Neighbors Harassing My Girlfriend and I

I seriously need some advice on what to do. I’ve been dealing with some vindictive neighbors and the cops haven’t been much help. We’ve contacted them on 5 separate occasions (including one for assault) but the cops never did a thing. We either didn’t have enough proof or my girlfriend is a “biased witness”. I understand the position the police are in but it’s literally causing my girlfriend to be afraid to go out of out apartment.

The reason the harassment started was over a cell phone. They agreed to pay for their daughters phone if we added her to our phone plane. She wanted an iPhone and we thought we could trust them. However, four months had gone by without seeing any payment. Now, keep in mind we are also helping them financially since they have 3 kids.

My girlfriend would drive their daughters to school, babysit & help with homework. My girl bought them air beds since their own parents would rather spend their last dollar on weed & cigarettes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against weed or cigarettes but if you have children who need clothes, food, and beds maybe you shouldn’t be buying those things.

Anyways, we cut the service off while they went on a trip as they promised we would be paid the next day. The worst part is, they had the money. They got $12,000 back from their tax returns. They promised to pay but they took a joyride to the city for a week.

The harassment started once we confronted the father about paying for the phone. I was shrugged off and told “I would rather suck your dick than pay you”. He then spat in my face and pushed me towards a chain linked fence. My girlfriend saw this and called the police. However because no marks were left and my girl was a biased witness, nothing was done. The harassment progressed to my workplace and we eventually got a protection order against the father. They’ve keyed “fuck fat bitch” into our car. We need this to stop please help.

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i know 2 people personally who were convicted of manslaughter because they pushed somebody then they fell back, hit their head and died
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move to a different trailer park

Get cameras watching any valuabels you have and cameras watching their houss, if one camera catches them keying your car and the next shows them walking to their house you got em red handed. Do this and then do something to escalate the situation and then sue for damages and charge them with whatever you can charge them with also document everything including the keyed car

Man you are trashy. This is your fucking fault that you took on a cell phone for some stupid white trash. Get fucked.

Unless you are prepared to go to war, move, also take back all the shit you bought for them like wtf were you thinking?

>cops won't do anything
No, but CPS might

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Some anons gave you the man's way out, I'll give you the pussy way out.

Cut them off and relinquish the money. You've lost it forever on weed. Don't ever deal with weedbro trailer trash. Watch where you give money. Consider the money spent on a lesson well learned (I hope). Don't ever give anything to them ever again. Don't ever accept anything from them ever again. Move to another area if you have to. Cut all contact in any case. The police can't help you, because you made the mistake of "helping" people who so obviously don't need help, at least not from you.

I repeat, this is the pussy way out, it's the little bitch way out, but it will minimize costs if you can stomach it.

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A guy spitting in your face and physically pushing you into a fence after going back on an agreement out of spite and hubris is not just harmless "harassment". That is not a stable individual, and if he tries anything further he should be put down. Apologists for scum like that should be impaled.
It's not "cowardly" to have the means to defend yourself with deadly force, and it's ironic to call anyone stupid given your irrational compulsion to disarm yourself in the face of possible aggression.

>he pushes you

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He should have his face kicked in for what he did. The gun is in case he's crazy enough to start something more.
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DO NOT take the law in your own hands.
DO NOT do anything vindictive.

Make note of every single harassment and present the cops with your evidence. If their actions also include property damage, report them to the landlord. Let others who are in a legal position to do so do your fighting


"my girlfriend and me"

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Make sure to record any future interactions. Also can you take them to court? Do you have proof that they agreed to pay back?

Also take pictures and record EVERYTHING in case you do need to go to court. Judges don't do well with anything hearsay

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First of all, stop helping them at all. No more helping the little girl with homework or any stupid shit.
Then call child protective services about their shitty parenting.
Then buy a gun.

Worst case, move.