How do you increase your breast size? i don't feel womanly enough

how do you increase your breast size? i don't feel womanly enough.

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No amount of dilating will make you a woman

why do you want big breasts?


Get fat

if woman, beer.
if man, beer and hormones, onions.

i'm a xx chromosome tho
they look like in clothes, will make me more desirable
dont want lifelong breast scars...
dont want to get pregnant just to get boobies

Do push-ups.

Boobs are mostly genetic, m8. They are fat deposits, build more fat and they get bigger. As mentioned, pushups help to strengthen your chest muscles which pushes the breasts out more, giving them a larger appearance.

onions milk
birth control
get pregnant

So a while ago I read that daily stimulation/massage is really beneficial for blood flow and growth. Maybe multiple times a day? I don’t have a scientific source on me but I’m sure you could find one, it’s just not a farfetched concept bc jelqing worked for me

also fenugreek?

I did a google search because I’ve heard of fenugreek being really usefully and I got these off a website
Fennel seeds
Pueraria mirifica”

I’ve heard good from the first two on the list but I would NOT use the last of the three because I literally searched it and found a scientific article on its unintentional property of developing carcinogenic breast cells

This wasn’t very useful but I hope you find clarity in this in terms of where you want to go with this, femanon
Good luck

do squats and develop a big ass if you dont feel "womanly" enough.
but if u WANT tits than go see a surgeon or become pregnant.

Get implants. It works most of the time apparently.

More than a handful is wasted.

More than a mouthful is wasted

Depends on your age and cup size, c cup is good, d cup is better, dd might be big but good, and for half people (aside from men online) more then dd is usually more then needed.
There's lot of tips online, most might not help that much,
But I'll list some
Boost estrogen levels
Fat grafting -
is a non-surgical breast enhancement technique that involves injecting fat from one area of your body to another area.
Diet - more protein and stuff
herbal supplements,
Bovine Ovary - This might be bad, ask your dr
massage breasts
Get a guy online (right here) willing to talk with you to meet up with you and help with it all.
From an online health site-
7. Breast Massage After Having Sex
Massage can increase breast size, but did you know that a massage after having sex can effectively increase your cup size?

During foreplay, let your partner play and fondle your breasts and nipples. This is a pleasurable form of massage and the start of the release of raging sex hormones,which will peak during intercourse. After making love, massage your breasts, so the hormones estrogen and progesterone gets absorbed into the breast tissues. With at least three sexual intercourses in a week, you’ll increase your cup size in one month’s time.
-That's according to health site, so you need a guy to test (here)
Phytoestrogens - plant based estrogen

Make babies. Some women get larger breasts each time and they don't get smaller. It's worth a try at least. Also, I think milk thistle or mother's milk tea will grow your breasts, but remember you are fucking with your hormones and would not want to be drinking it before or during pregnancy

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certain antidepressants will increase prolactin in your blood leading to gynecomastia in males and breast growth in females.

get fat and then get thin

Thats what your mom said

Get pregnant and get an abortion