Need help for a test

How tall do I look? Do I have sharp shoulders? Do I have long or short arms and legs? Do I look more fit or bony or soft?

Thank you!

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Cute trap

Not a trap but thx for the compliment I guess. Can you answer the questions

Suuure you aren't

You don't look like a model material if that's what you're asking

U r a qt3.14

Long legs, boney shoulder roast, 4’8”, boney, not cuddle approved.

You would make a fantastic stripper and prostitute.

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>You would make a fantastic stripper
Friend, she has no ass and no boob
Like hell she would make a fantastic stripper


I don't want to be a model lmao. I have body dysmorphia so I have issues knowing what I actually look like. I found a test online that helps with this but I struggles with some questions

>black genes but none of those child bearing hips

4'8"?? Really??

White people can have curly hair ^^
I'm happy I don't have large hips I already find them too large actually

Against a blank wall, I can't tell. You look ok. What kind of test is that?

well for what it's worth I'd be your findom slave.

Kibbe body type, it celebrates the features of all women so you don't have to feel bad for not fitting a specific image. It's not made for dysmorphic people specifically but apparently it can help

You look 5'7". As far as everything else you look great. Very comfy.

You needed a test for that? Ok, I guess.

I've made it a motto of mine that "all women are beautiful, period", it helps both me and the women I interact with.


It's easier to see some beauty in other women than yourself. I 'm very critical of me, qi wish I was either more feminine or more masculine but not in between

there is no in-between for your body. You look soft and femme.

tall, bony, masculine, long legs and arms. would hang out with you and feed you.

to add on to this, I hope I don't come across as mean, I see you as bony because of your knee to thigh ratio. Skinny can be beautiful, but if you're looking to change that, you can hit the gym a bit and eat some more.

You look cute
I'd worship you

It's an old platitude to say "don't compare yourself to others", but it's a very useful platitude.

Once you start thinking "oh man, I look more feminine than this girl" or "I look more masculine than this other girl" or "I have less tentacles than Yogg-Sothoth" or "I have less X than Y", there's no end to it. Like, where do you draw the line? Do you find someone else and say 'Yep, I look just like her!" and be content with that? That never happens.

You may be critical of yourself, that's normal, it's called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Basically, you're not that good at being critical of yourself, so try to think ahead.

your shoulders are wider than your hips you r a trap bro

great you made the word beautiful meaningless. what word do you use to express the thing that non retarded people mean when they say beautiful?

you just know this was written by some abomination that can get their ass up and help themself so now they want society to not be so critical

>How tall do I look?
>Do I have sharp shoulders?
They look average for how skinny you are
>Do I have long or short arms and legs?
Long arms, average lenght legs (they are well proportioned)
>Do I look more fit or bony or soft?
Average, neither fit nor soft or flabby. You don't look pafticularly bony imo. You have rather soft and delicate curves when it comes to more proeminent bone areas.

Do you have missing ribs or scoliosis tho? Your waist is asymetrical.

This is why I have issues :]

It's less about comparisons with other women and more about wanting to know how I come across as to others. Sometimes I manage to think I look fine like I am, but then someone says something that makes me doubt. Like I get told I am very skinny, but I also get told that I am muscular. I can see that I have no waist or bust but I had men tell me that I have an amazing body. Here people say I look like a man.

I know personal preference plays a role, but I just want to know what I generally come across as.

Thanks for answering the questions ^^

This is closest to how I actually see myself! And you guessed that I have scoliosis. I am impressed lol

It's definitely not meaningless. There are still non-beautiful things.

I'd say, keep the best comments about yourself and remember them when you're in doubt. Remember that your brain is affected by negative comments more intensely than it is by positive ones, but that doesn't give those negative comments more weight in themselves.
Also, yeah, you're on Jow Forums, where 15-year-old incels act like they're authority on anything, what did you expect?

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>anything below 5'8
>your arms are damn long
you're welcome

You’re hot, do you want to go out with me? I’m 20

forgot to put your shoulders arent sharp

Here’s my email btw just in case you want to
I live in california
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Run away or you'll end up in some trunk of a cartel trunk

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Thanks for the advice. I don't actually hear that many negative opinions, as I don't think that being skinny or having no curves is a bad thing. I am just bothered because it all seems contradictory so qi have a harder time to see myself more objectively.

Thank you for answering! Man I never had any second thoughts about my arms lmao

>I am just bothered because it all seems contradictory
Taste in appearance is never objective. Remember that some comments are just bullshitting you, don't go feeling self-conscious about everything.

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Can I worship you?

were u born in may 1999?

Were you born in May 1999?

No why?

Can I ask you a couple questions in private? I’m not FBI or anything just curious about an experiment of my own

show dick plz

Why do I look like someone you know?? Where are you from?

No that’s not it. I don’t know you, not trying to find out if you’re underage or anything like that, just have something I’m trying to figure out and test for myself. Hard to explain without telling you one on one

>Feminine shoulders/collar bone region
>Long arms, average length legs
>Soft overall, bony-er arms, looks fit in the torso, seems like you could be more athletic with the genes you have

Hope your perception evens out and doesn't cause you too much distress. Much to life besides our funky vessels.

OK why not then. What do you want to know?

Thank you. It seems like the most serious answers in the thread go towards this anyway. My dysmorphia was way worse just a few years ago so I guess I am getting better ^^

Well I was hoping to know your birthday and year, that’s why I wanted to talk privately. Don’t worry (I’m not using it to track you or anything like that lol) if you want to tell me one on one I can also tell you why I want it

How can you talk privately on Jow Forums? I've never had the desire to contact anyone on here

Yeah you can’t. Do you have like a private instagram or email or something? Doubt you would want to give your phone number but I could text you too

Based chad mindset

Snapchat adddd950

You look 5'10 at least. You have big shoulder and long arm and legs. You look a bit skinny for a girl that s why it s easy to mistake you as a trap with the face covered.
I wouldnt mind too much about body image. You dont have a killer body but who cares ?

I was. What happend im the spring of 99?

Sent. TST

Not thicc enough. How tall are you? You look as tall as you are tall, how difficult is that to understand?

There is no way she is 5'10 her torso is too short compared to her legs. With that said it is difficult yo judge height based on a photo with no point of reference.

Like what height do you think I am?

What do you mean? Tall people can have crazy long legs

you look like perfection.
tell me how to maintain my electrolytes, please. the medication I'm on is making me fat. of course the doctor says i don't look fat, but she's a lying two faced mind game playing bitch.
am on 500cals a day, need to get to where you are.

>Like what height do you think I am?
Impossible to accurately say given there are no other objects in the photo. And what does it even matter how tall you look ik that photo? In any case, you look petite and frail.



Looks like you would fall apart if i was cuddling with you so, EAT MORE

wood berry
>sharp shoulders
the fuck is that?

Hard to tell how tall you are without a reference but you have decent proportions
I've literally never paid attention to the sharpness of shoulders but your shoulders are fine
You don't look fit, just skinny
Would bang / 10

You're cute, you don't look as bad as you think.

You look very attractively slim. Those who measure women by curves or big busts might look past you, but screw 'em

You look short. Shoulders are semi-sharp. Legs are a little long. Arms are normal. Upper body looks fit. Lower body looks soft. In otherwards, you look fantastic op. If your face isn't ugly, then you should be set for life.

You are quite attractive. You look tall to me, maybe 5'8 or 5'9, mostly because of your long legs compared to your torso. Your collar bones are pronounced which causes the "sharp" shoulders you're seeing, I don't think that's a bad thing in any way. You look fit and on the skinny side. I would guess that you are on the lowest end of healthy BMI or at the upper end of overweight. (Also keep in mind for fit people BMI isn't great because muscle weighs a lot and can skew the picture.) I think a handful of extra pounds wouldn't hurt but you don't look alarmingly skinny to me, just quite thin and fit. Not bony, just slender.

>How tall do I look?
Not so much, I'd say about 160-165cm
>Do I have sharp shoulders?
Doesn't seems to me
> I have long or short arms and legs?
Long arms, yes
>Do I look more fit or bony or soft?
You looks like fit and skinny at the same time (maybe you start doing exercise little while ago?).

For my taste, I'd like some more fluf, but I'd say you look great. Loving your skin color and your hair. You seems really cute.

Hope this helps.

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