I think I've actually run out of shit to do

I'm 30 years old and am a strange combination of things. I have good social skills, and I'm tall and pretty handsome, so I've always been popular in school/work. But I'm also a massive weirdo who likes to spend a lot of time alone and browsing Jow Forums is still as fun as it is now as when I was a teenager.

My family is kind of wealthy. Not ultra rich, but in the ball park of being worth 7-10 million dollars. My parents are eastern European immigrants who are still frugal as hell, which is probably why we have so much money now. We're not extravagant in the slightest (I drove the same car for 11 years), but we've always had enough for what we need and I never worried about money. I went to private schools all my life and a very good university, no college debt.

After college I worked for about 5 years, enjoying my 20s. Then I became a bitcoin multimillionaire. I managed to cash out about 1.5 million dollars before the market went to shit, and I spent about 4 years traveling the world and doing whatever I wanted.

Most people would probably invest the 1.5 million or buy a house, but I already stand to invest multiple properties (like too many) and have a pretty diversified investment portfolio... so I just blew the money like an asshole. I still have around 300k after my traveling, spending, and taxes.

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I've been to every region in the world, eaten at the finest and most exclusive restaurants, fucked hookers that cost 2k/night, filmed pornos with famous porn stars, went on like 100+ successful tinder dates in random cities of different countries, lived in Japan and Italy each for half a year.

Now I'm back living with my parents temporarily since my grandfather is very sick (I didn't move in, just staying here for a bit) and I'm reflecting back upon my life.

I think I've literally done everything I ever wanted to do, including be successful at my career endeavors. Where do I go from here?

Please don't tell me to start a business or read books. I read all the time, am already spiritual, and am into many different forms of philosophy. I need some real, practical advice.

>humble bragging thread
yeah whatever homo

not every problem is the result of being a NEET in a moldy basement.

What's the highest good you can conceptualize?

Too bad for you I'm not a NEET.
Throughout that whole humble bragging regurgitation, you never stated anything about yourself except that "you like browsing Jow Forums" and that "you're a massive weirdo" which means jack and shit on this website. What's "weird" is as normal as the typical person watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

WHO are you? What (in terms of hobbies) do you even have a fleeting interest in or even do? The world is massive, you'll never run out of shit to do no matter how rich you are because life is only finite, there are only 24 hours in a day where it's ideal to get 7-8 hours of rest, and new concepts, ideas, and innovations are being introduced into the world every single day. I could probably list shit all day and you'll dismiss most if not all of it because you don't even know yourself so how would some random guy on the internet know you?

Life is funny.

I know exactly what I'd do if I magically had your advantages, and it would be a great thing that would change and elevate an entire community of people. The only reason I'm in a position where I know how to do that is because I've spent my life investing my time into the people and community I love. Which precludes me from ever attaining the kind of money and success I would need to help them. Similarly you are in your slump because your lifestyle has precluded you from having the kind of connections and vision where such an answer would be obvious.

tl;dr you blew your enormous privilege on petty trifling distractions of no substance.

Great news is you are only 30 and you haven't blown all of it and it's not too late to make a difference somewhere it'll matter and die knowing you left a better world than you entered.

Giving hope to people, for whatever they might need hope for.

I don't know who I am, does anyone really? I read, listen to audiobooks, or watch interesting youtube lectures all day everyday. I think a problem is that I'm consuming so much information yet doing nothing with it. Please go ahead and list somethings for me, I've probably done them, but I wouldn't dismiss them.

I'm not rich enough to uplift an entire community. I have 300k and stand to inherit like 5 million dollars. You can't really do much with that.

>Giving hope to people
Well then the next episode in your life is being either a motivational speaker / NLP wizard like Tommy Robinson or being a no bullshit spiritual guide in the ongoing mindfullness revolution.
Perfect timing for both, desu.
The meaning crisis is only rising.

You're in a position where you could change the world on a bigger scale than it's possible for an average person. That's pretty cool. I'd think about my interests and start a company that makes world better in some way and is exciting to you. You could pick up any skill you want and have the best resources. You could train your body and mind to become someone incredible.
Let's say I'm an artist with enough money, my small dream would be to build my own illustration agency where I can promote my artist friends, make them known and connect with good clients. It'd make me happy and proud that we create something together, that I help them get known and earn good money. That's just an example, as other anons said, you didn't mention any of your hobbies and interests beside travelling

Either go to space
help international environmental socialists or whatever in their quest for world revolution against climate catastrophe
try to actively further some scientific cause that's lacking funds, I guess.
Or have an existential breakdown, that one's in vogue nowadays.

just chill play vido games lmao

>30 years old
It sounds like it’s time to get married, fag

I'd just have to buy one cheap building and do the right thing with it, 5 million is plenty. 300k would do, I'd just lease it instead.

The point isn't the amount of money, you are clearly a capable person who can generate, you just did all this boasting and now you want to back out and pretend like you can't perform again just cause a bigger gauntlet got thrown down? Take a challenge, do some good.

You don't want to start a business or read books, but people tell you to do this because they are paths that inevitably lead you to satisfaction and meaning, even if it doesn't seem that way at first. All that matters is you pick something and stick at it long enough to find it. This will take a long time, but a lot can happen in 5 years.

First of all i don't believe in your story
Second stop lying already


I feel similarly, though I'm more like a drug using white trash guy who got to do everything he dreamed of an more (most involved drugs, adventures, sex, and minor creative success). I was burned out by 30 and had kids thinking it would be the last thing and I would understand life better by becoming a family man.
Turned out to be way harder than anything, almost a nightmare. I'm not a capable or functional person so being responsible for others is intense and challenging. The amount of love and heartbreak is overwhelming. Pretty much nothing I did before becoming a father means anything to me now. If anything I regret my entire past, but I'm at peace with it because considering my life the fact I made it this far is impressive.
Anyways, if you want to go hard-mode, have kids. If course being a millionaire will probably make it incredibly easy for you so you might not get the full effect of dad hell, but you'll at least experience the intense love part I hope

learn oil painting, marry, play monster hunter

Nice blog post faggot

Sounds like you've completely lived life to its fullest. One last step and you're done fren. Image related

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Have sex incel

Nice meme

I'd settle and make three healthy happy kids desu. Life gave you a lot and it's time to give that to your offspring

They mix oxygen with eh helium though these days

> Where do I go from here?
Marriage. Children. Best adventure of your life.

Use welding helium

5 million really isn't a lot.

Most of it's in real estate. I'll basically earn 130k/year after taxes/carrying costs for the rest of my life from rent.

That's not a lot, it's like an average salary.

Thats when you inherit all this. What do you plan to do until then? 300k isn't anything.

You should've invested much more. You couldve lived off the dividends + the remaining money abroad quite nicely, and you wouldve been able to continue doing that even now until your inheritance kicks in.

what have you actually done tho? like what are you hobbies? the only things you actually said you did were
>have sex
>have sex
>have sex
>lived in japan
a couple of my hobbies are mountain biking and rock climbing, have you tried those? p fun

have you ever played league of legends?

It's finally time to pursue your hobby/interests.
If you think you have none, It's self discover time.
Go research and try on different hobbies.

The whore is just gonna cheat on you and leave with half of your assets, and squeeze rest of your income for "child welfare".

Community Service.

Learn an instrument (drums is fun)

Summit a mountain

Become royalty in sealand

Ever tried 3d modeling?

Politics seems like the path forward. Please make all the good shit legal where ever you can.

The key is your lacking spirituality. You say you are but you have lived a very self-serving life.
You've done it all, had it all and are unfulfilled.
You're not as smart or as clever as you may think.
You still have much to learn and it won't be taught by asking Jow Forums advice.

I have the opposite problem OP, in my thirties and have always been poor.
Came from a broken family, experienced the same as my parents. 2 kids who I see in the weekends so that's good.
With some money I'd spend more on some hobbies and some road trips.
I enjoy life. I have no possessions, only a bed and a wardrobe and a phone. Simple life, helping Friends and coworkers and family is fun. A job you like is fun.
Soon I'll be debt free and get some savings... don't really need it but like i said will search a hobby and give most to my kids and get 2 new teeth. Dunno why I wrote all this.

Not sure, I was sort of successful in my career until I quit. I could always go back to that.

Recently, I've been thinking about why we're alive, and what consciousness is. Like what the fuck is all this shit? This world? Our bodies? So strange and surreal. I've been exposed to a lot of different philosophies and religions so I enjoy thinking about this stuff... unfortunately it doesn't really go anywhere since the absolute truth cannot really be known? Idk.

I make 4k passive income per month, I've already received a small part of my inheritance.

I have hobbies, but even hobbies get boring. Enjoyment in things is cyclic, it goes up and down, for me at least.

Dota 2

I've climbed Fuji, play 3 instruments.

Yes. Listen to this man

>I have hobbies, but even hobbies get boring. Enjoyment in things is cyclic, it goes up and down, for me at least
this has nothing to do with your money. youre just a retard with no attention span. the value comes from mastering something, not moving on when it gets a bit boring

Jow Forums is probably the worst place for money advice if you have this amount of money.

Go see an investment advisor or get a life coach or something. Seek the advice of professionals not retarded poorfags.

the only thing you'll ever master is being a faggot

lol Im giving you advice on how to fix your shit life. be bored and do nothing for all I care L M A O

Self-actualized enlightened male here.

TO you, OP, I considered to offer advice. But you seem like a bit of a douchebag.

My natural inclination is to suggest for you to enlighten yourself through suffering.

Unfortunately, you are weak and averse to putting yourself into a situation that would be uncomfortable enough to actually cultivate growth of any kind.

You will drown in mediocrity of comfortable misery for the rest of your natural life, at least with your current attitude.

I'd wish you good fortune, but I doubt any natural processes would elect to favor you.

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