can find. Even if a man is "alpha" her body will tell her to have sex with other men because she thinks they have better material.

The problem with patriarchy is you get slow or no progress, it's stable but it's not adaptable. The problem with Matriarchy is women are awfully indecisive about what the "best males" are, and when practices, you produce the need to kill off all of the undesirable men early on, lest they grow up with the world view that society is undesirable (because it hurt them) and they actively work to destroy it (Kill off all the alpha males, then the women, et-cetera).

A lot of pre-christian history was Matriarchal, the alpha males sending the beta's off to war, hopefully to kill the other tribe's alpha's and take their women, land, et-cetera. Then technology happened and Patriarchy was required for stability.

Then we figured out contraceptives and social media; women literally spend their most productive years following along a trail of bad decisions searching for Mr Perfect never realizing Mr Perfect is built, not found.

Pick one of the girls you like the most, and convince her you're more than a play boy. You'll have to change and stop basing your ego off of what other women think of you, and you'll have to stop sleeping around too.

I used to sleep with men right away but I've learned that sex is better if you want a bit and build the desire. Maybe your GF just grew up

>I used to be easy and fuck men but now I know to squeeze more out of them first :)

>source: my ass

Get some time off. Like 6 months or a year or 5 years of being a volcel.

What if u were a volcel from 20 to 28 but nothing changed ?

realize that woman are the scum of the earth possibly kill her and life your life focused on what really matters

Did she really admitted to having a threesome while also being on date with this guy she never fucked ?
How is this guy so chill with it ?
What the fuck I need some context here. I dont get it

Keep trying, you'll find a person who will click with you. There are a lot of people fed up with ghosting and ons. It takes some time and effort.

So a bunch of handsome dudes experienced the beat and youngest of this girl, and now some nerdy chump hav to pick up the pieces? You actually see that as a positive m

Dump her.

You grew up in a feminist society (I know this because your women can have sex before marriage OPENLY) and your gut instinct, despite the constant conditioning, STILL tells you something is wrong.

i totally agree, love or lust. love is hard and you open yourself to be hurt and i try and protect myself.

having unemotional sex with some guy i don't know or care for just as a physical release is nothing. i think its like men and a prostitute but women don't pay

>build the desire
i don't know who you are but for me and any of my friends this means we need to get drunk enough to have sex with the guy

real desire, like jump him desire, i see him and feel it in my girl parts immediately. i hear his voice or hear someone else speak his name out loud and my tummy does a flip flop and i tingle down there

> women

Bhshshahshahahahahahha come on, you're not defending your case well here

telling you if it weren't for alcohol most women would never have sex

Hope an incel shoots both of you next time you go outside.

you know whats funny. you live in this delusion you will be rich and successful and a woman hits a wall one day and falls so far that you get to reject her but it never happens.

reality is all you guys get old enough that even your parents force you out of their home and you end up like this latest TX shooter, alone, living is a shack and playing with guns

Are you honestly surprising? In cells exaggerate a lot, but the alpha-provider dichotomy is pretty close to reality. If you’re hot, you fuck. If you’re not, you either don’t fuck or you provide for the alpha’s kids or her lifestyle.
Personally I’d dump her. At least she’s honest which is rare in a female but man. She literally told you you were second (or x-th) choice. Who knows how many she’s chosen before you

Getting used to this new phone keyboard

Nice projections, babygirl.

OP knock her up and leave her


About this pic:

And the guy is probably not tall. She's almost at his size.

I believe anyone that's > 1,70 is pretty much okay.

>starts to blame herself instead of her actions so you'll sorry for her and back up

jesus, whatever happened to being self aware

The world should be nuked

The one honest woman in this thread, thank you.

I'm leaning towards this too, but then it's not like if you're her xth choice you're gonna be much higher on the list of some other woman if equal attractiveness.

I'm eating seaweed!!

>I'm interested in you
>Btw I had a threesome last night

What goes through the mind of someone like her?

You have to understand that men and women treat sex differently.
For women it's an activity on the same level as eating or walking - devoid of any deeper emotion. It's just something you do for fun.
That's why you hear about girls immediately having sex after breaking up or see nothing wrong with doing sexual favors just like that.
They will suck a dick in spur of a moment and just laugh about it like nothing happened.

oh you must be that Odessa TX predator that constantly tries to lure the innocent to something worse than death promising to spend your million dollar a year Halliburton salary.

since the shooter wasn't you i bet he's your friend

she's being honest up front. you guys scream about honesty all the time so......

Not like that shit wouldnt come up if she tried to hide it


I guess it's better to waste his time for only three dates instead of three months or years.

Perhaps if you based your relationship on friendship, trust and communication rather than how quickly your partner had sex with men in the past you wouldn't be as anxious or post retarded conclusions on Jow Forums

>What should I do? I have living like this but there's not much I can do.
I'd recommend taking an introspective look at yourself and finding out why you're looking for ways to be destructive to the relationship rather than making it stronger or ending it and choosing another path

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>love is hard and you open yourself to be hurt and i try and protect myself
iktf, recently broke up with my first ever gf and I was too afraid of opening up too much in fear of appearing needy. The longer I dated her I realized dating is the epitome of what incels called "blue pilled" and I was falling deep down that hole. Now that Im single again I regain my incel identity and hate women again and just wanna pump and dump. But! I still miss her a lot, she was still a good girl imo

see this. This is the hamster working away trying to justify their slutty degenerate behaviour.

Nobody forced you to go and have one night stands you fucking slag cunts.

You make me sick and i know some beta cuck will marry you whores but if i had my way all you cunts would never be touched again.

Most people, including yourself, are more complicated than bad boy/girl versus good boy/gurl next door. I'll eat my shirt if you or your girlfriend are older than 23.

clown world

Based bro. Listen to this guy. He knows stuff.

And that's fucking disgusting

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Women will make you wait if they value your commitment more than they value your sex. A guy who is hot but a piece of thrash, they'll fuck him right away because he's only good for a quick dopamine rush. They want to get dicked by him but they don't want to be in a relationship with such a guy so why not have sex immediately?

A guy who is stable, has a good career, a good personality and is reasonably attractive is the guy who has to wait 5-6-8 dates before they fuck him. Because his commitment is more valuable then his sex, they want to make sure he's already invested himself emotionally to some degree before 'giving up' their body to him. They do this hoping it will make him stick around for a relationship and to appear less slutty (more like wife material).

I know it sounds unfair but it kind of makes sense.

It makes sense but is disgusting. This is why men and women should both wait until marriage. I’d say any old committed relationship but that’s too loose a requirement apparently

Just proves that dealing with women is jumping hoops all day.

dump the whore

And only worth it if you can accept used goods and knowing she doesn’t love you for you, but only what you can provide (stability).

I always try to go for sex on the first date. If she accepts, and with enough pushing most do, she's a slut in my eyes and she's shown her true colours.
Just dump her, you're always going to be her last choice, after she's fucked a dozen more bad boys. She'll leave you for a better lay. Just dump her and save yourself the trouble.

So do women think men leaves as soon as they get sex or do women check out as soon as they have sex and they combat this by waiting a while.

I am considering starting to look for dates and this mentality is pretty much what held me back in the past. Sex is stressful enough without having to analyze what date I am on and what it means.

Well yeah, but keep in mind that we as guys are part of the reason women do this. Women do this because on most guys, IT WORKS.

Most guys are so desperate for sex, if they like the girl enough they will take her out to dinner, take her out shopping and buy her gifts even if they have only been dating for a few weeks and they haven't even fucked yet.

Me personally, i NEVER invest any of my resources into a woman before we've had sex. I fuck first, and i decide afterwards if i want to take the next step. Not the other way around. The most ill do for a woman pre-fucking is buying her some ice cream if we're going for a walk in the park. I don't think i've ever spend more than 20$ on a woman i haven't fucked yet. You should do the same.

>So do women think men leaves as soon as they get sex
It's part of the reason wh . But like i said in . They often bet on you already feeling attached to her prior to fucking. It's like trying to lock down your commitment before giving you her sex

This boys.
Remember despite human beings existing for somewhere around 200000 years, everything is a transaction explained in the context of an economic system that has only existed for the last 300-400 years because ~that's just the natural order of things~

Woman want good seed. Attractive men provide good seed. Attractive men leave woman. Woman settles for stable provider. Stable provider is happy to get occasional sex and the illusion of a meaningful relationship.

Hit the gym. It's the number 1 way to become the guy you're jealous towards.

Are you at least intelligent enough to realize how this sounds pretty shitty from the guys side?

No. Women invariably lack self-awareness

I don't know about that man, I think your girlfriend is just kind of an idiot. It may also be your area? I don't know, ugly guys hook up all the time where I live. I'm pretty ugly myself and I've had my friends tell me the girls I hook up with are like 7-10.

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I do but you prefer to deal with truth and so do I, ANONYMOUSLY.

That said nothing is better than making love, like the few lustful hook ups I remember of course but all of them do not come close to becoming one with someone I love. Finding some hot guy to lay with once or twice is easy. Finding real reciprocal love is one of the most difficult things any of us will ever do in our lives.

I do believe this and my experience with men proves it

Honestly I dont want to be with a woman who values my commitment more than she does my sex. It just means I'm not her first choice when it comes to sex. And dont gidonme that "yeha but she CHOSE YOU" bullshit, that is worthless to men.

It seems like a pretty silly thing to do
Since you would enjoy sex more with this man you decide to deny it to him (knowing how much guys enjoy sex) and since with this other guy it's like whatever you freely give it to him

It's a bit absurd.

>to appear less slutty (more like wife material).
And yet they fuck other men on the first date with no intention of taking to them beyond that.
Most men know that if a woman likes you, she puts out right away. If a girl makes me wait 5 dates before fucking, I'm going to bail, no matter how much I like her, as I know she probably fucked some guy within a day of meeting him before so it diesnt make her seem like less of a slut, just proves that she doesnt see me as worth fucking.

So you have experienced that everything was going great but then you had sex and he wasn't interested anymore?
That sucks.
It is basically the same fear I have except the genders are switched.
All the relationships I have had was always super sexual and the girl wouldn't do anything else. Like if we spend a weekend together at your place, you could make some plans that we go for a walk in a park near your house or eat somewhere.
When I was young, I visited a girl and she had to work for a few hours and I ended up spending the day with her father. He was so much more fun to hang around with as we could actually talk about stuff.
I stopped chasing girls after that.

>knowing how much guys enjoy sex
Yeah I know and it is a rare man indeed that can get past just wanting sex and I want the rare one.

Look we all know men think with their peepee I want one that does with his heart. That so hard?